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    New Mexico
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    I am interested in naturism and being nude when I can and get the opportunity. I have been a discrete nudist since my teens to the present, and enjoyed skinny dipping in private as well. I love to watch porn, masturbate and pleasure myself, with recently enjoying the exhilaration and undressing completely nude inside porn theaters in New Mexico to mutually jack off with others or when other people are nearby. I love bush on women also.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am a closeted bisexual Native American Male and I am an oral, submissive bottom. I can be versatile if need be and have topped in my past. I prefer bareback anal when I bottom, and being bred raw. I love to cream pie women too in natural raw sex.
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    Mutually Nude and I want to give head and bottom while watching porn, outdoors or in public inside a porn theater.

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  1. Binudenative

    Bottoms with little dicks

    - I am bi-bottom and I have a small cock. I have a thick pubic hair bush and I when I bend over it literally disappears, but I am grower. 😉
  2. - I prefer to be completely naked when I am having sex with men and my girlfriend. It's more arousing for me when I undress completely naked in front of my tops and I am nude, on my elbows and ass up, or on my back with my knees spread open in an adult video booth, porn theater or the living room and bedroom when I bottom. I prefer to be naked too when I jack off as well.
  3. Binudenative

    How old when your pubic hair appeared?

    - I was around 11 when I began noticing black, and course pubic hair growing at the base of constantly aroused cock and the single course pubic hair growing on scrotum when I stepped out of the shower one morning.
  4. Binudenative

    Exhibitionist Barebacker

    It became a recent fetish for me in finally acting on the fantasy in having the courage to undress completely naked in public, inside the adult/porn theaters in New Mexico, and it's arousing and exhilarating undressing in front of strangers inside crowded porn theaters. The first time I bottomed bareback and I was naked because a cream pie porn was being shown inside the 98th Street Adult Theater in Albuquerque. The sight of exotic girls being creampied and recognizable areas filmed in Albuquerque had me so aroused I undressed completely naked and began sucking another native guy's small uncut cock, sitting next to me and I bent over and he fucked me raw and bred me. I was naked and he pushed his wranglers down slightly and he was fully dressed. There were strangers watching us with another completely naked couple having gay anal near us. I have bottomed raw one more time after that in Farmington New Mexico, but have been fucked naked in public in anal in a total of four times.
  5. Binudenative

    Do You Moan?

    - I am a loud moaner and take loud shallow breaths, when a cock is sliding in and out of my tight butthole.
  6. Binudenative

    Do any guys like sucking/fucking small cocks?

    When I suck a cock, size doesn't matter but when I bottom, I prefer the smaller cocks because my sphincter ring is still tight somewhat and it doesn't hurt as much when I am ass up and being penetrated...
  7. Binudenative

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Great question and I will come back after I finish counting with the best of my memory. I have taken and been bred raw three different loads the same day at the most at different times. I bottomed bareback with three different guys in Albuquerque after my divorce. Two loads in my motel room and another at a video booth booty call at an ABS.
  8. I am sitting here in one of the adult theaters in Albuquerque and contemplating in undressing completely nude right now... 😉 

  9. - About a week after my divorce in Albuquerque, I swallowed three loads of cum from three different guys. They were all native, and I swallowed my first load ever from a nervous 18 year old at my hotel room, the next two inside a porn booth.
  10. Binudenative

    First Time With A Family Member

    - I learned how to suck cock from a young uncle and similar aged cousins here on my reservation. We experimented and were naked a lot with skinny dipping in secret.
  11. - I prefer to be completely naked when I am about to suck a cock and when I am ass up to bottom or on my back with my legs open for missionary. I have been fucked three times in adult theaters in Albuquerque and I was naked in public when I was fucked doggy. In my love life too when I am making love to my fiancé, I prefer her and I be completely nude too! When I am jacking off, I enjoy being naked as well.
  12. I am sitting here naked and wearing a small butt plug for the first time.. I have never worn one but it feels awesome. ;-) My fiancé is awesome...

  13. It's been a while since I logged in, but I am horny and naked sitting in front of my desk top. ;-) 

  14. - My biggest bareback fantasy right now is, I want to strip completely nude inside a video booth with gloryholes at one of the adult bookstores in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Farmington (The Big Eye, The Viewpoint and 98th Street Adult Video) bend over with my small ass cheeks open and be penetrated and fucked raw bareback and taking loads from strangers. My second fantasy is still ongoing in stripping completely naked inside the adult theaters and be topped raw and creampied as well. I was fucked last week in Farmington but my top wore a condom and him and I were the only ones inside the theater. :-)
  15. I am contemplating in making a trip to hang out at one of the local porn theaters and hang out completely naked to enjoy the adult movies.. ;-) 

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