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    New Mexico
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    I am interested in naturism and being nude when I can and get the opportunity. I have been a discrete nudist since my teens to the present, and enjoyed skinny dipping in private as well. I love to watch porn, masturbate and pleasure myself, with recently enjoying the exhilaration and undressing completely nude inside porn theaters in New Mexico to mutually jack off with others or when other people are nearby. I love bush on women also.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I am a closeted bisexual Native American Male and I am an oral, submissive bottom. I can be versatile if need be and have topped in my past. I prefer bareback anal when I bottom, and being bred raw. I love to cream pie women too in natural raw sex.

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  1. - About a week after my divorce in Albuquerque, I swallowed three loads of cum from three different guys. They were all native, and I swallowed my first load ever from a nervous 18 year old at my hotel room, the next two inside a porn booth.
  2. Binudenative

    First Time With A Family Member

    - I learned how to suck cock from a young uncle and similar aged cousins here on my reservation. We experimented and were naked a lot with skinny dipping in secret.
  3. - I prefer to be completely naked when I am about to suck a cock and when I am ass up to bottom or on my back with my legs open for missionary. I have been fucked three times in adult theaters in Albuquerque and I was naked in public when I was fucked doggy. In my love life too when I am making love to my fiancé, I prefer her and I be completely nude too! When I am jacking off, I enjoy being naked as well.
  4. I am sitting here naked and wearing a small butt plug for the first time.. I have never worn one but it feels awesome. ;-) My fiancé is awesome...

  5. It's been a while since I logged in, but I am horny and naked sitting in front of my desk top. ;-) 

  6. - My biggest bareback fantasy right now is, I want to strip completely nude inside a video booth with gloryholes at one of the adult bookstores in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Farmington (The Big Eye, The Viewpoint and 98th Street Adult Video) bend over with my small ass cheeks open and be penetrated and fucked raw bareback and taking loads from strangers. My second fantasy is still ongoing in stripping completely naked inside the adult theaters and be topped raw and creampied as well. I was fucked last week in Farmington but my top wore a condom and him and I were the only ones inside the theater. :-)
  7. I am contemplating in making a trip to hang out at one of the local porn theaters and hang out completely naked to enjoy the adult movies.. ;-) 

    IMG_0339 copy.png

  8. I just stripped completely nude to play with myself and jack off while I read stories on this website and porn on PornHub ;-) 


  9. - Last summer, I was contacted by an old acquaintance from my junior college days in Albuquerque from the mid-1990's on social media. I observed his social media account and I thought nothing of it as I saw our old school mates on his "Friends" list. I had known Mike, as more an acquaintance, because he was friends with my closer friends. He began sending annoying Forwards about annoying women and a couple of awesome nude girls GIFS. Mike is a Navajo native from western New Mexico. I remember Mike, strong Navajo/Native facial features, glasses, short and cropped hair and darker complected and quiet. I suddenly found his private messages were beginning to be more personal as he broke up with his fiancé and just wanted to vent. I encouraged him in it's not the end of the world and I am divorced too. - The discussions turned more personal as he was under a bit duress in having a couple of his sisters move in with him into his house because he can't afford to live alone and, asked me a personal question if I jacked off more under periods of extreme duress in life. I was honest in I told him, I used sex and porn, as a substitute for alcohol and drugs, or food are abused by others in dark periods of their lives. He admitted and confided if it was normal for him to jack off more than twice in a day. I kind of chuckled and reminded him in I am not a psychologist or a counselor but I did admit back in reassurance in it's normal, as I always stripped naked and jacked off and had lots of crazy, unprotected sex when I was coping. These exchanges and phone calls went on for a bit in about a month's time until he finally came up with the courage if I have had gay sex, after sharing one photo of my girlfriend nude and myself nude as well. I swallowed dryly and took a chance in to be curious in what he had in mind. "I am a discrete submissive and an oral bottom Mikey.." I remember the uncomfortable silence for a few seconds, and he asked me to promise not to tell anyone in he liked boys too since junior high. He nervously asked me if he could top me me too and sent me his nudes and he was shaved smooth and had a nice 5-6 inch circumcised erection. I was nervous and horny when I asked for directions to his house, and to wait for a few minutes so I could enema myself and take a shower. - I quickly packed lube, wore a pair of loose running pants with no underwear and a t-shirt and excitedly and nervously drove up to Mike's house and driveway. He looked the same with a few more pounds to his waistline but completely unchanged in everything in the haircut and glasses. He walked out cheerfully from the front porch in his khaki cargo shorts with a white t-shirt and flip flops. I was welcomed cheerfully and shook hands while walking and following him inside. He had all the curtains drawn closed in his nice living room, had porn playing on his big screen, with towels and lube folded neatly on the coffee table. I put my own bag down and we embraced one another and hugged tight, to comfort him about the heartbreak. He was slightly taller than me and we let go of our hug, and I told him, in I was happy to see him again. I asked to use the restroom too because the Extenze was running right through me, and he unexpectedly gave me a deep kiss. I normally don't kiss guys but it made him feel better. - I stood there peeing forever from being nervous and the Mountain Dew I had earlier. I cleaned myself up and straightened up as I exited the bathroom and I already found Mike completely naked sitting on the couch playing with himself. I immediately took off my shirt and pulled down my pants and I was nude for the first time in front of my friend. My small cock stood straight up from my thick and black bush. I knelt naked in front of him, and I began sucking his cock while I watched the Latina porn being played. The hairy bush of of Sophie Leon on the flat screen TV made me horny in a second, and was lucky the Extenze helped me! Mike had a nice and smooth, shaved cock and balls and he tasted clean. His pre-cum was clean tasting too, and he was only slightly longer than I was, and he is circumcised. My head moved up and down and he was moaning and shuddering, and moaned my name in how I felt good. He begged me to stop. - I stopped sucking his cock and stood up naked and Mike unrolled a thick bath towel on the floor. I was happy and grateful then in I regularly used a medium sized butt plug inside of my tight ass once a week. Silently, I got on the towel in front of the large screen, and I was naked on my elbows and knees, ass up. Mike asked me in a shaky voice if it was okay to fuck me in the ass with no condom and to top me raw bareback. I nodded yes and I could see him get more excited and aroused. I spread and open my legs a little further open and I turned around and observed Mike get on his knees while I heard the top of the large ID Lube lid being opened. I felt room temperature lube being poured on top my tight and hairy anal sphincter and he softly probed my ass crack. I gasped in surprise when I felt his lubed up finger penetrate me and began fingering me. I moaned and cooed in it felt good as I moved back and forth letting his finger fuck me. "I hope my Navajo cock will feel good inside your tight Native ass.." he said seductively. He removed his finger from my asshole and I heard him pour more lube and the unmistakable sound of a slippery hand stroking a cock. -I felt the heat and the tip of his cock line up on my asshole and he pushed forward and I pushed back with my ass. I still felt the familiar, stinging and painful pinch of my tight butthole being opened by an erect cock. I whimpered and moaned for a second and I finally felt Mike's cock slide deep inside of me for the first time. I whimpered loudly, breathed loud and exhaled my breath in loud breaths, as I am loud when I am fucked doggy style. Haha! I felt Mike's natural and raw cock, hot and heavily lubed and slippery, going in and out of my ass, and I was having unprotected gay sex with an acquaintance for the first time and he fucked my ass fast and deep. We were both moaning loud as I felt his bare cock going in and out, and he gasped and yelled in he yelled in he was about to cum...in one final plunge, my eyes grew wide open with shock as he orgasmed deep and bred me raw with his semen. I slowly felt his cock become flaccid and it slipped out naturally from my lubed up and semen filled anus...we collapsed on the towel and he quickly got up. I never inquired if it was time for me to go, but I excused myself to the bathroom to get dressed and I actually kept his load inside of my ass and bid him adieu for the day. I never heard from him again, but I quickly noticed in I didn't orgasm yet, and like the horny and closeted bisexual that I am. I went to Albuquerque's Pussycat Theater, and crazily once more, I undressed completely naked inside the theater, while I still had Mike's load inside of my ass, and had anonymous bareback anal with a native construction worker and I was happy he was married, had a small hairy cock and he came inside of me... - I have yet to come up with the courage to do that again!
  10. Binudenative

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    I have a score of a modest 73 :-)
  11. Binudenative

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    - I prefer my boyfriend, or top, to cum inside my ass.
  12. Binudenative

    total bottoms and their cock

    - I have a smaller cock to begin with and I am sometimes hard or my small cock is hidden under my thick bush. It doesn't matter in what my size is..
  13. Binudenative

    First Fuck Location

    - I was naked inside a bedroom when I was 13 and ass up when I was penetrated by a hard erection for the first time. It was at my friend's house and I undressed naked with my friend's oldest brother while we watched porn in secret.
  14. Binudenative

    Life After Divorce

    Life After Divorce I endured through a grueling separation and divorce during the beginning of July 2010. I emerged victorious on all mitigation aspects in alimony, custody, child support with all the nasty legalities and hearings. When everything was settled, my parents insisted in leaving my reservation for solitude and rest. I settled into a nice motel in Albuquerque’s mid-town area and I made the personal decision to recover, regroup and begin my journey of self-acceptance in being a closeted bisexual and a discrete nudist during my vacation. It was the first time I was alone without my children, family and enjoyed being naked the entire time, masturbating to porn, enjoying “booty calls” and “fuck buddies” for the first time in my life in fucking native women, and being fucked having gay sex from closeted native men with no strings attached. It was a bit of a wild time and I fucked, and was fucked, raw and bareback. I orgasmed deep inside two native women, I anally penetrated and deflowered a closeted 18 year old high school male. My teen bottom was so tight, I had sympathy when he was gasping, whimpering and breathed shallowly when I felt my very slippery and lubed up small cock, penetrated and slightly widened his tight anal ring during our bareback anal sex session. He squeezed his virgin sphincter in reflex, when I began going in and out, and it took me less than a minute fucking him doggy style to cum inside of him. He jacked off in front of me and wonderfully shot thick, white and ropey loads of cum. He scooped up his own semen and swallowed it! I bottomed in anal sex twice, bareback and two closeted Navajo men orgasmed deep inside me, and I had a lot of semen leaking out of my sore and raw anus. I was lucky I tested negative in all sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. My heart was pounding fast and hard from being both nervous and horny. I was taking off my shirt and I caught a glimpse of my friend Joseph unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down with his underwear. He stepped out of them and he was completely naked. I nervously put my shirt on a chair, untied the draw string of my running tights, pushed down my tights with underwear, also undressing completely naked too. We looked at one another for second, hugged for a second with a brief peck on the lips. We embraced for a moment, exchanged pleasantries and caught up. We were both happy to see one another. I was happy my fellow closeted native man came to visit me at my motel room and we were nude. Joseph excused himself to use the room’s restroom and squeezed my right ass cheek as he walked by. He was younger than me, married with children and closeted Navajo male top, and grew up in a similar and conservative environment. He had a flat top, wide shoulders, light brown skin, a small flat ass, an untrimmed thick black and natural bush with a small circumcised cock similar like mine. I had made love earlier the same day, and enjoyed a wild fuck session with a beautiful Pueblo native woman. I penetrated her perfect shorn bald slit and I ejaculated deep inside of her twice. After she left, I became horny for cock. I hungered to be naked with a native woman with her tits, ass and vag in my mouth, but I hungered just as much now to be naked with a cock in my mouth and to be penetrated raw, bareback, ass up and face down. I miss being naked and being fucked as a bottom. It felt invigorating and free as I was finally making myself comfortable in having sex with both men and woman freely as a closeted bisexual native male. I was brought back to reality in hearing the toilet flush and the sink faucet being turned on. I was sitting naked on the edge of the motel room’s king sized bed, and I was enjoying the new porn DVD I purchased the day before. I was playing with myself, fingered my thick and natural bush, and enjoyed the amateur Latinas and exotic women being fucked in the Chica Boom series. Joseph walked out of the bathroom naked, he was semi-erect, and sat next to me and began playing with himself too. He reached over with his left hand and began caressing my pubic hair and scrotum. I moved my ass up the bed more and I laid back, opened my knees and legs for him. I was a bit embarrassed as my nervous and tense self, made my nuts shrink more and my small and glistening circumcised cock shrank more and resembled a small nub buried in thick pubic hair! Joseph placed his head between my thighs, and I shuddered at the feeling of a tongue and warm mouth licking the pre-cum off of the tip of my small circumcised cock. He buried his face into my thick bush and began sucking my small cock harder while he caressed my hairy taint and slightly spread ass cheeks. I whimpered and moaned and felt an erection forming and my balls relaxing. I gasped slightly when Joseph traced his tongue down my shaft, scrotum, taint and pressed his tongue harder on top of my brown anal ring. He lifted my legs higher and spread them further and began licking, kissing and sucking my asshole. It was heavenly laying on my back naked, my legs held up and opened wide, while I was getting my small cock sucked and my asshole being orally pleasured. Joseph stopped for a moment and asked me to suck his cock while he sat on the bed and watched the porn. I got off of the bed and he sat down on the edge, leaned back on his elbows and relaxed. It was awesome in we were both nude, enjoying porn in my motel room and I was about to suck my friend’s cock. I was more excited in I was about to get fucked doggy style and become his little bitch. I marveled at Joseph’s equally thick and black bush. Mine was thicker but his was wider, had larger hanging balls, a slightly shorter cock but his circumcised head was wider and larger. A large, clear bead of pre-cum appeared on his slit too. I knelt down in front of him and used a hand to give him a couple of strokes. I had forgotten in how hot an erect cock feels on my hands and my lips and mouth. I opened my mouth and softly wrapped my lips around his wide mushroom head. Joseph shuddered and gasped in pleasure as I licked his slit and tasted a large pre-cum bead from his head. His erection grew slightly harder, wider and hotter. My head began moving up and down slowly and picked up the speed slightly when I was sucking his dick faster. I used my right hand to stroke his shaft too, while I gave him a blow job. I began sucking my friend’s cock and softly played with his balls. I slurped, tasted pre-cum and savored the feeling and flavor of having a cock finally in my mouth. I missed the heat, the salty and sour pre-cum with being an oral and naked submissive bottom. It was awesome in feeling my friend shudder and quiver while he moaned while I was giving him head. He stopped me while I took out his cock from my mouth and told me in a shaky voice in he wants to fuck me so bad. I stood up and took out a bottle of ID Lube from my suitcase and a laid out a bath towel on the bed. I handed the bottle of lube to Joseph and gave each other a quick deep kiss, before I positioned myself on my elbows and knees with my ass up to him. I heard Joseph open the bottle of ID Lube with the subsequent sound of a wet, slick hand stroking a slippery erection as he jacked off for a second watching a petite perfectly figured, small chested amateur Latina with a full bush get creampied. He was also happy in looking at my smooth, slightly spread ass cheeks while I was ass up on my elbows. It felt great watching the porn, and feeling a finger go up and down my partially open ass cheeks, to caress my taint, my tight hairy scrotum from my nervously hidden balls, also to play and finger my anal hair sticking straight out from my open ass and to feel my anal ring. I heard more wet stroking sounds and felt room temperature, slippery and water based lube begin to run down between my naked ass cheeks. I felt a hand at the bottom of my ass crack cupping the copious amounts of lube being poured. I instructed him in a slightly shaky voice, from a dry nervous mouth, to use lots of lube as we can. I felt his right hand and fingers go between my ass cheeks with the copious amounts of wet and slippery lube. I felt a warm slippery finger gently probe my anal ring and I inhaled sharply in surprise and pleasure as I felt Joseph’s finger penetrate my ass and began fingering me. I felt more lube being poured on my ass, while I felt his middle finger going in and out, while I moaned and cooed softly. I felt the king sized bed shift weight more as Joseph climbed on his knees and positioned himself behind me and between my legs. My mind raced and I was aroused and nervous as I was about to be fucked bareback by a hot cock for the first time in years. I heard Joseph pour a little more lube to stroke himself and asked me if I was ready to be fucked. I was panting slightly and answered “Yes” in a shaky voice. I felt his hot circumcised cock head between my ass cheeks being positioned. I reached back with my hands to spread my cheeks further apart and Joseph positioned his slick head right on top of my anus. I let go of my ass cheeks and grabbed a pillow to clutch as I felt his hands on my hips grip tighter. I felt the first push against my tight asshole and I winced. My ass cheeks were spread once more by Joseph to position again. He positioned his cockhead in the middle of my asshole again and pushed forward harder. I cried out in pain and moaned uncomfortably while I was face down and ass up after a few unsuccessful tries. My tight asshole was beginning to feel sore and raw from the unsuccessful tries. Finally it happened with more lube and patience. I gasped out loudly in surprise, pain and pleasure when Joseph’s rock hard cock tip partially penetrated and opened my raw and tight asshole. I whimpered and squealed while breathing shallowly as I felt the sting of my tight anal ring being pushed and stretched opened and penetrated by Joseph’s rock hard erection. Joseph held my hips tight and I angled and pushed back with my ass to guide his cock to slide forward and to keep his wide mushroom head partially penetrating my very tight anal sphincter ring. I was breathing shallowly and whimpering when I felt the rock hard slippery cock being pushed forward slowly, trying to get Joseph’s cock head past my sphincter to completely penetrate me. I wailed loudly in surprise as his cock was pushed forward with shocking strength and I was lucky in a smaller cock was pushed in to finally penetrate my incredibly tight asshole. I felt Joseph’s pubic hair on my ass, as I whimpered and moaned quietly while struggling to get comfortable with a cock up my ass and my anal ring wrapping itself tightly around Joseph’s shaft base. He was panting and moaning too in shock and with pleasure, surprised in how tight I was. I fought the urge and willed my anal ring to not squeeze out Joseph’s cock being an uncomfortable presence. We both leaned back as Joseph sat on his heels and I tried to make myself more comfortable sitting on top of his erection. Goddamn, I was tight, I was breathing loud in shallow breaths and whimpering as it felt like I was being impaled through my asshole as Joseph’s cock went in a bit deeper inside my ass. We straightened up again as I felt his hands on my hips gripping me stronger and he began pumping me doggy style. I felt his cock begin to slowly go in and out of my raw and tight asshole. Joseph moaned and I whimpered and squealed begging him to slow down but he began fucking me faster and harder. My anal ring gripped his shaft tight as it went back and forth, feeling his pubic hair and balls slapping my taint. It was invigorating, erotic and painful as I was being fucked by my friend and he was fucking me bareback and doggy style. I moaned loudly while I was getting fucked, sweat poured down our heads and back, and Joseph began to moan and told me he was about to cum. I cried out as he gripped my shoulders hard, plunged himself as deep as he could inside my raw asshole and orgasmed. Joseph ejaculated a large and watery load of cum deep inside my ass. We were both panting and felt his relaxing cock slide out of my sore and raw anal ring and felt cum run freely down my taint and ball sack. I was surprised when I was flipped on my back with my legs spread wide open and Joseph began sucking my finally erect cock. He savored and moaned while sucking it and I whimpered and moaned once more as he flicked my sensitive circumcised head with his tongue. Joseph tried fingering my semen and lube soaked asshole but had to stop him as my asshole was too raw and tender. He jacked me off with his right hand while he sucked my cock and felt the familiar exquisite feeling of semen leaving my balls. I curled up more from the ecstasy and sensitivity of my cockhead and whimpered loudly as I orgasmed into Joseph’s mouth. He grunted and moaned for a second and swallowed my cum. I moaned and squealed loudly, while I kicked out my legs outward and back and forth quickly as he kept sucking my sensitive head and milking my cock. My closeted friend and I collapsed in a sweaty heap and held me for a few minutes. Joseph jumped in the shower and quickly cleaned and washed himself and left. I tenderly touched my raw asshole, got up and sat in the toilet and watched in amazement of the mixture of blood tinged semen and lube coming out. I smiled in being content as I felt another horny stirring in my loins. I was happy in finally becoming a little more comfortable in fucking both the boys and girls!
  15. It has been a long work week and I finally undressed completely nude to surf the internet and play with my smaller cock and hairy bush.. Relief!


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