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    I enjoy being spanked, slapped, spit on, dominated by black men. I am very submissive and open to being filmed and photographed as well in the service of black men.
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    I am very well educated. I have two graduate degrees one in public health actually. I have a very dry and sometimes even dark sense of humor. I grew up in Georgia where I still live. You can ask anything you want to know.
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    I have done amateur videos for friends. I was offered a contract once but turned it down at the time for career reasons as I wanted to be a professor. Would totally do it now!
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    I really like guys who are artistic or musical like a John Legend type. I also really love athletes. I appreciate people who are intelligent in a variety of ways.

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  1. Who is here from Birmingham or even Anniston and Tuscaloosa (also on the Amtrak line) would love to take a trip to Alabama especially to meet some of the hottest black men in America.
  2. jogupo

    Anybody in ATL want to whore me out?

    Atlmarketingbiz gave me a Holden Caulfield moment with the irony between his username and the topic. I have great faith in anybody in marketing to who're somebody out...lol. That being said...me next!!!
  3. jogupo

    Visiting ATL 14-Oct-2017 LOOKING for ANON LOADS

    On Thursday your best bet is to actually hit the bars and meet people the old fashioned way. That's because the folks usually looking to hook up on Thursday night will be students who don't have Friday classes which means they are also probably juniors and seniors (21 plus). So I would say stay near midtown/downtown if possible on that day.
  4. jogupo

    Cum Dump in ATL 09/13 - 09/16 - Which Bath house?

    On 9/14 Flex was dead as hell on 9/16 it was decent but still not that busy for a Saturday. Good mix of white and black guys Saturday. Just for future reference at ATL Pride time
  5. jogupo

    Blk Pride

    I will be at Cheshire Motor Inn and Flex next weekend for Black Pride also. Of course no superior black load will be refused. ;-)
  6. jogupo


    It depends on what type of conservative you consider yourself to be. Someone who claims to be a social conservative would have a major conflict but I consider myself a "Paul Ryan" Republican primarily concerned with economic issues. While I support Republicans for state offices and congress I will not support Donald Trump because I don't feel he is qualified for the presidency. I did vote for Romney though.
  7. jogupo

    Poz tops at a bathhouse

    I am negative and don't feel in a bathhouse that you should disclose your HIV status unless asked. People who allow someone to top them without asking about STD's are obviously aware they can contract something from having sex without a condom. This falls into the realm of common sense and unless they take Truvada it's highly unlikely negative men who frequent bathhouses will stay HIV negative very long because even when asking people their status some lie.
  8. If you are using pot for truly medicinal purposes I will say that eating it through brownies, cookies etc. is much better than smoking it. Smoking anything is unhealthy because you are breathing in the chemicals from that. Especially people who drink and smoke together have very high rates of throat cancer because alcohol is flammable and it essentially "ignites" in your throat.
  9. Your first name: Jonathan Your cell number: (four zero four) two two six-three five zero three (written to prevent Google from picking it up) A location: 30577 (address is on member map) Times you're generally not available: call or text if I don't answer it's not a good time but am usually available Age: 32 Height: 6'0" Weight: 230 Ethnicity: White (Very open to all races!) Note: I live in an apartment community (1'st apt on the left coming in #21). There is no assigned parking but please be respectful of my neighbors in terms of noise level outside and not littering
  10. jogupo

    PrEP Truvada Side Effects

    I would be far more concerned about the long term side effects with HIV medications. Over time the drugs are very hard on your kidneys especially if you drink or do any drugs. These side effects are heavily downplayed by HIV organizations because many of them receive large grants from the drug company directly. You should do serious research on these issues before deciding to take Truvada. Also if you are diabetic or have other conditions that already would make you more prone to kidney disease be very careful.
  11. jogupo

    Psychology of BDSM

    When I was in college I read Eldridge Cleaver's book Soul on Ice and he talks about how he enjoyed raping white women because it made him feel he was receiving reparations for slavery. The book obviously is controversial but when I read it that's when I understood the original post that people engage in domination during sex because it allows them to relieve anger and other strong emotions through the act and they feel calmer afterwards. This is why make up sex is often cited as being better as well because people bring the aggression from their arguments into the bedroom. I am not only into BDSM but greatly enjoy the black domination subculture within it where white men submit to black masters I find the racial aspect increases even more the positive effects noted in the cited study. It allows the white slave to symbolically absolve themselves of collective guilt and allows the black master to reclaim power that may not be present in his daily life due to institutional discrimination. Cleaver himself of course unlike Huey Newton was notoriously homophobic and would have never approved of his concept being applied to gay people but it is valid in a broader sense.
  12. jogupo

    Barebacking and drugs

    You can absolutely have bareback sex without using drugs. If your goal is to be infected with HIV though drugs do weaken your body's immune system further so it can increase your chances of success. Alcohol though which is legal will accomplish this as well as any drug because it drains your body of Vitamin B.
  13. Don't forget that sharing needles is also a way to contract HIV. Based on the comments on this site the prevalence of drug use on this site is certainly higher than in the general population. It is also possible that people of a certain age could have contracted the virus from a bad blood transfusion. For the record one study I read said bottoms are 16x more likely to contract HIV than tops. Another fun fact is that in the year Magic Johnson tested positive the odds of a heterosexual non IV drug user becoming positive was 1 in 10,000. My experience working in a clinic has told me many many men lie about having contracted the virus from gay sex in general.
  14. This is not the first study linking pot to being a long term non-progressor either. I have a friend who moved to Amsterdam he felt so strongly about this he has been poz since the 1980's. I mentioned this once to CDC employees at a conference and they mocked me publicly. There is no interest in the US government to be honest about this issue. Most "health educators" in our country just repeat talking points they are given by the local health department few take the time to actually read and study carefully peer reviewed medical research. If you do you will see the CDC actually intentionally withholds certain info from the general public to promote their programs (for instance condoms are only about 70% effective in one study at preventing STD infection).
  15. I would add also probably people like myself who participated in prior HVTN vaccine trials are likely ineligible.

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