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    Cambridge - Preston part of Cambridge
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    Sex, BB, GB'S,
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Cute, submissive, Slutty & Obediant, Sub Bttm Bitch
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    None, but would GLADLY get on my hands and knees to do porn
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    I live in Cambridge - you MUST host and drive. I dont do quickies and prefer long playtimes(more than 4hrs at a time) - overnighters are even better. Group play, creampies, gangbangs, glory holes, 1on1, bukakke, forced cum feeding, anal training. I am Sane, NEG, Cute and Friendly. You host(or have a buddy to host/have a room for us) and drive. Safe Play is Fine, BAREBACK is BETTER!

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  1. sub4alphamale

    The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    David - or Slut or w.e. 30yo 5'11" 163lbs toned slim Cambridge Ontario Canada - Preston Area of Cambridge Text only 5192123654 Available 24/7 Day or Night 365 for use by tops. You're either neg or undetectable I'm NOT a bug chaser!
  2. For fast replies - 5192123654tx only plz I live in Cambridge - you MUST host and drive. I dont do quickies and prefer long playtimes(more than 6hrs at a time) - overnighters(or longer even) are even better. Group play, creampies, gangbangs, glory holes, 1on1, bukakke, forced cum feeding, anal training, anal stretching training ect. I am Sane, NEG, Cute and Friendly. You host and drive. Safe Play is Fine So is BAREBACK (Lets Talk About It - HONESTY Is The Key) .... I HAVE FEW LIMITS BUT THEY INCLUDE: SCAT, BLOOD, DISEASES(bug chase stuff), PAIN, PERMANENT DAMAGE, FEET STUFF, MASKS, BLINDFOLDS & NEEDLES
  3. The Slut Pledge


    1. First and foremost, the Slut/I shall always acknowledge that he exists for the sexual pleasure of men, and that his body must be devoted to exciting, serving and satisfying the hard cocks of his partners, and ultimately to relieving them of their sperm, in whatever manner they shall choose. The Slut’s primary purpose is to serve men, and to be used and enjoyed by them, on a regular and frequent basis.


    2. The Slut/I shall at all times be obedient and/or submissive, as appropriate, and shall be immediately responsive to the sexual needs of his partners. Except in exceptional circumstances relating to health and safety, he shall not be permitted to question or to refuse a demand for any sexual act.


    3. Sexual acts to be performed regularly by the Slut shall include, but not be limited to: anal intercourse, double penetration , triple penetration, and the simultaneous pleasing of multiple men at once with his anus, mouth and hands.


    4. There is no set limit to the number of partners serviced by the Slut at anyone time.


    5. The Slut shall wear clothes designed to attract and excite men, and to display his body to best advantage.


    6. Prior to any sex act, the Slut shall indicate his willingness to be used by exposing his mouth and anus for inspection by his partner or partners. He shall accomplish this either on his back with his legs spread, or kneeling with his chest against the bed, floor or other surface, and his hands behind him. The Slut shall submit to prolonged examination of his body by those present, and upon demand shall obediently assume any position to better enable such inspection.


    7. Insofar as it can be arranged, the Slut must regularly perform the duties of a whore, giving himself freely to any appropriate man willing to pay for the use of his body. While with a client he must service him in any way he chooses, and must always satisfy him and receive his sperm. While acting as a whore, the Slut shall be paid at a rate set by the clients.


    8. The Slut shall receive sperm anywhere in or on his body, in accordance with the wishes of his partners. Subject to restrictions mandated by health concerns, he shall submit to insemination in his anus or mouth; and to ejaculations on his face and hair; over his breasts, on his belly, thighs, legs, hands and feet; and over his ass.


    9. The Slut must copulate regularly, whether with one man or multiple partners, simultaneously or serially.


    10. The Slut shall be required to perform in a  gangbang, as the only bottom at LEAST twice a year, with a MINIMUM of 20 other tops.


    11. The Slut shall, from time to time, copulate with anonymous strangers in a public setting. He will allow men to ejaculate on his body and face, and assist them by stimulating their cocks with his hands, mouth or body.IMG_20170601_142557_309.thumb.jpg.33a8c8eaa474e7ec522f7c32447d96b3.jpg40040425509-grid.jpg.513c5d3dfbefe11702b6fa623f8a37b1.jpg

    1. Collar4chemboys


      if you still looking for a Tina Daddy, .. I am here !

    2. sub4alphamale


      I miss you Daddy! We had so much fun. I hope all is well!

    3. SeaSketch


      Very hot post 

      good stuff

  4. The Bareback Pledge ◾I fully, and on my honor, pledge myself today and hereafter to unrepentant Bareback Sex. I pledge myself completely to fearless pleasure in the exchange of Cum. ◾I hereby and forever refuse to live in fear and self-denial. ◾I hereby and forever refuse the delusion of “safe sex.” ◾If I delight in Bottoming, I commit my mouth and ass to the pleasuring of all cocks who desire to use me. I commit to being flooded with as much Seed as is possible, by as many men as possible. ◾I will NEVER delight in Topping, I commit to being used by other men as their Cumhole, Having men fill my mouth and ass with as much Seed as possible, as often as possible. ◾I pledge myself to sluttery, wonton sexual abandon, anonymous hookups, gloryholes, gangbangs, orgies, and fuck fests. ◾I pledge to strive towards completely indiscriminate sex, accepting Bareback encounters from any and all men, with a SAFE consideration of “status”. ◾Yes, bet it known, that I absolutely, and with full intent, commit myself to having as much Bareback sex as possible, as often as possible, with as many men as possible; I pledge myself to making Bareback sex more than a fetish, but a way of life. ◾I make this pledge fully sane, in radical defiance of the anti-pleasure, “safe sex” delusion I’ve been taught. And I fully pledge to do my best towards inspiring others to do the same

    You can find me on the cumdump map as well. 

    Signed, MeIMG_20170601_142557_309.thumb.jpg.33a8c8eaa474e7ec522f7c32447d96b3.jpg


    1. SeaSketch


      More good shit! Nice

  5. Looking for neg tops on prep or poz tops on meds & undetectable. 

    Msg me. 5192123654

    Or wickr cutepartybottom

    Or bbrt CleanBottom4CleanTop

    Or N.K.P.  cutepartybottom

  6. sub4alphamale

    Looking for a top to please

    Cambridge boy looking for a neg top to please. I cant host and don't drive but would be down for a few days of play. Would love to visit t.o. with a hot top.
  7. Currently seeking a well hung man to pimp me out and pay me with more cocks to service and more opportunities to make him money. 

    In turn i wish to become his property/pet.  To be collard at all times. 

  8. Can ANYONE drive me to Steamworks in toronto and show me around for my first time? I can pay gas money and entry fees or w.e.

    Im a total newb to that scene and would love someone who drives to show me around and how things work there. 


    You can text me 5192123654 text only tho and make sure u put who u are and why you're texting as i uust got a new phone and dont have my old contact list so i dont want to assume who any random number texting me is. 

  9. Can ANYONE drive me to Steamworks in toronto and show me around for my first time? I can oay gas money and entry fees or w.e.

    Im a total newb to that scene and woupd love someone who drives to show me around and how things works there. 

  10. And seriously....when do I get MY 10,000 guy creampie??? Hehe??

  11. Like I swear....I LOVE this site.....but I've never ONCE had the opportunity to hook up with anyone from here.....at least not someone who isn't creepy lol ?

  12. I want to set up a real scene where there are 1000 men waiting primed and ready to stuff it in, bust their nuts, pull out...over and over 1000 times...each man gets 3 minutes TOPS to fuck my cumhole before having to swap out for another cock...if they wish, the mem may circle back after I have gotten 1000 DIFFERENT mens cumloads fucked into me, and use me until they are spent. I want it to be recorded on video and with a pictures using a professional photographer and camera/cameraman.....I would be fine with it being marketed too....whatever....all men involved MUST be HIV- U can msg me here or my emale sissypet88 ATyahoo
  13. Just broke my phone so I won’t be able to text or receive/make calls until I can buy a new one next month. 

  14. This is my ad Looking for someone to take me to the steamworks for the first time. 


  15. Always wanted to go to an adult cinema, or bathhouse, or some kind of sex club, but I don't drive...if anyone would like to take a slim Neg Bottom Boy like me to a place like that let me know!  5192123654 text ONLY

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