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  1. But for my relaxing I need men to fuck be good and long I have over 15 guys in a group fuck me non stop and they all left cum in me after every guy pulled out I licked there cocks clean while the next one was fuck me So I love to be the cum dump in my mouth and in my ass I love well hung cocks like the BBC ones the most any more
  2. I am the same way at glory holes I cum to suck out the cum the faster I can get his cock off and the cum swallowed I want the next one in my mouth I swallow 38 cum loads one night more than 60 loads were from black dicks That was supper time for me and good protein for my body I love be a cum dump for any mans cum cum is good for us II suck a 1.000 dicks a year and get every ones loads
  3. I would love to have your cock to suck anytime will fully swallow you loads
  4. I am an older guy looking for a real younger lover who wants to enjoy each others cunts and kiss and be lovers
  5. I want to be loyal to one top of a guy so we both use each others bottom and fall in love and kissing and just being lovers forever
  6. I want to do the bottom to bottom so we can fuck each other cunts and kiss and be lovers forever I would stop letting men use my bottom if I can find the love of my life some older 60 or 70 Kiss me and love me
  7. Yes I love to let guys kiss me when they fuck my man cunt I can get hooked on a good kisser forever make live to my cunt baby
  8. I love to let anyone breed my man cunt thats what is for use my cunt as your cum dump When your done I will lick your cock clean and wash it off i my mouth
  9. Yes my hole is a man cunt I need dicks in me all the time well hung men and black me are what I need the most cum fuck my cunt guys I need it
  10. I like to be fucked laying on my back like a woman gets fucked and let my top fuck me as I rap my legs around is back and pull him hard into to me I want to feel like your bitch
  11. I would love to be whored out on videos and make myself a porn whore where many men gang bang me
  12. I like to have a few steady guy to fuck and enjoy my ass I like to do 3 somes let them all enjoy fucking me I once was gang banded by a group of 14 guys they fucked men many times all night long I had my first double dick in me that night too There was a couple really well hung black guys that really open my ass up big time that night
  13. I love to let guys piss up my ass its a nice feeling I really enjoy it
  14. Yeah I am a married bottom looking for top men to fuck me
  15. I love big cocks being fucked by a big one is one of the best feelings my ass enjoy 

    1. kyoralguy4u


      I want cum doners to swallow or fuck me and fill me with your hot cum guys 

    2. Saturn1


      Totally agree!!! Feels SO GOOD to be hit DEEP!!! :P

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