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  1. Warren Lane Wednesday

    no it was three separate spells - one in the upper car park (1), then the lower car park (6) and the bus stop on the N/B A3 (3). Am afraid the writing may be on the wall for this well known spot though. Usually it would be mostly the upper car park but the people who run the woods (nature conservancy council or whatever they are) have started opening the café late in the upper car park and having volunteers patrol the upper woods area. It did mean the lower car park was busier but as they get more volunteers they intend to patrol all the areas of the wood.
  2. Warren Lane Wednesday

    Went to Wisley got 10 loads - it still doesn't disappoint but it is undergoing some changes - the café is staying open late which went in my favour a bit as it forced cruisers/doggers down to the lower car park. Got a load on A404 Maidenhead and four more at Warren Lane on way home so all in all a reasonable night's sperm whoring. Back to work tomorrow morning so no more till the weekend.
  3. Warren Lane Wednesday

    Apart from Wisley that is - the police are good there, They know what goes on and are fine with it. They are only interested in the boy racers or anyone dealing drugs. They even give me their card if I have any problems there. Pity herts police aren't as friendly.
  4. Warren Lane Wednesday

    Would have been great if it hadn't affected his performance - he was afraid it could be the police and they do still have a Witchfinder General out in Essex. We went somewhere a bit more secluded to get him aroused again.
  5. Warren Lane Wednesday

    Just shows how hit & miss it can be - Witham was good for me last time I went and Danbury Ford deserted. Warren lane is picking up for me though but I do have to be patient at times. Going to head to Wisley tonight
  6. Warren Lane Wednesday

    A mixed night - Witham Lay-By Essex, resembled one of those Dawn of the Zombie Dead films with walking corpses shambling aimlessly round the woods Nobody was doing anything Coggeshall Lay-By Essex, Plenty of Cars but no one getting out - too busy in online chat rooms Danbury Ford, Essex - Success at last (sort of) A guy was riding me bare on the bridge when a car came up full beam headlights which kind of bucked his stride and he lost his hard on.... took a while for him to get it back but when he did he shot his load UP me (as it should be) Gave up on Essex Warren Lane, London (Just) had a great opening spell with 3 men tag teaming me (one did use a condom though - can't win 'em all). Then quiet spell then a few stragglers to make it up to six. Overall disappointing for the distance driven but the main mission of getting sperm UP me was achieved
  7. Warren Lane Wednesday

    I'm sure he was on something he stayed hard for over 2 hours - we even had a break in the middle and went down to the bar and you could see he was still hard there. Didn't want to be rude but should have asked what it was as it certainly made the night - would have been a very poor show at the 800 otherwise. Wasn't keen on the other men there (and if I'm not keen they must be bad) and there were a few bitchy TS's with attitude problems being catty so might swerve the 800 this Saturday night and go dogging at Wisley instead. Am off to Essex tonight.
  8. Warren Lane Wednesday

    3 at Warren Lane ! in Harlow only one at the 800 club but he was exceptional - didn't look anything special but had a massive cock that was hard for two hours... it was 1 x 6 as he cum 6 times , think he must have been on the blue pills or something similar
  9. Warren Lane Wednesday

    The weather didn't help plus I was there very late. Should fare better at the 800 Club tonight Amanda x
  10. Warren Lane Wednesday

    Pretty poor night I'm afraid only swallowed three loads and took one up me
  11. Warren Lane Wednesday

    Wednesday Night (had it in the title) - There's only really the one in the London area where people meet for sex - The one between Stanmore and Bushey
  12. Warren Lane Wednesday

  13. Warren Lane Wednesday

    I'm a transvestite SPUNKDUMP and a PENIS ADDICT will be at Warren Lane on Wednesday night seeking throbbing penises to impregnate me with SPERM. Looking to be ridden hard and pumped FULL of SPERM.
  14. Bare Penises Only ?

    Would prefer you to fuck me - bare of course .....
  15. I have started putting on a number of sites that I am now seeking BARE COCK ONLY ! (No Condoms!!). Have had a few of the 'Moral Majority' expressing how irresponsible I am being but at least they know to avoid me if it isn't their thing.

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