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  1. First Time You Got Sucked

    My first blowjobs were from girls, but the first guy who sucked me was in an adult theater. When I was married to my ex I would go there go in a booth, lock the door, feed in $10, get naked, and edge for a while before blowing a load. There was about a four inch gap under the door and some guy was looking through it and whispering for me to let him in so he could blow me. I asked, "Do I have to do anything to you?" He said "No." Next thing I knew his lips were locked around my dick. Years later I'm a full blown cocksucker and bottom when I'm with guys.

    I'm guess this black guy is about 11 inches. Definitely the biggest cock I've ever seen in person. I met him at the adult theater. I sucked him, and wanted him to fuck me but he just wanted some head, and to grind between my ass cheeks until he came. So I didn't really "take him" but I wanted an excuse to post his beautiful cock. This is a comparison shot I took.
  3. ABS Load

    Hot story but that hot dog on the rollers at 7/11 simile was fucking awesome, especially when you are stoned, which I happen to be. Good work.
  4. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    It's kind of weird but I've never been attracted to me. I don't see a guy on the street and think, "He's hot" like I do with a woman. But what I AM attracted to is hard cock I will take just about any cock in my mouth or ass. I don't care how old, fat, etc., as long as he can mount me. One of the things I love about taking cock is how slutty it makes me feel, that's why I will take almost any cock when I'm horny.
  5. It happened to me, once, while being getting fucked in missionary by a then-regular. It was weird. It felt like an orgasm, but from a deeper place, and little if any ejaculate. It kind of scared me. I thought something was clogged up. A little while later he had me jack my dick while he was still fucking me and I quickly shot a load all over my belly. It was great, and I just connected with him again this week and blew him. He keeps talking about wanting to fuck me again so he can give me another orgasm like that. So I know he was proud of his handiwork too.
  6. Very hot story. I try to play safe but I'm easily corrupted. One of the last loads I took was at an adult theater also. I was sucking an older black dude in a hallway in the back of the main theater. All of a sudden he puts his hands on my shoulders, has me stand, and turns me around. I grab the bottle of lube out of my cargo shorts then drop them to my feet and he bends me over. I intended to let him tease my hole a little before I asked him to glove up. Next thing I know he is balls deep in me with his naked cock. Several guys were watching and one of them gets in front of me to kind of support me while I'm standing, bent over. Another guy starts working my nipples. It's stupid but I remember looking the guy in the eyes who is supporting me and saying, "I'm getting fucked!" He says, "I know!" I said, "With a bare cock!" He says, "I know, isn't it great?" It took about three minutes but I feel the black guy tighten his grip on my meaty hips and thrust extra deep and he starts grunting. He pumped a load so deep in me it barely leaked even though it was about an hour before I could make it back home and get on the toilet.
  7. I'm always hard when sucking cock or getting fucked. Most tops seem to like it, as it proves how much I love their cocks. I don't' touch it or pay any attention to it because I'm all about his cock. One top made me cum in missionary with no touching and that really turned him on. It was weird. It felt like an orgasm but there was no real ejaculation. One black regular I had would always comment on how hard my "clit" was and he would make me jack into my hand and eat it after he had put his load in me.
  8. Definitely pussy. My GF doesn't mind anal but her pussy is almost as tight. And oh so wet and hot inside, with lips that look so hot gripping a shaft. She likes a finger in her ass during vaginal doggy, and I love to get her face down with pillows under her hips so I can eat both her holes, but when it comes time to stick my dick in my preference is the pussy 95 percent of the time.
  9. Craigslist meets?

    I've had fair luck with CL, especially when I'm traveling and can host at a hotel. It is very hit or miss though. High ratio of flakes as the OP said. But I've gotten quite a bit of cock that way, usually one time things. One problem is I'm a total bottom. There's also a high ratio of bottoms and cocksukers looking for tops so there is a lot of competion. Usually I'm answering an ad looking for a cocksucker although I will post my own when I'm on the road. But when I respond I make it clear that I'm serious and available right now, and won't no-show like a lot of guys. A lot of them are tired of the bullshit and realize I'm a sure thing and we meet up.
  10. Balls Deep or the Tip

    Balls deep when I nut in my GF's cunt. I think it's a natural urge to get that seed as close to her cervix as possible.
  11. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    Well, I can't argue with that. I don't know why I didn't break it down that way in my head, but it makes perfect sense.
  12. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    I'm not sure the measurements but I happen to have a picture of the biggest I've ever sucked. I met him in an adult theater and was amazed by his cock. I had recently seen some comparison pictures so I asked him if he would mind coming in the bathroom for a picture, as it was way too dark in the theater and I didn't want to use a flash. I'm about 5 1/2 inches so that gives you an idea of his size. I could barely get the head in my mouth, and my mouth was wide open.
  13. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    Maybe so, perhaps there's something I'm doing subconsciously that they can pick up on. I've had the same thing happen before getting fucked. But then again, if a guy puts his hand on my ass and I moan and move to give him better access, I guess that sends a signal too!
  14. I cut out of the office the other day a little before lunchtime and headed to the adult theater. There is a small room off to the side of the main theater screen and I was in there watching two guys fuck. A black guy comes in. He grabs my dick through my pants, and I start rubbing his cock through his pants. He finally takes it out and I start stroking his beautiful meat. After a couple of minutes of that he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to my knees and the next thing I know his cock was in my mouth. It was like he could tell I was a cocksucker. I'm considered a masculine guy. I have a GF. None of my friends would believe I love cock. I'm wondering how guys like him can tell? Found him on Squirt and we are planning to meet again.
  15. Cum in mouth or ass?

    I love sucking cock and have been told I'm good at it. But I find when I'm really into a guy's cock, I start wanting it in my cunt and will start trying to hint at that if I'm cleaned out and ready.

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