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  1. Memphian

    Keeping Cum Inside of Me

    I can't say for sure, but it doesn't hurt. And I imagine it lends a nice flavor if I'm lucky enough to get rimmed.
  2. Memphian

    Keeping Cum Inside of Me

    No, I get it completely. I thought I was the only one but since I've been using Pure I admit I look in the bowl and take some pride in my handy work. But yes, I get the horniness too. I got a hard on the first few mornings I took PrEP, thinking of all the loads I would be taking soon. And when I get out of the shower, I rub a little coconut oil on my crack and just inside my hole, thinking it will keep it moisturized and supple and ready for cock. Turns me on and reminds me I'm a bareback slut now.
  3. Memphian

    Keeping Cum Inside of Me

    I second the Pure suggestion. Been taking it for a few weeks. I was trying to eat more fiber just for general health so this gives me that plus does make it easier to get clean. I have one or two BMs a day now and like you said the turds are bigger in diameter, well formed, and I even get a clean pinch off every time. I swear my decrease in toilet paper usage will help offset the cost of the Pure!
  4. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    Well, I thought I was clean but in the second session I got face down ass up so the water could get deeper. So much water that it was really uncomfortable. At first clean water came out and I thought I was empty. But I kept sitting on the toilet and it's like something else opened up and boom. It was foul. Did that a couple of more times until it was clean. Will continue that every half hour or so. Hope this doesn't gross anyone out but I want to get the knack of this and am open to additional suggestions.
  5. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    Started cleaning out about 3 1/2 hours before I intend to leave. Three flushes with the enema bag returned very little mess. Then three more completely clean. Lubed up a small buttplug and it came out clean, then a dildo, which came out clean. It's only five inches long but about 4 3/4 inches in circumference. I think I have like a 7 inch black one buried in the closet. When I repeat this routine in about half an hour I'm going so see if I can find it for a better test. There's so much conflicting info online from supposed experts. Some say don't clean too deep or you get up into the sigmoid and just encourage more mess. But based on what you guys told me in a previous thread I think you have to go deeper if you are hoping to take multiple cocks. I'm also liking the coconut oil suggested here. I like that it's a solid but instantly liquefies in your ass and it works great for the dildos. I've also been putting some on and in my hole a couple of times a day to keep things moist and supple. I could put some in a small bottle and carry with me but even in a shirt pocket I'm afraid it will get above 76F and melt, then could be messy to use. I might try it, but bring the Gun Oil too. They have lube all over the place at this party but I think it's water based and I want something that lasts longer. The other problem is I'm going to be wearing only a jock and maybe a short sleeve shirt with a pocket, so hard to carry much.
  6. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    Well, I'm no expert, been sucking a lot of cock the past few years, bottoming mainly with rubbers on and off for a while, but only recently decided to go bare from now on. If you are interested in the party tonight send me a PM.
  7. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    Going to a party tonight hosted by my favorite adult theater. It's at a separate venue. Two levels, slings, glory hole maze, lots of spaces to play, and one big room with cushions and mats all over. They do this once a month but it's been a year since the one and only time I've been. Frankly, I've been avoiding it because I knew I didn't have the willpower to resist bare cock and there are a lot of kinky guys there. I ate a very light breakfast this morning and fasting the rest of the day. Have been taking Pure for Men for a few days. Party starts at 9:00 p.m. so I guess I will start douching about 7:00. I've never taken more than one load and I'm hoping I can get two, maybe more if my plumbing is clean enough and my hole doesn't get worn out. Hell, I might do the Sharpie stroke count thing on my ass! I'm going to try topping too. I've only done that a couple of times my whole life. But if I get used like a slut like I'm hoping, my balls will be aching and last time I was there, there was more than one guy face down, ass up, taking any and all loads. I figure I can make a deposit on my way out. Will be a hell of a lot more fun than jerking off for some relief. If I have anything interesting to report I'll post a recap.
  8. Based on my research and talking to my doctor, it's darned close to 100 percent effective if you take it as directed. Officially published stats are lower, but I think they take into account people skipping pills, people who are deceitful about adherence to the dosing, etc. As for the other part of your question, there is no such thing as a placebo effect with taking a prophylactic drug like this. It blocks replication of the virus and it has nothing to do with whether you believe it is working or not. It's a biochemical process and the membranes in your ass are not subject to the power of suggestion, at least not when it comes to something like this. Back to your original post, no one can tell someone what a bottom's ultimate goal should be. I mean, I have my opinions but it's not my place to preach and it wouldn't change anyone's mind if I did. But your question is kind of like asking, "Should seeing the Doors be every rock fan's ultimate goal?" (Putting aside the fact that Morrison is dead and I'm not sure about the rest of them.) Personally, I love classic rock but have always hated the Doors, so no, that would never be my ultimate goal. Silly analogy and a lot more frivolous that the issue of conversion, but I think it points out a flaw in the premise of your question.
  9. Memphian

    Pump & Dump Advice Needed

    Thanks, I read up on that and ordered some, arriving tomorrow. I had some unexpected conflicts so haven't planned the hotel scene yet, but I'd like to try Pure for a week or two first, because almost every testimonial raves about it.
  10. Memphian

    Black Cock

    "Mounting" is one of my favorite words. Implies such a carnal, animalistic fuck. Just perfect for a man that craves cock up his ass.
  11. Memphian

    In praise of good old fashioned cruising

    This all makes sense to me. If you are trying to arrange something at the spur of the moment, there's too many chances for something to go wrong. Maybe the guy is new to this and loses his nerve before leaving the house. Or maybe he finds another guy closer. Or he gets so horny he jerks off and loses interest. But once a guy makes the effort to make it to a cruising spot and realizes how easy it can be to get some action, he's on horny autopilot.
  12. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    I'd like to have it! Damn I'm loving getting bred.
  13. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    Yeah, that's it. Back row is where I am if I'm not in the small room.
  14. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    He must have put it deep because it's still not leaking.
  15. Memphian

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    I just now had my first load since the black guy wore me out at the adult theater about a week and a half ago. I used to see a white guy about 10 minutes away on a regular basis. He is one of the horniest people I've ever met. When we first met online he wanted head once or twice a day. He had never fucked a guy before me, and eventually he gave it a try and loved it. But I cut him off because he would always get me horny and go in bare even though I made him promise to wear a rubber. And I was trying to be safer. Haven't seen him in over a year. He contacted me recently and I had just started PrEP and needed to wait a few more days, then we had scheduling conflicts. He likes long slow sessions but I'm more into pump and dump now. He wanted me to come over this morning after his wife's daughter had left for school. His college age kid was upstairs asleep. Here's the kinky part- he led me into a room I've never been in before at his house. I think it was his stepdaughter's room. Either that or a play room because there were stuffed animals everywhere. But there was also a bed low to the ground, also covered in animals. It was away from most of the other bedrooms so safer I guess. He locks the door and I immediately dropped my shorts. I had prelubed with some Gun Oil on a small buttplug before I left the house. I got on my knees, sucked him hard, and after about one minute I stood up and bent over with my hands on the bed. But he wanted me on my knees on the floor, laying over the bed. I love BBC but this guy was so much easier to take. Maybe 6 inches but kind of thick and so hard. I had lube in my pocket but his cock was still slick from my mouth. He fucked me for maybe 2-3 minutes in doggy like that, then he wanted me on my back on the edge of the bed. He likes to stroke my cock in missionary even though I've told him it's not expected. I had to make him stop though because I was ready to cum after about 15 seconds, he was fucking me so good. When I could tell he was getting close I started saying crazy shit like, "Give me your baby, knock me up!" That seemed to send him over the edge and he blew a load deep, while I was reaching down and trying to pull on his skinny ass to get him deeper. This was about 30 minutes ago and his load is still in me. I've never been fucked twice in a row but I'd love for another guy to take my cum lubed ass right now! I just put a quick connect ad on BBRT but odds are not good this time of morning. He took a few pics at my request. He says he sent me a video via email but I haven't received it.

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