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  1. Memphian

    PrEP Discount Card

    I know people have posted about this plenty of times but I thought it worth a new thread. When I got my initial prescription for Truvada I used my employer's mail order pharmacy vendor for a 90 supply which, after insurance, cost me $75 per month. That was a pain though because the delivery company required a signature on delivery. So when I refilled, I used a local pharmacy for a 90 day supply and it still cost me $75 per month even though I had finally gotten a discount card from Gilead and had given them the information. It seems the mail order pharmacy won't honor the discount card at all, and the local pharmacy won't or can't when it's a 90 day supply. I think this has something to do with my personal insurance. I think they don't like these manufacturer discounts because it entices people to use more expensive prescriptions. So when I requested a refill from the doctor this week I asked them to write it for 30 days, so they sent it to the pharmacy for a 30 day supply with five refills available. I got a text alert from the pharmacy saying it was ready and would cost $110 after insurance. But this time I called the pharmacy up and gave them the Gilead Co-Pay card info and they ran the order again and I went from $110 to free. (Or zero point zero as Dean Wormer at Faber would say.) Anyway, my point is, get you one of the free cards from Gilead and it might save you quite a bit of money. https://www.gileadadvancingaccess.com/copay-coupon-card
  2. Memphian

    Cumming Hard?

    Stoned, as in pot? I don't usually get high during the day and that's when I usually meet guys. But I was stoned on edibles at a late night blackout party a few months ago when I got fucked in this anonymous box contraption. The orgasm was pretty intense now that I think about it, but I was trying to fight it off so I didn't experience it at its fullest potential. But I'm going to experiment now that I've read your post.
  3. Memphian

    Cumming Hard?

    I had trouble figuring out a concise title for this thread. But I'm curious about how violent your orgasm is. When I cum it's like my whole body spasms and it's really hard for me not to moan loudly. This may sound odd, but I dislocated a shoulder waterskiing a long time ago and when my muscles start contracting, I've felt like my arm is going to come out of the socket again. The reason I ask is I just watched a video where a guy edged this guy for a long time and when he finally was allowed to cum, he shot a huge load but his face and the rest of his body were pretty relaxed. And I've had plenty of tops nut in my ass and the only clue is they when they stop thrusting, or on some occasions, you can feel his cock pulsating or the warmth of his seed. I'm almost self conscious about it, like if I'm getting fucked at the adult theater or another somewhat public venue- I love being watched but I so lose control when I nut. Try as I might, I can't suppress it. It really is like La petite mort, which I think I remember from some poet in college but I'm kind of stoned. Anyway, I'm curious about how hard you guys cum.
  4. Very well written account of your experience. I'm not there yet but it really resonates.
  5. Memphian

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Years ago my ex (when we were still married) and I were dropping our daughter off at Girl Scout camp about an hour out of town. There was a check-in line in the dining hall and while we were waiting I spotted a regular across the room and he spotted me about the same time. He was married too. We managed not to get within 100 feet of each other but it was awkward for both of us. We laughed about it next time we fucked on his marital bed. In fact, that pic in my AV- that's his load now that I think about it. We just stopped hooking up at some point, maybe because I got bored. I tend to prefer random and anon.
  6. Memphian

    Reveaking medication to strangers

    I actually see a doctor at a women's health clinic for PrEP. Some place affiliated with Planned Parenthood. I've debated about telling my other doctors about it because I'm not out as Bi. (Silly I know.) I was at my regular doctor's office for a sinus infection a couple of months ago and updated all my medicines for their file but didn't mention the PrEP. When the nurse was taking my vitals and whatnot, she's looking at the computer and discussing my medications and she asks, "And are you still taking the Truvada?" So of course I said yes. I guess they have access to my pharmacy history or something. It surprised me but I suppose it's a good thing because they really do need a complete history on patients so I need to get over my issues.
  7. I'm cursed with a dick that is just a little nub when soft, although it's about 5 1/2 inches hard. I had one regular who was kind of dom and he would call it a clit when he fucked me. I think only because he knew it turned me on, which it did.
  8. Memphian

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    Haven't heard of this, just checked and quite active in my locale. Just ran my first ad. Thanks!
  9. Memphian

    Does anyone Keep a FUCK Diary?

    Since I've been on PrEP I've been keeping a journal. I've gotten lazy though and only update it when I've gotten fucked. If the best I do is suck cock I tend not to bother recording it, unless there is something memorable about it.
  10. Memphian


    Yeah, I've got the silicone Gun Lube. Small bottle to fit in my pocket, and large bottle with a pump dispenser in my storage unit I use for fucking.
  11. Memphian


    I have tried several and am using Gun Oil now. So slippery it’s difficult to handle the small bottle I bring to the adult theater.
  12. Memphian

    Fuck bench

    It's not a club per se, but rather a party. It's run by the guys who run a local adult theater here in Memphis. They do it the last Friday of every month, not at the theater, but at a two story venue across town. Gloryhole maze, sling, and one fuck bench in a box. Also a lot of nooks and crannies and open spaces, plus a true dark room. The next one is 9/28 and actually starts at 11:00 a.m. Normally they start at 9:00 p.m. but either they wanted to see what a daytime crowd would be like, or there was a conflict at the venue. They try to be discrete about the details so if you want to know more PM me. To answer the other question from someone, I wrote a long post about my night in the fuck box but don't have time to find it. But imagine a plywood enclosure that is just big enough to hold a padded table. You go in and latch the door behind you and lay on the table on your back. There is a semicircular hole at one end with a heavy flap hanging down. You scoot down so that your legs are hanging off the table (and hence outside the box). On the outside of the box, above the hole, are straps so that your legs can be held up in the air for missionary. So as a guy walks by, all he sees are a pair of legs in the air, and a spread ass protruding from a box. If you are inside the box, you can't see anything and you just lay there until a finger, tongue, or cock surprises your hole. It was amazing.
  13. Memphian

    How much of this is fantasy?

    That's me. Part of what I like about anonymous places like this is I can be totally honest about things I can't be IRL. I wouldn't see the point of making something up, unless I were to post in in fiction thread.
  14. Memphian

    Bottom 100% now confused

    I really think people spend too much time trying to label things that don't need labeling. Like gay, bi, straight, and top and bottom. You are not locked into any of those classifications. You like what you like. And your tastes can change over time just like with food or anything else.
  15. Memphian

    Creaming ass.

    That's what I always assumed- precum or even a little cum from the top. A little gets frothy fast. You see the same thing with a woman's cunt, although she can actually produce her own fluids to add to it.

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