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  1. I just searched my data on 23&me and I think I've found that but I'm having trouble interpreting it. Going to do some more research.
  2. I don't remember much about the taste of the first load I took in my mouth. Fast forward to modern times, and I can say I don't love the taste, but don't mind it, unless it's from a smoker. To me, their cum is bitter and acrid. Most of the time I take loads in the back of my throat and swallow them without tasting much. But if a guy wants to jack in my open mouth onto my tongue, I have no problem with tasting it long enough to swallow. I have gagged on rare occasion, but I think it was something about the quantity and the viscosity, and not the taste.
  3. I feel for you. Dr. told me to stop PrEP a while back due to some bloodwork. I need to follow up with my regular doctor because the findings my PrEP provider was concerned about don’t show up in any of the literature on PrEP side effects I can find. So there is a chance I can go back on PrEP. But I haven’t stopped barebacking and I admit the thrill is a lot hotter.
  4. I've never heard the 24 hour recommendation. All the literature I can find simply says "at least two hours."
  5. Gets me hard too. I haven’t seen any such tats since I became a committed barebacker but if I do I know it will put me in heat for his powerful cock.
  6. Hot fantasy for me too. If you search you can find videos of surgical castrations. When they make that final snip and are holding that testical in their hand, it always makes me cum.
  7. I can identify with the OP. I was married to a woman when I first sucked cock and later, bottomed. I consider myself bi because I still love pussy and I’m not really attracted to men as in, I don’t see a guy and think “He’s hot,“ but show me a hard cock, no matter who it is attached to, and I want it in my ass. I get off on being used and fucked like a whore, but have no desire for a romantic relationship with a man. I do find that I am preferring cock over pussy the last couple of years, so perhaps I’m moving more towards the homosexual end of the Kinsey spectrum But I think labels are silly anyway. I know what I like and it’s not important to me to catagorize it.
  8. I can’t recall for sure but I think it was in the early 1990s, which would have put me in my early 30s. I was married to a woman but started reading ads on Usenet personals newsgroups. Finally hooked up with another married guy in a hotel room.
  9. I'm only about five inches hard, but just a nub soft. I think that's one reason I'm pretty much 100% bottom.
  10. Then he would tie the record for the oldest human to ever live, according to Guinness! Unlikely indeed!
  11. Agree with the others that seven days is fine based on what my doctor told me, and research I did back when.
  12. From PrEP users I have talked to, and my own experience, I think the side effects are often overstated. I never had anything noticeable. I quit taking it when the doctor told me to due to a low platelet count and low blood sugar. I suppose she thought these could be side effects but I can't find any mention of them in any of the literature so I suspect it's unrelated. I do need to follow up and see how those count are now that I've been off for a couple of months.
  13. I rarely cum more than once every two weeks or so,.

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