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  1. I was at jury duty this morning and right when a two hour lunch break was announced I got a Grindr message from a guy who lived five minutes away. He was wanting a blow and go. When I got there he wanted me naked, which was fine. He got me on my belly and started massaging my ass. He said, "I'd love to breed you." But alas, I'm about two weeks into a hemorrhoid so I had to tell him my hole was off limits. But I had a lot of fun sucking his cock and loved the way he slapped it all over my face. When he got close he had me lay on my back and hang my head over the edge of the bed. I thought he was going to throat fuck and make me deepthroat him but he wanted to put his balls in my mouth and wanted me to lick his taint. When he came he jacked most of it in my mouth, some on my face, and a little on my chest. I just loved being used like that and forgot how much fun cocksucking can be, as I have mainly been getting fucked in quick pump and dumps since May. But as soon as my butt is healed I am hoping I can meet him again and get that nice cock up my ass.
  2. Memphian

    Do you clean cock?

    I don't usually but the last guy who fucked me had a magnificent black cock and after he bred me I couldn't stop admiring is cock so I did get down on my knees and suck him for a bit.
  3. Memphian

    Question about twins

    Of course it's not masturbtion. Even though identical twins share the same DNA they are separate individuals in all respects including in the eyes of the law (even though U.S. law doesn't concern itself with masturbation). Think of it this way: If an identical twin kills his or her other twin, can he be charged with murder? Of course. What, are they going to indict him or her for suicide? One twin takes out a mortgage- is the other twin liable for the debt by virtue of his or her DNA? Of course not. I almost feel stupid taking the time to answer this in a serious manner for fear the OP was joking, but he did claim to be serious.
  4. Memphian

    Dad and Son dilemma

    As long as the relationship seems consensual now, I would say it's none of my business if they fuck, in front of me or otherwise. Hell, I'd love watching because you are never going to run into a couple like that again, most likely.
  5. Memphian

    Bottom diet

    I can second the Pure recommendation. The capsules say 2-3 twice a day. I take two twice a day, and three if I am planning a big weekend. I am in my 50s and was trying to get more fiber anyway but this stuff is great and I can't find any mainstream fiber supplements that seem to have the same amount and kinds of fiber. I'm curious to see what my doctor says about my cholesterol levels next time but I bet they are better. I used to shit 2-4 times a day on average and not really firm. turds Went through a lot of toilet paper and a baby wipe each time. But like CumBustion says, the Pure is like a logging company clear cutting the debris in your colon. Now I usually have a bowel movement once in the morning and that's it. Firm, well formed turds, sometimes quite long. I'm like a two year old being potty trained. I look in the bowel and take pride in my work. And here's the other thing: Now it's normally one dab with some TP and it almost always proves unnecessary because there is no residue to be cleaned. When I'm ready to get fucked I usually douche with a Fleet disposable enema bottle that I use over and over with warm tap water. One good squeeze and some turdletts will usually come out, but after that every rinse comes out clean. I still do 4-5 reps just to be safe but there is rarely anything but clear water after the first. One warning: the Pure people tell you to drink a lot of water and I think I may have failed to do so the past week. I felt a little constipated a few days ago. I didn't strain or push hard but I think I'm on the verge of getting a hemorrhoid. We are at the beach on vacation with one of my kids so it's kind of hard to get away so I decided to give my hole a vacation too. I might try to suck some cock at least though. I'm off the Pure for a few days and will see how things go. As far as diet, now that I am bottoming every chance I get I try to avoid spicy food (which I love) and if I am going to a blackout party or something where I might get multiple loads I will eat very lightly for 24 hours in advance.
  6. Memphian

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    I understand completely. I’ve been hosted by strangers at their houses and apartments. In some ways that’s almost scarier if there’s no one to hear you scream! I’ve only had two guys in there. But have several others lined up. None have expressed any reservations as to the venue though. I think the semi public and sleazy aspect part turns a lot of them on. But I do understand and it’s not for everyone.
  7. Memphian

    STD testing poll

    Every forum I have been a part of always has many times more views than replies (or votes) so there is nothing unusual about that. And I don't see stigma as an issue on this board. Plenty of users claim to never get tested, or to be openly chasing, so there aren't too many shrinking violets here. I didn't vote because my answer didn't fit any option you listed. (Maybe you should have had an option for "other." ) When I went on PrEP in April my doctor told me to come back in "about four months" so that's what I am going to do from now on, until she tells me differently. I know three months is standard but I'm comfortable with an extra month if she is.
  8. I never request a position. Whatever the top loves best. But if I were to give some input, I think face down/ass up as most of my fucks are strangers and we are doing a pump & dump. For regulars, missionary can be hot and more intimate, and I love my hands on his thrusting ass, feeling his muscles flex as he enjoys my hole, and me trying to pull him even deeper.
  9. Memphian

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    Four hours post-fuck and I just squeezed some more cum out. I thought it would have been absorbed by now.
  10. Memphian

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    I finally broke in the new fuck space this afternoon. Ran a quick connect ad on BBRT. White guy met me there and fucked me. Average dick but had trouble staying hard. We did ass to mouth a few times because I was trying to keep him hard, something I used to not like, but I must have cleaned out good because his dick was sweet every time and it made me feel more slutty. He finally said he had to go and as far as I know he didn't nut. But I went home and sat on the toilet and I'm 95% sure that was cum that was floating. I wrote him back and asked him if he nutted and he said "I wasn't sure." (I don't see how that's possible.) About 2 1/2 later I had a message from a younger black guy. He and I had messaged a few times over the past couple of months but never hooked up. So and I douched again and met him there. I stripped down to my jock and he got naked. I got on my knees on the concrete floor and sucked him hard, then lubed up his cock and got on the bench for doggie. He's at least 7-8 inches, nice big head, and unlike the white guy earlier he was rock hard. I don't like generalizations but this reminded me of why I love black cock. He knew what he was doing. There I was face down and he was fucking me hard and fast and making those slapping noises like in pornos. After maybe 5-10 minutes he said, "I'm about to cum." I said "Breed that ass, please!" He said, "You want it?" I said, "Yes, please, deep." I didn't feel it throb but I could feel the warmth of his load deep in my guts. I asked him to hold it deep for a bit after he nutted just so I could savor it. His status on BBRT was "ask me." But I didn't, at least not until after we were done and getting dressed. He says "Poz." I asked, "On meds?" He said "Yeah." That's the first time that I know of for sure that I took a poz load whether medicated or not. I know between my PrEP and his meds I don't need to worry about it, but damn if the idea doesn't get me hard thinking about it. Right before he got dressed I got on my knees and sucked him for a few seconds and kissed the head of his magnificent cock and thanked him. I never have done that after a fuck, but I guess I'm becoming more slutty. I call myself bi and I have always loved pussy. But lately I need cock in me more and more. Maybe my preferences are realigning. I met some friends at the bar for drinks and dinner and just got home about 1 1/2 hours after the fuck. Nice load in the toilet. I took a pic of that and will probably jack to it later. I'm attaching a picture of my hole he took after. No creampie visible, but I guess that's because he was balls deep when he seeded me. One more note, there is an older black guy that keeps a car in a unit close to mine where he works on it. Maybe he's restoring it or something. When me and the top came out to leave he was sitting in the doorway of his unit taking a break and I waved at him. He had to wonder what we had been up to. We weren't very noisy but he might could have heard the flesh on flesh slapping noises, or the bench creaking. I'm fantasizing that next time I go there he will have slipped a note under the door saying, "I have what you need too."
  11. Memphian

    Fuck bench

    I've seen a fuck wall like you are talking about in pornos. This worked the same, complete with the flap that hangs down to hide the rest of your body. But this was freestanding. A rectangular box with a locking door, and only one bench and opening, as opposed to a fuck wall where there are numerous openings and benches for the bottoms to be strapped in for missionary.
  12. Memphian

    Fuck bench

    I posted this elsewhere but I got fucked missionary on an anon fuck bench at a Blackout party last month. It was set up for missionary with just my legs and ass sticking out, and my legs held up by some straps. That feeling of being vulnerable to any guy who wanted my hole, without even being able to see him, probably made it one of the hottest nights of my life. There was loud music so you couldn't even hear them as they approached. That made it even hotter, just the anticipation of being surprised by an unseen finger or tongue testing my hole, hopefully just before mounting my exposed ass. It was so hot I came during the second fuck without touching. But to echo what others said, being on a fuck bench signals all are welcome in my opinion. I will definitely do it again.
  13. Memphian

    The Phrase "Fuck Yeah"

    I'm watching more man on man porn lately and have noticed something I don't recall seeing nearly as frequently in straight porn. I just watched a 6:32 amatuer clip of a breeding session and I lost count of the "fuck yeahs" after 20. It's almost like it's become a cliche in gay porn and I've heard it a lot in person at the theater and even during one on one hook ups. I still watch a lot of straight porn and I rarely hear it there. Now it's to the point where it distracts me during the porn, which is stupid I guess. I suppose it's natural for certain groups to develop their own lingo and maybe this is an example of that. Has anyone else noticed this before? (If not I bet you will now.) It's just an observation. Guys are free of course to say anything they want, especially if they are balls deep in me!
  14. Memphian

    Reading Materials

    I just came across two articles that I found very interesting. They both seem to be well-sourced. The first is kind of long but worth it in my opinion. Among other things, the author attempts to explain of the widely varying estimates of Truvada effectiveness, and put them in context: http://gawker.com/what-is-safe-sex-the-raw-and-uncomfortable-truth-about-1535583252 This one by the same author, discusses the widely reported case of one daily user acquiring a resistant strain and puts it in pretty good context too: http://gawker.com/dont-give-up-on-prep-1761543546 I apologize if they have been posted here before but I haven't seen them.
  15. Memphian

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    Might break it in tomorrow morning. If so I will try to get some pics. I love that "looks the biz" phrase. Never heard it before. Must be an Australian thing?

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