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  1. Cuckold - What's in a name?

    It historically has had a negative connotation when referring to a straight man who has an unfaithful wife, and lately it seems to have become a term of derision and is used to refer to any weak man without regard to sexual reality. But it's almost a fetish for some in the straight community. I'm bi and fantasize a lot about my GF getting fucked by others, preferably while I watch. My go-to porn is amatuer cuck porn, especially black on white. Many of the straight porn sites have whole categories devoted to cuckold porn. Some are into the humiliation aspect of it, but with other couples it's a mutual choice and there is no humiliation involved. The husband and wife often agree on certain parameters for what is and is not permitted with the "bull" or other male. I don't recall seeing the term used in writing when referring to M-M relationships, but I think it should be regarded as just another fetish with no negative connotations, at least among the open minded.
  2. I echo a lot of what the first two responses said. Adult theaters or bookstores provide a high likelihood of finding an otherwise straight guy to use your mouth. I made up some business cards I take to the adult theater. If I hit it off good with a guy there I will give it to him. It lists a couple of safe ways to get in touch with me for another session. Craigslist can work, but it can be hit or miss. If you move to a remote area, that's going to cut your odds just on account of the population density. Don't worry about your skills. If you've had this strong desire for a long time chances are you will take to it naturally. You know how you like your own dick sucked so that helps. Also, if your tops are truly otherwise straight guys who aren't getting what they need at home, they will be so turned on they will love your mouth and probably not last too long. Odds are your first BJ will be better than their wife's best. And unlike a lot of women, there will be no doubt you truly love doing it, when seems to turn tops on too. What you described can be a great arrangements I've had a couple of regulars who were married guys and I'd get an email a couple of times a week when they needed some relief. One of them progressed to fucking me on a regular basis. You may not be into that, but don't be surprised if you realize you want to take it to another level once you start sucking cock on a regular basis, and perhaps realize how much cocks turn you on. But there's nothing wrong with just being a cocksucker and there are plenty of guys who will appreciate your services.
  3. TOPS: What should a bottom do when sucking cock?

    Different tops like it different ways. That's why if it's a planned hookup I like to ask him his preferences before we meet. What does he want me to wear, if anything? Does he like his balls played with or sucked? Does he want it fast or slow? Where does he want to cum? My mouth, face, etc.?
  4. Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    I can put up with the smell from smokers but some of them have cum that is so bitter it's a big turn-off.
  5. Getting fucked by "undesirables"

    It may sound odd, but I'm not really attracted to men. As in, I don't see a guy on the street and think, "He's hot!" And I've never had romantic feelings for a guy. But I am attracted to hard cocks that can use either of my holes for pleasure. So I really don't care what a guy looks like as long as he can get it up. The only real turn offs are bad odor, and guys who smoke (if I'm going to swallow any cum).

    This is why I LOVE black cock.
  7. I'm like you. I'd be disappointed but I'm all about what gets the top of the hardest. If it gives him a bigger nut to blast it on my ass, face, mouth, wherever, I'll take it. Same thing when I'm blowing a guy. I always tell him he can shoot his load wherever he wants. Most want me to take it and swallow. But a couple were into facials. One liked to take it out of my mouth and blast it on my hole. That progressed to me spreading my hole for him the next time, then the next time he put just the tip in, and the next time we were full blown fucking. I love it when a guy who originally only wanted a BJ decides he wants my ass.
  8. Peeing while getting fucked

    I've never had that happen. I'm always rock hard when getting fucked so I guess that helps prevent an accidental pee too.
  9. Enema Bulb Choice

    I know the OP was about bulb type enemas but I really prefer an old fashioned douchebag. I do use the Fleet disposables when traveling by air because I'd be embarrassed if they saw the douchebag at security. I pack one, empty, or if not, I can usually find a drug store close to the hotel.
  10. My biggest fantasy, and the main thing I jerk to. Cuckold porn, preferably interracial, is about the only porn I watch. It gets my GF soaking wet when I talk about it but I'm afraid she will never go through with it. It's a poor substitute but I've had a couple of regulars who liked to look at her nude pictures while I sucked them or while they fucked me. They would talk dirty about how hard they would fuck her, etc., which made my dick rock hard. One of them liked to play with one of her thongs while I was on his cock.
  11. First Time You Got Sucked

    My first blowjobs were from girls, but the first guy who sucked me was in an adult theater. When I was married to my ex I would go there go in a booth, lock the door, feed in $10, get naked, and edge for a while before blowing a load. There was about a four inch gap under the door and some guy was looking through it and whispering for me to let him in so he could blow me. I asked, "Do I have to do anything to you?" He said "No." Next thing I knew his lips were locked around my dick. Years later I'm a full blown cocksucker and bottom when I'm with guys.

    I'm guess this black guy is about 11 inches. Definitely the biggest cock I've ever seen in person. I met him at the adult theater. I sucked him, and wanted him to fuck me but he just wanted some head, and to grind between my ass cheeks until he came. So I didn't really "take him" but I wanted an excuse to post his beautiful cock. This is a comparison shot I took.
  13. ABS Load

    Hot story but that hot dog on the rollers at 7/11 simile was fucking awesome, especially when you are stoned, which I happen to be. Good work.
  14. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    It's kind of weird but I've never been attracted to me. I don't see a guy on the street and think, "He's hot" like I do with a woman. But what I AM attracted to is hard cock I will take just about any cock in my mouth or ass. I don't care how old, fat, etc., as long as he can mount me. One of the things I love about taking cock is how slutty it makes me feel, that's why I will take almost any cock when I'm horny.
  15. It happened to me, once, while being getting fucked in missionary by a then-regular. It was weird. It felt like an orgasm, but from a deeper place, and little if any ejaculate. It kind of scared me. I thought something was clogged up. A little while later he had me jack my dick while he was still fucking me and I quickly shot a load all over my belly. It was great, and I just connected with him again this week and blew him. He keeps talking about wanting to fuck me again so he can give me another orgasm like that. So I know he was proud of his handiwork too.

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