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  1. Memphian

    Being On Call

    Yeah, I had a regular married guy, would text me after his wife went to work and I'd drop by his house and suck him off. He fucked me one time on his daughter's bed, which was kind of weird but also kind of hot in a perverse way. I stopped servicing him after he began taking an interest in my dick, which is a turnoff for me.
  2. Memphian

    Anon cock sucking

    I have had regulars in the past, but I prefer anon the vast majority of the time, usually at the adult theater. Make me feel so much sluttier when a total stranger uses my mouth and preferably ass.
  3. Memphian

    Hooking up with poz guys

    Yet another stupid thing about portions of the U.S. healthcare system. Refusing to pay for prevention but willing to pay for treatment.
  4. Memphian

    What do u wear as daily underwear

    Boxer briefs normally, but no underwear or sometimes a jock if I’m hoping to get fucked. I have a pair of loose cargo shorts I wear only to the adult theater. The pockets are great for storing lube, paper towels, and some cards I printed that have contact info if a guy wants to meet again. And they are loose enough that I can easily drop them to the floor and kick them off to get bent over.
  5. Memphian

    PrEP and Sex Drive

    I think the other posters are onto something. I've been a lot hornier for loads since I stopped PrEP in early November. The risk is definitely a turn on. I've never read that there is anything about the pharmacological properties of PrEP that would affect libido.
  6. Memphian

    Favoured form of lubrication

    The couple of times I've taken multiple loads in one night I lubed up with Gun Oil for the first fuck but after that, I realized I didn't need to reapply. I've read a hundred guys on here say cum is the best lube and my experience indicates that is true.
  7. Memphian

    Favoured form of lubrication

    I like Gun Oil but it's so slippery it's hard to handle the bottle, especially in a dark venue.
  8. Memphian

    Top sucking bottoms dick

    I like my tops to be all top, and I've gotten rid of regulars who started taking an interest in my dick. However, after I've had my fill of loads in my belly and ass I will let another bottom suck my cock on my way out of the theater. By that time I usually have blue balls because I'm always hard when getting fucked or sucking cock.
  9. Had my first load of the year today at the adult theater. Hot black guy with a nice cock. He's probably fucked me 5-6 times there over the past few years but this was the first time he didn't insist on a rubber. Bent me over in a booth. He got balls deep and held it when he unloaded. I think it might have been a big nut because he grunted and kind of spasmed for about 10 seconds. Even though he shot it deep, a little was leaking when I got home about an hour later but so far I'm keeping almost all of it in. He doesn't like an audience (although I love one) so he had to stop a couple of times when onlookers showed up. I'd love to get his contact info and meet him in a more private setting next time.
  10. Memphian

    Anyone into Whale-Fucking?

    You know that whale wanted it.
  11. Neg. bottom in Memphis, poz friendly, 55, 6-1, 240, hairy.
  12. Memphian

    Hooking up with poz guys

    Seems to be a somewhat common reaction. Bones me up too.
  13. I don't know about the U.K. but in the U.S. you have to see a healthcare professional for a prescription and be tested to verify you are HIV-. They will also test you for other STDs and perform other diagnostic testing to look at kidney function, etc. Most here make you follow up every three months or so for repeat testing, although mine was stretching it out to about six months before I quit taking it.
  14. Memphian

    Got sucked off today

    I prefer to get fucked now but I started out as a cocksucker when I was married. I had several married regulars for whom I was an on call cocksucker. I will still give oral service if getting bred is not an option. It's a total win/win. Guys like you appreciate the relief, and guys like me just love worshiping a cock with our mouths.
  15. I've never actually used Tumblr. I like xhamster, although thisvid is more raunchy including a lot of pozzing content. But too many vids are restricted to "friends only."

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