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  1. Tops- How Do You Spot a Cocksucker?

    Maybe so, perhaps there's something I'm doing subconsciously that they can pick up on. I've had the same thing happen before getting fucked. But then again, if a guy puts his hand on my ass and I moan and move to give him better access, I guess that sends a signal too!
  2. I cut out of the office the other day a little before lunchtime and headed to the adult theater. There is a small room off to the side of the main theater screen and I was in there watching two guys fuck. A black guy comes in. He grabs my dick through my pants, and I start rubbing his cock through his pants. He finally takes it out and I start stroking his beautiful meat. After a couple of minutes of that he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to my knees and the next thing I know his cock was in my mouth. It was like he could tell I was a cocksucker. I'm considered a masculine guy. I have a GF. None of my friends would believe I love cock. I'm wondering how guys like him can tell? Found him on Squirt and we are planning to meet again.
  3. Cum in mouth or ass?

    I love sucking cock and have been told I'm good at it. But I find when I'm really into a guy's cock, I start wanting it in my cunt and will start trying to hint at that if I'm cleaned out and ready.
  4. advice on being very clean bottom

    I use an old fashion douchebag filled with warm water. The kind you hang and that has a hose. I've tried other methods but like it best. I fill my cunt up while standing with one foot up on the tub. Then move to the toilet to let it go. I repeat until nothing but clean water is coming out. Then a couple more times just to be safe. It usually takes me about six times. Then into the shower. Never let me down yet. On business trips I don't want to pack the doichebag so I will pack an empty Fleet enema bottle. Same routine at the hotel except you have to refill the bottle each time.
  5. Tops: Letting a bottom cum

    I'm not a top but I do agree. I guess I have a submissive streak because I am not interested in cumming when I'm with a top. It's hotter for me if it's all about his pleasure. I have cum just from being fucked, and I had one regular who liked to watch me jack off after he was done, but otherwise my dick doesn't come into play. Except some tops like me naked so they can see how hard I am the whole time I'm getting fucked. It turns them on to see how much I love their cock. But I always make it clear that no reciprocation at all is expected. In fact, I cut it off with one regular when he started developing an interest in my dick. A major part of the turn-on for me is being used like an object for the top's pleasure, and me cumming is normally irrelevant to him.
  6. I don't want to get sick but I love it bare and have not been good about trying to insist on a confom. I have been planning to go on PreP since I can't seem to control my bareback urges, but haven't made an appointment yet. In the meantime, since I found this forum I'm shocked how much stories about stealthing and even intentionally taking risks turn me on. Im thinking seriously about leaving the office and heading to the adult theater. Since my condom supply is at home, they won't even be an option. I just don't understand these urges. They scare me and bone me up at the same time.
  7. What is the best about bareback bottoming

    Damn, that got me rock hard. You totally get it.
  8. First Time Raw

    This has happened to me too. I agree to let a guy go bareback as long as he pulls out. But once he's fucking me good, something comes over me and I beg for his cum deep inside me.
  9. I will take a look if can do it without getting caught. I've never tried to hook up with a guy in public other at an adult theater. But I will suck just about anyone's cock anywhere, so maybe I should get a little more adventurous.
  10. To tops: rough when told by bottom to be gentle?

    Like some have said, when I'm taking a really big cock I might ask him to go slow for the first minute until I'm loose enough then I want him to use me as he pleases. I've never had one complain. Even the same top has different moods. I used to have a regular who liked to get me in doggy and pound the hell out of me until he emptied his balls, especially if he didn't have much time. But sometimes he wanted me in missionary and he would savor a slow fuck, just enjoying the sensations of my tight cunt wrapped around his cock.
  11. Balls Deep or the Tip

    I prefer him to cum balls deep in me. If we are in missionary I find myself grabbing his ass to pull him deeper, almost instinctively.
  12. I like to keep it in for a while, maybe let some leak and use it to jackoff with, although I'm cut loose enough that I don't usually use lube to jack. But after maybe an hour I like to squirt it in the toilet. I love seeing those globs of cum floating in the water and know that it had been inside me.
  13. Piss up the ass

    I'd love this from a top! A while back I met a guy to suck his cock. We had talked about W/S but he was not into fucking. However, after I swallowed his load he had me get on all fours. He started pissing on my ass. I reached back and tried to open myself as best I could but I didn't get much in me unfortunately. Getting filled is on my bucket list though.
  14. In general, I prefer black cock. When I was separated from my now ex-wife it was a black guy who made me realize I am a total bottom. I didn't get into cock until I was in my late 20s and I'm in my 50s how. When I was younger, I think I starting hooking up with guys because I wanted them to get me off. But here I was in my 40s sucking this black guy's cock in my apartment. It was so beautiful. So hard, so big, so manly. I spent a long time just admiring it up close, slowly stroking it and looking at it. When he finally came in my mouth I just didn't want him to pull out. I kept sucking him and he gave me a second load. The first time that ever happened to me. After that I knew I was all about servicing another man's cock and would rather them not get me off. I can do that later on my own time. I gradually realized I preferred black guys. Maybe it's the taboo aspect growing up in the South. But in spite of the statistical evidence I've seen, my personal experience is that they do tend to be bigger. But more than that, I just find black cocks hotter looking. And I find that black men just know how to use a man's mouth or ass better. Something about their attitude and the way they seem to especially enjoy using a white guy. I've tried hard to require condoms when guys mount me. I have been pretty good enforcing that with white guys. But I must confess, when I feel a black man's naked cock probing against my pussy, I rarely can resist. The last few loads I've taken up my cunt were from black guys. One former regular, and two black guys at the adult theater. Actually, one of the black guys agreed to glove up, but he wound up stealthing me. Either that or it was one of those extremely rare condom failures.
  15. Hands or No Hands

    I think the vast majority of guys I've sucked prefer no hands so that's what I do. If he's standing, I will put my hands on his ass and massage his muscular cheeks and pull him into my mouth. I do give attention to his balls too. Or his nips if he likes. Coincidentally, I just made my first Craigslist date in forever. Guy is 10 years older than me, very nice cock. Dom. I'm meeting him tomorrow night. When we were texting he said he expected a no hands BJ and I said "of course!" He said he wants to finger my ass and use a dildo on me. He hasn't said anything about wanting to fuck but I am hoping. In fact he said he doesn't take risks which is why he uses a dildo. So maybe I won't get fucked but maybe he can become a regular and he will want it at some point. He's also into W/S, which I've only had once. But I would love to try again.

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