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    Spartanburg, SC
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    Forced, To the poinT, force slams, multiple loads, spit, piss, feet (not mine but others), gangbang, anonymous breedings
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    Poz, On Meds
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Rope bunny
    97% Submissive
    93% Degradee
    85% Non-monogamist
    82% Experimentalist
    80% Exhibitionist
    47% Pet
    47% Voyeur
    46% Masochist
    45% Slave
    41% Primal (Prey)
    37% Brat
    31% Switch
    24% Master/Mistress
    21% Ageplayer
    19% Owner
    18% Vanilla
    8% Sadist
    7% Degrader
    5% Primal (Hunter)
    3% Dominant
    3% Boy/Girl
    2% Brat tamer
    0% Rigger
    0% Daddy/Mommy
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    Men with hard cocks that enjoy breeding a willing hole. I'm open to any and everything, no limits here cuz I learned long ago that ya never know if you like it or not if you never try it.

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  1. Hosting anyone who wants to fuck till they cum...3000 block of Union Hwy, Gaffney SC...864-219-2703

  2. Hosting any tops who wanna cum 9am till noon...ok with very much ok with anonymous. I'll open the door, follow me to my bed do what you gotta do and show yourself out...don't even have to speak to each other if you don't want. If you wanna cum in me text me 864-219-2703 with, "got a load for you" and I'll reply with the address.
  3. I'm a poz, submissive bottom who is absolutely obsessed with cum. I love taking loads in my ass, mouth, licking random loads up from the floor of a bookstore, eating them from someone else's hole. I very rarely, if ever, turn down a chance to take a load from pretty much anyone. I enjoy anonymous loads, and am extremely turned on by tops with toxic loads, HIV or anything else is fine with me. Thought I'd start maybe taking some pics maybe during, but most definitely after i take loads. My goal is to have at least one load a day, but I'm absolutely not opposed to more. Will host at my hous
  4. bored as fuck!! would love to have a couple tops drop by and flood my hole with cum!Screenshot_20190919-091721_Scruff.thumb.jpg.5455123f49d7f69889fe0d343bfeed3d.jpgIMG_20151106_081250.thumb.jpg.543d6ff74a258028f9f25f9edc285fb0.jpg20200815_041944.thumb.jpg.b1bd5183bbe4fb28fbc2cc7dd9e806e1.jpg

    1. mjkuhl


      so beautiful

  5. Will have a room at Cheshire for the night, but plan on spending most of the evening at Tokyo Valentino. Very much into anonymous loads, but also super turned on when a toxic top lets me know he is. I'm open to just about anything and a huge exhibitionist. Anyone interested either hit me up here or just look for me there.
  6. I love taking multiple loads, multiple chem piss and then plugging my hole. If it's just cum, I'll let it out into a bowl later and eat it.
  7. I drink mine, but prefer to drink others straight from the tap. Love a guy to start pissing while he's got his cock down my throat.
  8. Lookin to get fucked...love tops with multiple sti's and especially high viral loads.pic.jpg.208e88df39423f6dc1412bfc957cd628.jpgIMG_0376.JPG.6d394d7b833e3e0c53ac722d9ffb99eb.JPG2013-02-27_15-15-58_104.thumb.jpg.3ac1426c709546998024e1410d671927.jpgScreenshot_20190919-091721_Scruff.thumb.jpg.5455123f49d7f69889fe0d343bfeed3d.jpg

  9. Screw Covid

    My hole is open...3001 Union Hwy Gaffney SC 29340

  10. Hosting anonymous tops in Gaffney SC. TEXT 864-219-2703 for address.

    As far as details, park by the back porch steps, the only window on the back porch is my bedroom...it will be open...step in where I'll be face down. Don't care what you do to my hole (or eat it, fist it, piss in it) long as you don't talk to me and u cum in it b4 u leave. no loads will be refused regardless of HIV/STI, but I would like for you to leave a note with viral load/cd4 if u know it, and/or any other sti's u know about.i HAD syphilis but it's been inadvertently treated....so back to being clean and neg STILL

  11. Hosting anonymous pump & dumps till 2PM today 3/17 in Gaffney, SC

    Text 864-219-2703 for address

  12. Any toxic tops lookin to dump their loads??100% anonymous. No one tired away, all STI taken, especially interesred in high viral HIV...only hosting till 9am. Don't have to ever say a word to me...but do need to be semi quite....

    I'm naked in my room, no lights...my window is low enough to step in from the back porch, and is open...slide the curtain back, crawl into the bed and fill me with toxic seed.


    3001 Union Hwy

    Gaffney SC, 29340


  13. , try to break my hole3001 Union Hwy, Gaffney 29340...park by the back steps...come in the window that's on the back porch and you'll be in my room...taking any/all loads till 9:00 am no need to call or message ahead of time, total anon....just be quite and no limits...piss, fists, rough. Love a top that fucks deeps and hard

  14. 3001 Union Hwy, Gaffney SC 29340

    100% anonymous...please be height/weight proportionate, that's the ONLY thing I ask, aside from that no one will be turned away.

    Between 11p and 5a pull up to the back steps and park...come into the back porch and step into the window, which is my bedroom and dump your load, or whatever else you like.

    During the day, text the word anonymous to 864-219-2703. If I reply available, the same applies. If I'm not home I'll send my location if you want to meet in a bathroom or other public place, and/or I'll send a time when I'll be home and you can come then.

  15. Tonight only

    3001 Union Hwy, Gaffney SC 29340


    I just got outta the shower...if you come to that address and come on the back porch....my window will be open and I'll be waiting for any/all cock.
    Just step in and you're on my bed...when you get here, do whatever you want to/with me...long as my hole ends up stretched and cummed in.
    Feel free to tell any/every top u know if ya want

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