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    Bisexual lust as experienced with anyone but preferable smooth and extremely filthy. Have a strong preference for very effeminate men. Cock is the only god worthy of adoration. Worship the ethos of Satan/Lucifer or the entity if He really exists. To me, prostitution is the most reviered and useful occupation possible. Drugs need to be decriminalised and made available pharmacies.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Only bareback love adult theatres, book shops and cruising.
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    No commercial to date.
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    Smooth bodied no limits effeminate men or females. The forbidden for mutual lustful pleasure and gratification. Slimy filthy environment.

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  1. Yes! BTW eunuchs can cum and enjoy sex. I love those who are not aggressive and are soft and smooth.
  2. You are a perfect inspiration for our enlightened brotherhood. May you be in a state of perpetual thrill and pleasure.

    Do you also have a smooth body and face? That would make you the perfect fuck trash for me.

  3. Never have and never will. A condom isolates one from lust and the glory of serving pleasure and gratification.
  4. Three as far as I remember but would love to swallow more from smooth bodied kindred.
  5. Sloppy holes and smooth bodies are the absolute bliss for me and this is the type of person I constantly seek. The best fucks I have ever had have been into cum filled holes.
  6. We committ and stay on the "Dark" path because it is the nature of our abandoned perversion. When our diseases become uncomfortable and eventually painful we take comfort and thrills knowing we have initiated others on this path as well. We have to share and in this way we serve Satanas, either His ethos or, if He proves to be real, Him in person. Yes, it is wonderful belonging to the club of nasty brothers without self control. Ave Satanas!
  7. Never get tested these days. Have only ever been tested when it was requires in order to apply for a visa. Ideally it is "don't ask don't tell" and just enjoy the pleasure of unbridled sex. If I get a problem I deal with it as best as I can. Have had a few bouts of fuck flu but they have passed as my system seems to cope OK. We live for lustful pleasure so why curb it in any way!
  8. The limits on this thread are fine for me. What I crave for is smooth bodies with smooth skin. To this end I have always used oils and lotions to keep my skin smooth It feels so sensuous to slide over other bodies that also are in this condition. To me for lust to be pleasurable it has to be mutually so and mentally travelling to that abandoned zone where it is only out mutual abandoned pleasure which justifies our being. This is in accordance with the ethos of Sarah Palin. Ave Satanas!
  9. All who share everything bodily become as one pulsing organic orgiastic organism of perpetual pleasure and gratification.

  10. Drinking one's own piss is a wonderful act of self love and drinking that of others' is rewarding on an increasing scale of their filth and depravity. I am addicted to the piss of the really filthy and depraved.
  11. We need to strive to maintain our own morality of mutual sexual freedom where we keep our own counsel and now allow the self righteous to rule us. If not Craigslist perhaps we can create an alternative which will really serve our needs and desires.
  12. You are a perfect inspiration for our enlightened brotherhood. May you be in a state of perpetual thrill and pleasure.

  13. Love drinking piss and anything else to do with piss. The more filthy and raunchy the better.
  14. Pregnancy should only ever be carrying Sarah Palin's gift to fruition.
  15. Thank you so much for sharing images of your beautiful body. As a toxic breeder you are performing a wonderful service. Nothing matches the thrill in receiving a toxic load and joining the kindred who are proudly Pozzed,

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