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    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
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    I have many interests but would love to do porn, even perhaps a group gathering and men want an entertainment bottom to be used to pleasure, perform love to have sex in a group and service lots of men. I would love to have sex be it individually or group setting I have a great interest to explore and do it including bondage, suspension all is so very interesting and want to try and explore them all.
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    my back ground portuguese born, orgin I had my first sex at the age of 14 were i was raped, forced sex, had my top make me have sex with one of his friends while he watched, verbal abuse, i was his bitch till i turned 16 then went to work on a country farm were i was often raped by the men there and made to work nude and they talked about me as if i was not there and how great a peace of ass I was. I admit i was humiliated but it was also a great feeling and I enjoyed sexually every bit of from rape, to forced sex the verbal abuse and it was exciting and i love the pleasure of pleasing and making a top cum. love to hear him as he cums and love when he cums inside my ass. I often have been called pussy boi and like it. I have also done sex for money too once.
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    mikeboy12 on webcam chaturbate. I have not done any other porn but would love to do it. As I love to show off and be on camera having sex.
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    Im negative and want to remain this way! So as to what Im looking for Im available for porn, any one who wants to fuck or wants a bottom to entertain them or service them be from house cleaning to anything to paid sex, im open to them all. I love cock and like all types from teen to old men, so if you got a cock i got a nice tight hole for you to enjoy.

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  1. I'm a total submissive bottom, but when I have met bigger men then me be it in height or even size meaning heavier, It is both erotic and exciting for me. there is no doubt in my mind that I'm there to be his bitch. I love the size difference, I love the feel of his power, his bigger and even heavier body over me, when he is over top of me he owns me he controls me and there is nothing I can do about it. He dominates me and there is nothing I can do about and I feel his dominance, his power and I'm his to do as he pleases. As a sub bottom I love the feel of the power of my top, be it in size o
  2. Since my first day in school when I was seven years old in boys school it was my ass boys tried to rape my ass and called me a fag and when i was 14 my first fuck! I was told this is the way I was suppose to have sex! this was how every body does it! I am suppose to spread my legs and let men fuck me because that was what I was ment to be!
  3. since my first fuck It as been bareback! but im just the bottom and its the top who as to put a condom on. he fucks the way he wants I have fucked normally married men! but there are those men who want condoms and but most have been bareback. personally i love the feel of a cock inside me bare and no condoms. but its the top who as control and say in the matter.
  4. I took it raw bareback, but he did not cum inside me, at least I dont think so. I was fourteen and he was about the same age as me accept very dominant and abusive with me and I was only 14 years old.
  5. I am a total bottom and have always bottomed! I have also very often been asked if I'm tight? If they are trying to shame me or not I really did not care. I have found men to shame me as I have also done webcam and being tight when I bend over and show my hole men can tell if you are a virgin or not. I can certainly say Im no vergin and men say it by looking at it. but I too have been shamed and men have actually told me that Im a whore and I have no shame, I should have shame of showing myself off nude to them. But as a bottom I like it and is that not the purpose of a bottom to show to tops
  6. I think its not something you choose, I can remember when I had my first sex, I was fourteen and it was not me who went to a guy and suggested him to fuck me but the other way around. it was Him who said you have a nice piece of ass and i am going to fuck your ass and got me nude and spread my cheeks and shoved his cock inside of me. Yes before i would look at my ass and did love my ass i always felt i have a great piece of ass, and still do. but I have had men cum up to me and suggest sex and I have seen men with hard cocks inside of their pants and have seen them check me out. I admit I do l
  7. A versatile top is a top who will bottom for love or drugs. A versatile bottom is a bottom who will top only if no one else will. I have to agree with this statement as I'm a total bottom, but on my last visit to a bath house, I found there were no tops or very few and bottoms were all over the place and other bottoms were then chasing me as I have a six inch uncut cock for me to fuck them. Sadly I was there to get fucked in the end I ended up fucking bareback other bottoms. I admit I did not mind, accept that I could not get my self hard enough to fuck them as they wanted. Being a botto
  8. As a total submissive bottom I have had a few guys who have fucked me with condoms but it does not feel good, I love bareback fucking and try to be safe. i want to enjoy a mans fuck and let him enjoy me and yet be safe. so that is my goal and will fuck bareback, unless the top wants a comdom. but then im his bottom and he fucks me any way he wants, but i do prefer bareback.
  9. I'm a total submissive bottom, but I can also be a top but it seems only that I can top twinks with nice smooth bubble buts that can turn me on and get me hard. As a total bottom I can get fucked by any one and every one who wants to fuck my ass be he a twink or a old seventy year old men or even older as long as he can get his cock inside my ass or even if he cant but I give him pleasure Im open to pleasure anyone who wants to use me.
  10. when I would be online looking for men for sex, in some dating site, or chat, we would plan a meeting. then I would go to him. the excitement of going to meet some stranger I have never seen or will never see ever again after he as had a piece of my ass, unless he wants to make me part of his sensual desires.

    But as I get into the car drive off thinking of it will be like feeling nervous and yet excited  I began to feel all wet between my legs and sweaty. I arrive nervously and nock on the door. a strangers looks at me, asks me if I'm Mike and I respond yes. His eyes check me out he invites me in and sends me ahead, I can feel his eyes behind me checking out my ass, my body. then I arrive at the room were directed and he comes up to me tells me to take out my coat and I do so putting it on the floor, he comes up to me feels my chest, pulls up my shirt and begins to feel my nipples squeezing them caressing my belly, un  bottoms my pants and pulls down my zipper, slowly my pants start to go down he looks behind me and from behind I feel him pulling down my pants then my underwear. I'm feeling excited and yet very submissive, he grabs my buns and I feel him spreading them apart.

    I'm so horny now as he as my buns spread I know he is checking out and looking at my hole. I feel vulnerable, shame and yet so excited that he is looking at my most private part, my hole between my legs. I'm excited! its my purpose, its my destiny to be fucked by this stranger who as his eyes glued to my ass hole. He speaks and his voice says nice fuck hole! I'm going to fuck you good bitch! At that moment I'm nothing more then a piece of fuck meat, a whore and his bitch. I love all he is saying and doing, but yet fear of what will he actually do with me. then I hear him spit and feel it clinging to my hole, as all of a sudden I feel his finger rubbing my hole and thrust its way inside of me. I'm excited with the pleasure and yet squirm with the sudden jabbing pain of his finger forcing itself inside of me. My hole is very tight and he says to me nice tight hole, I'm going to stretch it for you bitch. then he gets up and gets me to turn around were he is now unzipping his pants and says to me get down on your knees whore, I get on my knees and his cock comes out and he directs me to start sucking it, as he says look at me bitch, and I do his cock I feel it starting to grow in my mouth, and I feel this cock is now my master, my owner, I'm its slave and submit to this cock humiliated on my knees before this cock growing and then eventually as it reached its full size, I put those dangling balls in my mouth and suck them as well, lick around his shaft tasting his hot sensual dominant cock and pre cum in my mouth. Eventually he tells me get up bitch. I get up and I'm directed to a couch and he has me laying over the side of the couch. His voice commands me spread your legs bitch and I do, now I know my hole is exposed, with my legs spread wide open I feel like a girl who is going to get her cunt fucked, although I don't have one its almost the same for him. Mine is even better its tight, don't ask questions or make demands, no love no kissing nothing, just spread them open and his cock comes and I feel it sliding back and forth up and down my hole. then I hear him spit again and my hole is all wet with his spit. the finger again comes and finger fucks me. What pleasure to feel his finger fuck me then he pulls out and his cock starts to press against my hole. All of a sudden I let out a scream of pain his cock just penetrated my hole, I'm full of exctsy  and pleasure and at the same time the pain of his cock penetrating a tight hole. but its pain that is full of pleasure and excitement, he is enjoying my piece of ass. while I'm moaning with every stroke of his cock back and forth. after a while a few minutes I hear him moaning as he is unlatching his load of cum inside of me. he pulls out and then tells me bitch get the fuck out I'm done with you whore. as I walk away from him to get my pants on I feel his cum whooshing out of my stretched hole. I put on my pants and drive home with that cum whooshing out into my pants.

    I get home, get naked and going to take a shower, and begin to jerk myself now thinking of my sex experience and loving every moment even if it was painful it was full of pleasure. I like being a whore and someone bitch. its what bitches are fore, they give men in need of sex pleasure and I enjoy being that whore who does it for them. Specially like it when they tell me they find me awesome, sexy and even give me money for the fuck. its so gratifying's being a man whore. when a man calls me his bitch or his whore, I smile he wants my piece of ass and I so want to give it to him with pleasure.

    I find it great pleasure being on my knees servitude to a cock and being bent over with my ass up in the air with my legs spread open so all can see that tight hole of mine. there are those who say don't you have any shame? his there shame in spreading my legs to pleasure a man? NO I love it and his pleasure becomes my pleasure! 

  11. Since I was a very young teen, I was called a fag even  by other kids in school. I admit I did not understand or even know why? I can say I did not think much of it, and it did not really bother me. but then I was a very shy, timid child and did not have much friends.

    I sometimes wonder can others look at you and know you are a fag? can they look at you and see you are gay? or look at you and see that you are a men's pussy cunt only to give men pleasure?

    well all my life I heard men and had men look at me and see bulged grow in their pants and see them grab their cocks over their pants. maybe I was that a hot piece of ass for men. I was raped many times in my youth and men who raped me would say I had a girls ass. It was so humiliating, just imagine me raped naked on my stomach on the floor any were from five to ten men all around me with some grabbing my bum and spreading my cheeks to look at my butt hole. I would struggle but it was useless, I was not able to get away from them until they actually allowed me to run off. As I was feeling humiliated, violated, vulnerable. I have learned that what they really wanted and did hear them say in one occasion say that they wished I was gay so they could fuck my ass. I never told them then I was. But looking back I guess they suspected and knew I was just a fag to be fucked. At that age of young teen I often on the phone got mistaken for a girl, they would say I had a female voice. perhaps I'm a female in a male body. I have a cock and its a virgin cock, but my asshole is not virgin. I have been fucked many times mostly by married men.  I did get fucked by a twenty year old guy who would message me often to fuck me he loved fucking me, I admit it use to hurt as I guess he did not use much lube and it burned as his not so big cock it was actually small but I loved getting fucked by him. Although I'm in Europe now I get messages of when will I get back to Canada to get fucked by those who have fucked me.

    In all this I have to admit I have always known that my biggest and best asset was my ass. and if I jerked off it would be looking at my ass in the mirror, when I looked at porn books of girls naked their asses were no better then mine.

    Now I do like being verbally abused, being called a bitch, whore, slut, cunt, and when men look at me and check me out, I like it, I see that I turn them on and they would love to fuck me. and I love to spread my legs and show them what I have between my legs and enjoy when they call me their fag.865088678_SAM_0460(4).thumb.JPG.cca729b828b184938cc31e72f1c51d94.JPG

    My cunt is ready and always willing for a men's cock! I want to feel your seem being released inside and feel it run out of my cunt down my legs and balls and hear him say I want you be my bitch when ever I need a piece of ass.

  12. I personally don't care either as long as he is verbally abusive and degrading it turns me on, as I'm on my four and he is normally behind me with his hard cock either trying to in or fucking me. I'm a man just like any other men, so when I'm going to have sex with another men, I need hid him to break me mentally, physically, psychological to make me feel inferior to him so I accept the fact that I'm on my four humiliated like a female bitch being fucked, its this mental situation that will give me the pleasure of taking his cock in me and enjoy it and being totally submissive to him.
  13. I dont refer it personally, its usually my tops who call it my pussy or cunt. i like it lets face it most men who have fucked me are married men and they could be fucking their female partners or rather their wives. Instead they want to fuck me and call my hole a cunt or pussy. I admit i like, it makes me feel like Im his whore, his bitch what ever he wants to think of me. as normally they do refer to me as their bitch. it does not really matter as long there is a hole for their bare cock. im normally a whole to release their load and that is all I am. probably they want to fuck a woman but th
  14. I have always been called a bitch, slut and a whore by men. I have allowed any men who wants a fuck to fuck me, just ask and I will bend over, be one or more, as I love threesomes and anything that will come my way. To be honest I really don't know by how many men I have been fucked, I have done webcamming and had men tell me I have no shame and to tell the truth I love bending over and allowing men to take a good look at my hole. Im a whore and love it, love getting fucked by any men who wants me regardless of who he is. But to be a whore if one as to take money, let me then day one time I g
  15. love to find a trucker  who wants to fuck  a older RAW bottom

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