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    Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
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    I have many interests but would love to do porn, even perhaps a group gathering and men want an entertainment bottom to be used to pleasure, perform love to have sex in a group and service lots of men. I would love to have sex be it individually or group setting I have a great interest to explore and do it including bondage, suspension all is so very interesting and want to try and explore them all.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    my back ground portuguese born, orgin I had my first sex at the age of 14 were i was raped, forced sex, had my top make me have sex with one of his friends while he watched, verbal abuse, i was his bitch till i turned 16 then went to work on a country farm were i was often raped by the men there and made to work nude and they talked about me as if i was not there and how great a peace of ass I was. I admit i was humiliated but it was also a great feeling and I enjoyed sexually every bit of from rape, to forced sex the verbal abuse and it was exciting and i love the pleasure of pleasing and making a top cum. love to hear him as he cums and love when he cums inside my ass. I often have been called pussy boi and like it. I have also done sex for money too once.
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    mikeboy12 on webcam chaturbate. I have not done any other porn but would love to do it. As I love to show off and be on camera having sex.
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    Im negative and want to remain this way! So as to what Im looking for Im available for porn, any one who wants to fuck or wants a bottom to entertain them or service them be from house cleaning to anything to paid sex, im open to them all. I love cock and like all types from teen to old men, so if you got a cock i got a nice tight hole for you to enjoy.

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  1. i have never been given a choice, i started bareback and there are tops who use condoms and tops who don't, it's always been their choice and they fuck me the way they want it. i'm just the whore and they fuck me the way they want it and enjoy.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I was at a cruising place and a guy wanted me so he waved me and brought me to a discreet spot in the woods, i stripped naked spread my legs, wow it felt so exciting a man behind me looking at my ass with his pants unzipped and his cock out ready to fuck me. i don't care what he looks like or even the size of his cock, as long he penetrates my me and fucks my hole. the only time i would consider his looks is if he wants us to kiss, i have to admit i am not into unattractive men who want to stick their tongues in my mouth. the only time i kind of like it is if he is an attractive twink or a young attractive guy. but what i have seen these attractive guys tend to be submissive like me. then i think i could be into a love passion kissing and so on. but otherwise i don't care who and what he looks like as he is behind me with his stiff cock making me moan with a good fuck.
  3. i have been fucked with lube, spit and i have to agree spit is the best till cum lubricates. Sadly while living here in the Azores i find the men just don't know how to fuck. Let's face even the women complain men don't know how to pleasure them and fuck them, when it comes to fucking gay bitches it's no different. I have a few guys try to fuck me and they start to fuck me like a dogs riding my ass even before they actually penetrate that fuck hole. how can one fuck before penetration? well my last he cum before he even penetrated my hole and then tells me to squeeze it out. but the truth he never got inside. I guess i need to educate them in a proper fuck, if that is not bad enough thy use Vaseline to lube a hole, well i have tried that in my early years finger fucking me and i don't like the idea so spit or lube i think is the best to this. so hope I will get fucked with something decent and penetrated.
  4. I was thought by my then my best friend who showed me how to masturbate and he was also my first sex experience who fucked me and turn me into the slut that i am today.
  5. In the past two weeks I have two encounters at a cruising site one guy leads me into a more secluded spot to fuck me well he only wanted to be sucked, but another followed, i honestly would have not minded, i like being watched, but the other guy did not want to be seen so they left as he wanted to be discreet. I also had the latest one whom I was naked and men were coming over, again they were told please privacy. how it would be so nice and a nice publicity for men to know i am a whore and want cock up my ass.

    For me its an amazing feeling to be naked, legs spread out and my ass also sticking out with a guy behind me looking down on my ass, feeling his hand slapping my ass.

    Sadly men here don't seem to know how to fuck, they fuck like a dog fuck, they when starting to penetrate already start with a fuck motion, not realizing that they need to penetrate a tight ass first then once inside then they can start to fuck me. it's almost as if i have to teach them. For this reason i have had a few men try fucking me, but they did not penetrate me and it was a very short sex experience, not to mention the last one whom i felt a connection and we were doing wonderfully i liked him and he liked me but again he cum on my ass cheeks and did not really penetrate me cunt.

    the other day I was also swimming nude and a man comes up but he only wanted a blowjob to which i did but it seemed an endless blowjob, but i asked if he wanted to do anything else and he said no he only likes being sucked. not to mention that most young guys around here want to fuck but for money , they want to be paid to fuck or to be fucked.

    but i do have to admit, all the guys so far that i have met have huge cocks both long and thick. as they all must be well over 6 inches because that is my size of my cock, but they look well 8+ inches to them all, one I could not take it all it must have been 10 inches. but sadly they start fucking without penetration. and it leaves me unfucked so far, and disappointed. Maybe I will have better success today, I hope at the moment its raining and hope for sunshine and hope for a fuck.

  6. Living here in the Azores is much different then living in Canada, Ontario, Sex here is much more discreet and men seem to be less obvious when seeking sex and discreet. I was the other day at a cruising site where I was bathing naked and had pre spoken to a guy who wanted a blowjob and he came by for me to suck him. although I have to admit i was hoping for a fuck but he said he was just a man who likes getting sucked. I sucked him nude while he just took off his pants then i returned to my swimming naked after he had his orgasm. then i left and as i was about to leave this young mid twenties or so guy asks me for a blow job, so i go at it again. he was strong looking tall and then he opens his pants and shows a nice long big cock. we started at the cruising site then went to his place were I got naked he just undone his pants. but i can say it was an amazing feeling. a feeling of being totally nude in front of a top, being his bitch i turn around my back to him spread my legs. it was amazing feeling of his hands grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them open for him to see my pussy hole. then spanks my ass a few times, how i felt so horny and excited my hands to the walls my ass sticking out a bit. it's an amazing feeling know you are just a whore a bitch to him giving my ass for him to fuck me. it excited me, as he fucked me and told me i had an amazing ass and wanted me to be his bitch. the feelings i had of being naked giving him my ass, his sperm as he released between my cheeks. ho how i want  to find him again and be his bitch and get fucked by him feel his cock inside my pussy hole. i love being a whore, and being a bitch to any man who wants my ass. He told me I had an amazing ass and i did not know how hot a ass i had, i can imagine he wanted more of me, but hope i can meet him soon again and get fucked by him much longer.

  7. I have to agree with the words spoken on this quote, I too don't hold any stigma on addiction or being called a sex addicted. i am always horny to have cock and feel a guy behind me fucking me. the other day I had a male unzip his pants and I stripped nude for him and as i stood with my ass to him it felt amazing to look behind and see him looking down on my ass, grab my cheeks and spread me open and state what an amazing ass. and feel his hands spank my butt. it is great and i crave it every day, and don't see myself as being addicted.
  8. i have a guy from Germany who contacted me on Grindr and referred to hole as my pussy. I love it when men refer to me as cunt, pussy, i know its a feminine names given to women, but then I am being fucked like a women, I even dress up as a women for men to enjoy me as they please.
  9. having started to be a bitch as a teen i have accepted and grown to love being degraded and even now enjoy total degradation. I expect no less from men, exposing myself totally and enjoying the vulnerability of mens whims and learning to enjoy it all.
  10. i have to admit i agree with this statement and feel the same, i have this desire of degradation and love the feeling of it. it seems as its a toxic feeling to be degraded physically, mentally and even emotionally. for some time i have had this deep desire to be a stripper, although I am shy and timid and very submissive bottom. but the feeling of being totally nude in front of men on a stage excites me very much. the idea of men sitting drinking all dressed up and me on a stage totally nude nothing to hide feeling a shame, vulnerable my body all smooth shaved no hair to hide even my asshole. These thoughts get me so horny and even hard. I have come from being shamed and resisting it to the point of desiring it with deep desires and being humiliated is part of my sensual pleasure.
  11. i have to admit i share such desires, even thinking about it excites me, lately i have imagined the idea of being a gay stripper in a stage totally nude while men sitting around drinking and looking at me and talking amongst themselves and the faggot whore in stage exposing it self totally nude, my legs wide open showing and inviting men to take a good look at that hungry tight hole inviting them to come and take a close look at it and fuck it. i love it when multiple men want my me and want to get pleasure out of me. i finally began to see more activity but so far mainly blowjobs, but cant wait to finally feel a cock up my tight fuck hole.
  12. I have to say i agree it's a very special when a top comes inside and leaves his cock inside of you. i have had this but rare experience and i love it. sadly most tops when they finish fucking and have cum inside the bitch they pull out and it's over for them. in such a moment when a top leaves his cock inside of me after he cums it feels so special as if you are not a cum dump to him but actually he as some affection for his faggot bitch. in my very first sex experience this happened as he would do this often and i did develop feeling for my top as he would fuck and leave his cock inside of me. although i was nothing more then his whore, still that bonding affect took place.
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