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    Dom Men, Big Cocks, POZ loads, slings, Daddies, PNP, tattoos,...
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    Been a bareback bottom slut my entire life and I love it! I love and worship Cock. Learned to be a total bottom pig slut at an early age and I wouldn't change a thing! I am learning about and exploring the Dark side. I hear HIS call to become a cumdump and my desire to finally experience HIS lust & depravity. The need is growing inside me!
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    None yet, but would love to be in some!
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    Dom Men who know how to use a fucktoy for their pleasure. I love to be used! POZ Men to the front...I'm addicted to POZ cum in my asspussy! Big cocks, BBC, W/S, Daddy/son, PNP,...just hot Man sex! I was born to please! Really would love to get a recharge so I will go off meds for a HOT HVL or AIDS Daddy that would like to use, fuck and breed me! Really want to be gangbanged in the sling at the Works in Indy!

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  1. I share the same philosophy! If a guy insists on a condom, it isn't happening. I've made guys leave my house. I've grabbed my clothes and walked out on guys. It just isn't happening, period!
  2. Tomorrow just might be an interesting day. If it turns out as planned, I'll have a hell of a HOT story to post! Stay tuned!

    1. melvin0095
    2. breedmedeeper


      It fell through. Not a happy camper today.

  3. More, please! I think this is going to get interesting really quick now!
  4. Following! I can't wait to see where this is headed!
  5. Just did a nice .4 and holy fuck is my ass hungry...like off the scale!! Any Tops in Indy that can host a slut bottom faggot? Insatiable, uninhibited, cock hungry, no load refused (prefer POZ) total boTTom slut? HMU! Text 765-366-3141

    1. Sfmike64


      What a filthy cunt. Hope your cunt gets bred repeatedly.

  6. Just slammed a thick .3 and now I NEED COCK! Any Tops around Indy (east side) wanna cum fuck this insatiable, uninhibited bottom slut faggot??

  7. I'm doubtful any more will appear. The author last posted in this thread in 2013. I'd hazard a guess that this one stays right here with you wondering.
  8. Hot, horny, spun...and no Cock to use me. A sad state of affairs, for sure. Dammit. 

    1. Cumbitch


      Damn! Your poor cunt needs some cum

  9. Oh hell yeah! This is going get really good really fast! Sounds like such FUN!!
  10. Back in the day we had some really HOT ABS in Indy, but they are all gone thanks to a mayor we had a few years ago. I miss them. I had so much fun being a cumdump either through the glory hole or sharing a booth. Now I'd have to go either 2 hours north or 2 hours south to find a good ABS. It sucks.
  11. Hey everyone. I know it's been a while since I wrote this. I do have another chapter or two floating around in my demented brain. I plan on writing it down soon and posting it. Its gonna get even more twisted and dark! 😈🤯🐷
  12. Fuck yeah! Loving where this is headed!!
  13. I have got to get a room at a cheap, sleazy motel and do this! Probably in a Black neighborhood to make it more fun! 🥳🐷
  14. I will choose a hung Black Man, regardless of what he looks like, over a gorgeous white guy with an average Cock. I am drawn to them. The sexual power the exude. The way they fuck. I love white Cock too, don't get me wrong. But if a choice is placed in front of me: choose one...BBC every time.
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