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    Dom Men, Big Cocks, POZ loads, slings, Daddies, PNP, tattoos,...
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Been a bareback bottom slut my entire life and I love it! I love and worship Cock. Learned to be a total bottom pig slut at an early age and I wouldn't change a thing!
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    None yet, but would love to be in some!
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    Dom Men who know how to use a fucktoy for their pleasure. I love to be used! POZ Men to the front...I'm addicted to POZ cum in my asspussy! Big cocks, BBC, W/S, Daddy/son, PNP,...just hot Man sex! I was born to please!

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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please share your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed 🦂 your Cumholez too. Thanks for following me too. X☣️X

  2. Wow! I would love to serve as your cumdump fucktoy, Sir! I would be honored to take load after load of your Toxic Seed deep in my faggot ass! I'm really not too far from you, I am just east on Indy, right off of I-70! If you ever cum through this way, I would love the opportunity to worship you and your POZ Cock!!🐷

  3. So fucking horny! Sitting here with my head in the clouds wishing desperately a Big, Hard, POZ Cock was here! Any Tops in the Indy area want to use a cumdump bottom slut right now? I can host! Have a small amount of favors...I NEED FUCKED!!

  4. I am getting more and more excited with each passing day! Only 4 more days until I get the opportunity to get recharged by a HVL BBC! At that point I will be 24 days off my meds and I believe my system will be vulnerable to his Toxic Seed! I'm really looking forward to doing a big slam and becoming his cumdump fucktoy...I want to surrender myself to him completely and do anything he desires! The fresh poinTs are ready, the teenth is saved for that night, I'm wearing my plug daily to be ready and will have a new tooth brush available to him for use if he wants! All my inhibitions are to be left at the door...and I am to be nothing more than a faggot slut all night! I can't fucking wait!! 🐷

  5. 19 days off meds. 5 days until a Hot, TOXIC BBC will be here to slam me up and recharge my waiting and willing faggot ass! Super excited and can't wait!

  6. HOT profile! I'd love to be your cumdump bottom faggot slut! 

  7. LoadsNeeded


    I have done this a couple of times. And the damned funny part about it is, both guys I was sucking while they were on the phone...were talking to their MOTHERS! The first time, I had just gotten to my Top's house and we were starting to get comfortable and into things when his Mom called. I tried to be polite and back away, but he motioned me over to keep sucking his cock as he proceeded to carry on a conversation with her like nothing was going on. The second time, me and the guy I was with were sitting in my home office (naked) just after a hot fuck session. As we were talking, his phone rang...yep: his Mom. He said he had to take it and they started talking. About 5 minutes into his conversation me motioned me to my knees in front of him, smacked me with his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I had been sucking him for about 5-7 minutes when he suddenly tensed up and shot a load down my throat...and the kicker? As he was coming down off of his orgasm, his Mom asked him if he was OK and he just out and told her: "Yeah Mom, I'm fine. I just shot my load down a faggots throat!" OMG! I about died...but he told me she knew he was gay and he had done this before, so she wasn't shocked or surprised. As they were finally getting off the phone, he told her he was taking me back to the bedroom to fuck me again! Wow....
  8. LoadsNeeded

    Public toilet

    Fuck...that is one of the things I miss about being a truck driver. The hot rest area sex! I can't even count the number of times I was fucked in a public toilet stall! I always thought it was one of the hottest scenes! Nothing like taking the raw cock of a compete stranger in a public restroom. 🐷
  9. I am a bit disappointed today. I had been making plans with a Toxic BBC Top to spend a night slamming and taking his raw charged up loads. But he messaged me yesterday to tell me that he is moving back to New York. He has been pretty much living on the streets and bouncing between some friends and fuck buddies here. He has the opportunity to go back home and I can't fault him for that. But now I need to find a new Toxic Cock to use me. I'm willing to provide the T and the poinTs...all I need is a Hung, Dom, Verbal, unmedicated POZ Top to cum use me like his fucktoy for a few hours...and maybe even whore my ass out. 

    If there is anyone in the Indy area who would like to cum use this piggy bottom faggot for a few hours and recharge my faggot cunt, hit me up and lets see if we can make it happen! My only limits are no bondage, no extreme pain, no scat. 

  10. All horned up from a couple of really good booty bumps...but no hard Cock to fill my hungry hole. 😥 I need fucked hard, bred deep and then used again! 

    1. LoadsNeeded


      Guess this will learn me...I gotta stay off the Tina unless I for sure, actually know I'm going to have sex. I wasted that really piggy horny buzz for NOTHING! Dammit!!

  11. LoadsNeeded

    Urine Cocktails

    I have used piss to make spaghetti a few times...it is very tasty! I've been a piss pig for a long time...I may have to try some of those recipes.
  12. LoadsNeeded

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    A Man with a bio-haz tattoo is like a magnet to me...I'm drawn to him...I desire him...I NEED him inside me!! A Black Man with a bio-haz...OMFG! He could own me!!
  13. LoadsNeeded

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    When I was a truck driver I sucked and got fucked in a lot of public rest areas...a few times on a picnic table but usually in a stall or behind the building a few times. I had sex with one guy, in my truck with the curtains open and dome light on...actually felt the truck move when guys were climbing on the step and watching...saw a few camera flashes too! When I was a teenager (this story is posted in another forum here) I had sex with a friend of my Dads on the roof of my parents house with the street light clearly shining on us as we went at it! I'm just a total 🐷and I love it!!
  14. Started barebacking right from the start in the late '70's as a youngun...rarely used a condom. I was pozzed in 2006.

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