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    East of Indy
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    Dom Men, Big Cocks, POZ loads, slings, Daddies, PNP, tattoos,...
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Been a bareback bottom slut my entire life and I love it! I love and worship Cock. Learned to be a total bottom pig slut at an early age and I wouldn't change a thing!
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    None yet, but would love to be in some!
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    Dom Men who know how to use a fucktoy for their pleasure. I love to be used! POZ Men to the front...I'm addicted to POZ cum in my asspussy! Big cocks, BBC, W/S, Daddy/son, PNP,...just hot Man sex! I was born to please! Really would love to get a recharge so I will go off meds for a HOT HVL or AIDS Daddy that would like to use, fuck and breed me! Really want to be gangbanged in the sling at the Works in Indy!

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  1. Thank you for the follow, Sir! I am humbled and honored!

  2. Thank you for the follow, Sir!

    1. Rawrabbit


      You're welcome bud, bareback sluts like you are fucking hot.

  3. Hoping to hookup with this HOT, Hung Black guy from bbrts I've been chatting with for a while. He's POZ...I wanna get right to the poinT with him and just let him have his way! And hopefully get some pics...

    1. subsam1512


      sweet... sounds like its gonna be a good time  and a poz BBC is a serious bonus.

    2. LoadsNeeded


      That is true!! I fucking love POZ BBC!! They fuck extra hard to POZ up a white faggot!!

    3. subsam1512


      hehe   nothing like a Black guys treating a white whore as a faggot without dignity.  You become a fuck toy

  4. It is getting harder and harder to balance...between what I want to be (really am) and what I have to be. I want to be a total chemmed up, insatiable, piggy bottom slut cumdump. But the responsible side of me gets in the way...but I've noticed it is getting weaker. I was pretty high and horny yesterday and was on twitter...my normal account...and found @MasterJerryXXX. I followed him, cuz is twitter is smoking HOT...and soon sent him some pics in a private message and told him he could do as he wished with the pics...told him I'm a cumdump bottom near Indy...and he posted them! The lines are starting to blur...and if I do get totally exposed, then I no longer have an excuse for not being me...the real me. I am a bottom faggot. 

  5. If I don't clean my Top after hes bred me, I haven't done my job as a submissive bottom slut. Period.
  6. This site is such an incredible influence! When I first came here, I was taken aback, to say the least. Now? Now I have gone off my meds. I am actively taking known POZ loads and chasing a recharge. My beliefs have shifted dramatically to the "Dark Side". AND I have discovered who and what I am: I am a total slut bottom POZ cumdump piggy chemmed up faggot bitch that lives to serve Cock! You know what? I'm becoming happier than I've ever been! I love being slut! I love being nothing more than a hole for Real Men to use! I LOVE POZ CUM! THE MORE VIRAL THE BETTER! Is that bad?

  7. Since I've been off my meds...the thought of a bio-haz tat keeps coming up...a tramp stamp one since I'm a total bottom slut!
  8. Working as a gay phone sex operator tonight. I hope a get some HOT calls from DOM Tops!!

    1. Monster5-8gPA


      That sounds like fun!😉

    2. LoadsNeeded


      I'd love a call from a MAN like you, Sir!


    3. Monster5-8gPA


      I hope you do!😉

  9. I left you a private message, Sir. PLEASE get back with me soon!! 🐷💉🤯😈

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. LoadsNeeded


      Check your email and your messages...both contain something, Sir! HAIL to you my Dark God!! AVA SATANAS!!

    3. LoadsNeeded


      I miss you...msg me!!

    4. LoadsNeeded
  10. Just did a .4 booty bump...holy fuck! I am horny AF now...I need a POZ Cock! Any POZ Men from Indy want to fuck the hell out of a nasty, pig slut bottom faggot that will beg for your POZ load? HMU! 765-366-3141 to text me...I need your COCK!!

    1. Homo60


      Damn, wished you were a top and I was there!!

    2. LoadsNeeded


      Hoping I can find a hot, hung, POZ Top....my cunt is on fire for Cock right now...the, like I'll do ANYTHING on fire for Cock...

  11. I have this .4 poinT that is calling my name. I have never done a slam without some Cock there to take care of the intense and insatiable need that hits me right after the rush...Any Tops around Indy want to host this fag today, put that point in my arm and use the fuck out of me? Unfortunately, the one poinT is all the T I have...but fuck I need to get twisted and used! HMU! Text number is: 765-366-3141

  12. I have found now that I take POZ cum: 1: the more I get, the more I want, 2: the more I get the more perverted I get, 3: the more perverted I get, the further my limits move, 4: I think soon, because of POZ cum, I shall have no limits. 

    POZ cum is the best!

    AIDS Tops are Gods! 

    ~I'm becoming a total parTy bottom faggot slut...and I LOVE IT! 🍆☁☣😍🔥💉🐷😈

  13. It's been almost 20 hours since that POZ BBC bred me. I'm still leaking. I finally had to pull out my plug around 330 pm because it was getting uncomfortable. Even though it had been in me and absorbing into me for almost 5 hours, when I removed the plug a HUGE glob of cum fell out of me. And I do mean HUGE load! OMFG! He must have came a quart inside me....ok...maybe not a quart...but fuck, there was a LOT! I ran my fingers over my tender fuck hole...they came away covered with his cum. I licked them clean...OH his POZ cum tasted amazing! He is an incredible fuck...and he plants his dirty load DEEP and with purpose! My kind of MAN!

  14. Thank for the follow!

  15. Headed home with a nice 5 day load in my fag ass from a Hot, Dom, POZ BBC! FUCK he pounded my ass! Made me beg for his seed! Plugged in...gonna keep it as long as I can!

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