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    East of Indy
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    Dom Men, Big Cocks, POZ loads, slings, Daddies, PNP, tattoos,...
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Been a bareback bottom slut my entire life and I love it! I love and worship Cock. Learned to be a total bottom pig slut at an early age and I wouldn't change a thing!
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    None yet, but would love to be in some! A couple of shorts on my twitter @breedmedeeper
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    Dom Men who know how to use a fucktoy for their pleasure. I love to be used! POZ Men to the front...I'm addicted to POZ cum in my asspussy! Big cocks, BBC, W/S, Daddy/son, PNP,...just hot Man sex! I was born to please! Really would love to get a recharge so I will go off meds for a HOT HVL or AIDS Daddy that would like to use, fuck and breed me! Really want to be gangbanged in the sling at the Works in Indy!

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  1. May have found a nice Daddy Cock for later this morning. We texted back and forth...he wants to fuck and breed me...no mention by either of us about status. I'm really hoping that as he is breeding me, he tells me he's shooting a dirty load...OMFG that would be HOT!! Fingers crossed!

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