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  1. I've been trying repeatedly to edit my profile. I put in all the info, click on save...and nothing happens. My profile is still blank. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem in the system someplace? Would greatly appreciate some help if possible! Thanks!
  2. LoadsTaken

    Piss enema or golden shower

    I love to drink from the tap or have it deep in my ass either one! Especially if it is chem piss...I love the taste and the buzz when my ass if full of it is amazing! I'm just a pisspig!
  3. That cover pic is so hot! I like my Top to eat my pussy....but I love to eat his Man asshole! I get my tongue soooo deep!

    1. jaybird


      Thanks LT .. here's a link to the video on one of my tumblrs that the picture comes from:



  4. LoadsTaken

    Length or Girth

    Depends on my mood and what I'm up for. I do love a long cock...it gets soooo deep inside me...I love to ride those and grind on them as they are deep inside me. For on my back or doggie style, I like a thick cock to open my hole and pound the fuck out of me. But, being a total cumslut faggot...I just love cock inside me...LOL!
  5. LoadsTaken

    Stealth Breeding from Craigslist

    I was stealthed in 2006 by a guy I met at the 501 in Indy. Just this week...almost exactly 12 years later...he fucked me again...several times! This time it was all on the table...I knowingly took his POZ loads!
  6. LoadsTaken

    Gangbang Frenzy!

    Nothing like being used like a cumdump in a Bathhouse or an ABS....It the only thing I miss about driving a semi...all the HOT fucking Adult places on the road that had truck parking...and some wild ass sex going on inside the building and inside the semi's!!
  7. LoadsTaken

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I was never actively a chaser, but I only barebacked...so I knew the risks involved. I didn't get the pleasure of enjoying my pozzing; I was stealthed. Went for quite a while not knowing I had HIV until I was in a truck accident and they were concerned about my white blood cell count and did an HIV test. When I was diagnosed I had AIDS. VL of 187,000 and a CD4 of 125. I was devastated to say the least. But I got a fantastic HIV counselor, who hooked me up with an incredible Doctor and 90 days later: VL of 75 and CD4 of 225. No longer had AIDS, but not out of the woods by any means. Now, years later, I am undetectable and my CD4 is ever rising. But now for some reason my need for sex with men i KNOW to be POZ is incredibly high. It's about all I crave now. Undetectable is fine, but if you are positive...I'm yours to do with as you please. I know the chances of cross infection are low as long as I continue to take my meds on a regular basis...maybe that is the reason. But ever since I had the first Man I knew was POZ cum inside me, I've never looked back. There is a huge thrill and a bit of danger I guess...but when he makes me beg for his Toxic load...I'm in fag heaven. Becoming HIV poz wasn't a plan for me, but I live with it and deal with it as well as I can...I know I sure don't speak for others. So that's my two cents....Carry on!
  8. I'm a fag...proud of it! Love it when a Top calls me fag or faggot...fucking turns me on!
  9. LoadsTaken

    Stealth Breeding from Craigslist

    Slam me, fuck me raw and breed me with your Toxic Demon Seed! Raw is the only way I get fucked and I prefer POZ Cock!
  10. I was pozzed by being stealthed. I met this really HOT Top at the 501 in Indianapolis. He cruised me a few times before I finally let him know I was totally interested...I was trying to play it cool and not seem desperate, but I really wanted him. He joined me at my table, we talked a bit and I went to the men's room. He walked up behind me as I was pissing, grabbed me and told me he wanted to fuck my ass good and hard. I nearly melted on the spot! We went back to his apartment, he put on some good bareback porn and we got naked pretty quickly. We never discussed status...although he did ask me if I wanted him to suit up...to which I responded, "Hell NO!" He had a fantastic 8.5" thick cock...and he knew how to use it. He fucked me and bred me 3 times that night. When I left, he gave me his number (which turned out to be fake). I tried to track him down for a repeat, but he had just *poof* disappeared. Turns out later I found out why...when I got the fuck flu. I did manage to talk to someone who knew him...and yes, he was POZ, highly toxic and he NEVER told anyone, even if they asked. So he really got off on stealthing. At the time I was kind of pissed, but now, not so much. He freed me.
  11. LoadsTaken

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I'm poz, but undetectable. I think bio-haz tattoo's are HOT as hell! When a Top is sporting one of those I am putty in his hands. If it's above his cock, I will lick it before I go down on his cock. The PA...only been fucked with one of those once...and it wasn't too enjoyable. It was a long time ago...maybe things have changed, not sure. I think they look kind of sexy, as long as they are not too damned big...don't get the 00 gauge...fuck that's HUGE! At some point I am considering a bio-haz...kind of in a slut stamp kind of way right above my ass...but not sure how Tops would react to it.
  12. LoadsTaken

    How Many Of You Are Undetectable?

    Tested poz in June of 2011. VL 187,000/CD4 125. Doc started me right away on Atripla. 3 months later, VL 75/CD4 225. Been undetectable since December 2011. CD4 always going up higher and higher. It's tempting to go off meds and be a Poz mixer...but nope...not for me.
  13. LoadsTaken

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    I do like for a Top to rim me in order to get me ready for his hard, throbbing cock. But I really love it when he forces my face into his ass and makes me lick his asshole...all the while telling me what a dirty slut I am down there licking a Man's asshole! I've had a few Tops who weren't exactly clean...and they knew it...and they forced me anyways. When I was allowed to come up they were squeaky clean.
  14. LoadsTaken

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    I wouldn't avoid him...I don't care how high his VL is. If a POZ Top wants to breed my boi pussy, it is his to breed. Regardless of his VL. I have a Hot Top Daddy I'm seeing now who's VL is between 50k-100k....and he breeds me repeatedly! Toxic cum can be very addictive! Once you've had a POZ load, it's hard to go back. I don't know what it is and maybe it's just me, but since I took my first "known" POZ load, I can't get enough! Give me that Demon Seed!!
  15. LoadsTaken

    How long does his load stay inside you?

    I also always have a butt plug with me as well. If a Top deems me fit to take his seed, then I'm going to keep it as long as possible! So after they breed me, if at that point we are finished, I hand the Top my plug and let him capture his load inside me. A lot of Tops, I have found, like that. And YES!! OMFG YES! If the load that was deposited inside of me is a Poz load...it is wonderfully erotic! Those loads are extra special and must be kept inside until total absorption has taken place or as long as is humanly possible!! You must let those special loads perform their magic inside our little faggot cunts!

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