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    Networking with other men, here that have similar experiences, fantasies, and advise.
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    Bisexual Mature Male 5'9 145lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, 30" waist, 7" cut, in good shape ( runner ) go to the gym on a regular bases. Although I am trim, I have a good physique .
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    Just the Photos I have taken for Profiles on Gay Dating Apps.
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    Regular Fuck Buds/Repeats. I feel sex is always better with other men that you know. Be in the ball-park Age-wise/ No PNP/ I prefer men that are undetectable STD free/ nothing long distance, be within a reasonable driving range (2hours round trip).

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  1. I am moving towards this strategy for HIV prevention. All the Poz undetectable men that I have met, seem to have a lot of knowledge of their status, being tested regurlay, and they are adamant about not being re-infected guys that claim to be negative, tend to be more casual about there status, tell you they are not 100% sure, and I have known some guys that just get tested, when they feel they have some sort of symptom.
  2. I really liked your feed back. I am going to email you some more detailed information.
  3. There are 3 sexual epidemics in San Francisco right now, one of them is Hep C. Its the last thing I need. Probably worse than HIV, because I am a man that fancies a drink, and I don't want my liver getting fucked up from Hep C.
  4. I live in an area ( South San Francisco ) where there is a large Asian Population. I am a kid in a candy store, since I do have a preference for Asian men. They are usually smooth, about the same body size, as well as cock size, as I am.
  5. In reality avoid guys that are drugs users (pnp) go for quality and not quantity, look for guys that want a connection, over fast hook-ups. Guys who also share the same feelings you do. Establish a close circle of F/B's and Repeats.
  6. I feel I am headed towards one, I met this guy, a couple weeks ago, through another friend. I am Neg, and he is POZ-undetectable. I have no problem having sex with him, and taking his load. I trust him, and we are becoming more involved with each other. We seem to click, both in and out of the bedroom.
  7. I think my marriage had a lot to do with feeling more confident in my sexual skills and knowledge. Even though I was married to a women, not a man, there is still a lot of cross-over.
  8. This concept really turns me on. if I met a serious Dom, that was willing to actually draft up a contract, I could really get into this, and it would be my entry into the BDSM subculture. If anyone out there is a serious Dom, willing to train a newbie-sub, lets get in touch.
  9. I have not experienced this while having sex with another man. Yet, when I have the vibrator up my ass; I am finding its a real turn-on, when I am still wearing my shoes, and my underwear is down around my ankles.
  10. I prefer having a few regular fuck buds. its just my experience that when you know someone, the sex always seems to be better. There is some trust that is established, and you both know what buttons to push, with regards to getting each other turned on.
  11. I was 20 Y/O my first homosexual experience with another man. We met again, for a second time, and he got me high on poppers, then proceeded to fuck me, after a good rimming. It was painful at first, then I learned how to relax, and take his cock in. It turned out to be a wonderful, experience, and where this journey started.
  12. My cousin is gay, he is very cool. He is very supportive when I need some advise. He is one of the few family members, I have come out to, about my being bisexual.
  13. I would not really say consequences, yet everything going the way you would really like it to go in real life. My strongest fantasy that gets me the most turned on, is to be owned by another man. I mean a Master/slave contract. I would be his servant around his house, he would spank me when I did something wrong, and I would go with him to BDSM events, where I might be offered out to some of his buddies. I don't need the money or the favor, yet it would be really hot, if the contract was enforced, by a cash loan, or an employment favor, I had to work off through sexual slavery.
  14. Agreed, the rapture, or who decides to take the mark on their hand or forehead in the form of currency, as it says in the book of Revelation, is the deception of the Antichrist / Sarah Palin. I see being here, and bareback homosexual sex, as sowing some wiled oats before the end times, for which I believe we are living in.

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