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    Networking with other men, to share my experiences and fantasies with each other. Although this is predominantly a forum site, I am open to meeting someone here as well.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Very fit, work out regularly, former elite runner, become sexually active with other men 30 years ago: made the decision to start barebacking 2 years ago: Bisexual 90% bottom 10% top.
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    the Photos I have taken for Profiles on Gay Dating sites
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    Anon Motel / Hotel scenarios, or meeting other men at the local Bath houses.

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  1. I work at the Airport (SFO) and there are alot of great Motels in that area, and its become very convenient for me to line up Anon hook-ups at these motels. 😈
  2. Thanks this was helpful, so it would be best to start out in slow doses, then increase if needed. I love poppers and have no problem with them, with the exception of going soft ( not a problem when I am a bottom) But, I am corresponding with a guy who is a borderline twink, and this is one of the few times I like to top. Not crazy about the black out risk, that was sometimes my fear when I was a Popper Newbie.
  3. Hot, is this Movie or a Netfilx TV serious? sorry for not being a tech. wizard, yet I have a tough time navigating, and finding what I want to watch on Nefilx.
  4. I kind of think that BBRT and this site are sort of linked together. Just the other night, I met this guy that seemed to be a step ahead of me, in knowing what I was into, we discussed a few things on BBRT, but not enough to be as proficient as he was.
  5. Its worth the discipline to practice Chasity, and not to Jerk-off, your pleasures really do go to other parts, i.e. your ass/mancunt. I had my first sexual experience, where my cock was not involved at all, and it was very intense and erotic. I also take more popper hits, and that makes my dick go limp. So I was getting fucked, with a limp dick in a cage. its also a rush, because I am Bi. and this is the complete opposite of when I am with a women and want to be hard as a rock.
  6. I feel the same way, there is like some kind of destiny thing to this Journy, that goes against any logic, or will power
  7. that is the situation I am in, I have a fuck bud that has a girth of 5.5, and I would love to get that into me, yet its a bit too much right now
  8. welcome......you need to start responding to some post😀

  9. Same here, for me its Baths/Saunas, Glory Holes, Anon, and being Caged, and hoping to add on a few sex parties this year as well.
  10. The last time I was at the Baths, I had two guys suggest/directed me to sucking their cock, and I did. I feel obligated, since he is going to offer us both alot of pleasure, so I feel its a good trade off.
  11. I currently work at the SFO Airport, and would love to set up Anonymous sexual encounters in any of the motels in that area.
  12. I totally, agree, especially being a BI male that can't host at this time. I had a great Anon experience last August, and now I am hooked on it. I am thinking of throwing Hand cuffs into the mix
  13. So far, I have just met one member here, over coffee, and I met another member on BBRT, then found out, he was a member here. I think it would be good to actually meet someone here for sex. If you have been reading any of my post, you wold have a great idea of what I am about, and what I am into, and vice-versa.
  14. What it means to me, would be how long I could stay healthy and POZ, before going on Meds.
  15. I am experiencing this transition myself, and its really hot. When I first started seeing other men, I was focused on the great hard-on it used to give me, Now due to doing alot of popper hits, and/or my age. my cock is soft or just partially hard, and out of the picture. Its a unique and erotic experience; I now wear a jock strap, and even a cage, when I go to the baths, or hook up with another guy. Being Bisexual, its an interesting concept, because, I need my cock with a women, and I am the sub Bottom with a man, and accept, and even prefer that my dick is limp.

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