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    Very Athletic Bi Male: work out regularly, former elite runner. Started experimenting, and became sexually active with other men 32 years ago. I first Barebacked in 2007, it was unplanned, then made the decision to start barebacking, 3 years ago, after my separation from my wife.
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    The Photos I have taken for Profiles on Gay Dating sites
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    Looking for that Prime-time-top-of-the-line homosexual experience, one that I can say, if it was going to be my last I would be happy. I have an opportunity to get back together with my wife, and I am going to pursue it. This is not going to happen right away, so I am leaving the door open for that final great hook-up.

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  1. Where in California do you live?

  2. while not on Prep, I have had sex with 2 Poz guys, over the Past 3 years of barebacking
  3. I would Like to expand on this, since the last time I posted here. What I find is a recurring theme for me, is that I get into my Running/Athletic gear: Jockstrap, socks, shoes, and hat ( bicyclist style cap), in addition to caging myself under my Jockstrap, and a blindfold. I get into this gear, whenever I go to the baths, or set up an Anon Motel hook-up; it seems to be pretty successful with other men, and gets me turned on as well.
  4. 2020 is not panning out to what I had planned, due to the covid-19 Lock-down. 10 loads total; would have been around 18 loads, yet some of the guys wore condoms, at the bath houses, I go to.
  5. I have a pretty tight hole myself, almost like a virgin, every time. I concur with what PG1961 said. Yet the way I stretch out is, I start with a butt plug set, graduated in size. I recommend using Anal Ease Lube, and taking popper hits, during this process. Once I have worked my way up to the biggest butt plug, I then move to a Dildo, that is life-like in size, I have one that is 9 x 5.5. Once you get to the dildo, I do what PG1961 suggested, and again, always much better while hitting the poppers.
  6. I am a bottom that has set up a couple of these Anon, Motel meets. its not 100% anon, and I do get to know the men, a little, before we hook-up, What I have been hearing, is that these are guys, in so called, open relationships, they want no strings attached sex. Some men have even told me that, due to the Bath houses being closed during covid-19, that what I am setting up, takes the place of the bath house experience.
  7. My BBRT profile is still up, yet I am not really that active on it. For now trying out this new site called Nasty Kink Pigs, and using KIK as a contact method.
  8. Found out I had Anal Chlamydia last Month. I would have never known, If I hadn't been going through a very rigid process of getting Prep through Kaiser; I found out during the testing process that is required.
  9. Its interesting that since I made an adjustment, and stated on my profile, that KIK was my new contact method, I have had quit a few men, look me up, that claim they saw my profile on BZ,, and wanted to get to know me. No one local, yet a few guys say they travel out to the SF bay area, on business, or for events such as Folsom or Pride.
  10. Found this site, and became a member a little over a week, ago. I seem to be having some success with it, yet I am hoping, its not just because I am fresh meat, and that this trend will Continue.
  11. I would also like to add that I go online rather early in the mornings; stumbled onto this, randomly, and found out, I had some success with it.
  12. I have a take it, or leave it attitude about condoms, Prefer bareback, yet not going to make it an issue if a guy wants to wear a condom. At both steamworks and watergarden, I rent a room, open the door, and put my ass on display in a good jockstrap; I let whatever happens, happens.
  13. tomorrow, I am going from Burlingame to Salines California, to meet with a Co-worker, for an evening that could potentially lead to something sexual.
  14. I agree, love being caged. not long term, yet I love feeling my cock take different stages in the cage, from being totally limp, partially hard, to hard, just moving around in the cage is hot, while a guy is fucking me, or tossing my salad.
  15. yes, I concur, Mostly at the steamworks (Berkeley) and sometimes at the Watergarden San Jose.

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