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    Northampton Massachusettes
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    I have an incredibly strong and intense fantasy / Desire about getting POZ converted.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I had sex with another man in my early 20's. I started out with the idea that it was just going to be experimenting, yet I ended up really liking it. I continued to meet other men for sex, as well as frequent Bathhouses. over the past couple of years, and a bad marriage, I have accepted and become quit comfortable with my Homosexuality.
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    Just the Photos I take for my Profiles on Gay websites
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    Dom/POZ tops to initiate me.

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  1. When did you start dressing?

    I am starting to wear women's Jockey for Her undies. They feel like I am wearing nothing on at all, under my jeans. I enjoy wearing them because it puts me in touch with my feminine side.
  2. Making Him Piss Himself

    I always feel like peeing while getting fucked, but never have, and would love to do it, yet too modest.
  3. Great topic, I have been fucked by 2 men that said they where undetectable, and who knows at the bath houses since last summer. I recently tested neg. late last month, yet I just met another guy online, who is undetectable. I love this status, because I feel I get the emotional thrill of taking the risk, without as much risk.
  4. Are the baths any place for a neg guy?

    I am planning on going poz this way, just taking anon loads at bathhouses from this point forward.......love the thrill.
  5. I live in the Western Massachusetts area, and I would like to start going to some bathhouses this Spring. Does anyone have any good recommendations? I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, so my expectations might be a bit high. I am willing to make about a 3 hour trip one way. I would be pursuing this on weekends.
  6. Doggy Style, I like getting fucked deep, and it feels great to have my cock dangling in the air, pre-cumming, then cuming if the right spot gets hit.
  7. How do you feel when with a man sexually

    I am bi as well, and hooking up with another man has always been a very intense experience, especially since I am barebacking now. To this day, before I meet a man for sex, I get this combination of intense sexual arousal and anxiety mixed together, I think its a fucking rush, and thus the reason I have been pursuing it for 30 years.
  8. Decided to Bareback after my Divorce

    Yes, I am BI
  9. I feel that I had always played it safe, because I wanted to get married some day ( to a Women) and do the whole White picket fence thing. However when I found myself divorced after 8 years of marriage, and 50 years old, I thought back to how much excitement and fun it would be to go back to having sex with other men again, only this time Bareback. It has exceeded expectations, and I feel there is no turning back on this Journey, wherever it may lead
  10. What happened with my cover photo? one day I had it up, when I came online yesterday it was gone. I tried many times to up load the original photo that worked, with no success.
  11. New Members Introduce Themselves

    HI my name is John, been here since October of 2017, Just started barebacking, after my Divorce and I love it. Its very liberating, and I love the rush of taking the risk as well. I feel like a teenager all over again, and everything bareback gets me so turned on. I currently live in Northampton, MA. I have not met anyone here yet, always open to the possibility.
  12. 2018 Load Tally

    Between Mid 2017 to present I have taken 10 Anon loads so far; I am fairly new to barebacking, yet loving it, more loads to come.
  13. Enjoying my California Vacation

    I am ending my vacation in California. It was to see my family, yet I made a side trip to the Bathhouse, I used to go to, when I first started having sex with other men. I took a couple of anon loads; it is so much more enjoyable, and uninhibited, being truly comfortable with barebacking and my new acceptance of the consequences. It is like I had always thought it should be like, a Fantasy come true.
  14. Peeing while getting fucked

    I like being fucked doggy style, its nice letting my cock do its thing while just hanging. when I have used a butt plug on myself, if feels so nice to let the piss and the pre-cum just drip out.
  15. When a guy first starts fucking me, I get this sensation to pee. I feel it would be a big turn on to let it go, while being fucked, but I would be embarrassed about it. I have done it by myself, while I have had a butt plug, or a dildo up my ass, its a real turn on for me. I don't consider myself into water sports per say, but the experience of peeing while getting fucked, then cumming shortly after, is hot

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