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    Northampton Massachusettes
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    I used to have an incredibly strong and intense fantasy / Desire about getting POZ converted.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I had sex with another man in my early 20's. I started out with the idea that it was just going to be experimenting, yet I ended up really liking it. I continued to meet other men for sex, as well as frequent Bathhouses. over the past couple of years, and a bad marriage, I have accepted and become quit comfortable with my Homosexuality.
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    Just the Photos I take for my Profiles on Gay websites
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    What I am looking for really can't be found here.

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  1. NegToPoz2018


    Northampton Massachusetts here
  2. NegToPoz2018

    The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    John Western Massachusetts 50 5'9" 145 LBS. Fit & Athletic Text 413-426-1638
  3. seems like all the guys I could really connect with, are far away. I findly get comfortable and accepting of my sexuality, and now I find it hard to actually meet someone.
  4. I am currently looking for a Sex buddy in my local area. thus far I am STD free HIV-. Vers/bottom, very good shape, blue eyes blondish grey hair. I like poppers and 420 but no other drugs. I can be open to things that are a bit more kink, but basically vanilla; I just like getting naked and having fun. OH, and the most important thing, I am very poz friendly. I hope to hear from you soon. check out my profile and you will get to know me better.
  5. NegToPoz2018

    Neg Hole in Northampton, Massachussettes

    No that is ok, I am just getting over Syphilis myself not into the miner bugs, just want the big one. can you get Herpes from taking a load? I just want to be HIV POZ with a long incubation period. How are you on time? I am thinking of getting a Motel or Hotel. if would have to be on a weekday; I am looking into taking a day off from work, this scenario works best for me.
  6. NegToPoz2018

    Bbrts Profiles

    New location, now posted in Providence Rhode Island
  7. NegToPoz2018

    In the Cards

    One of my hottest fantasies, I would go in a heart beat.......I am always checking out the regional listings for something like this
  8. Has anyone ever been to the Cum Union Parties in Providence? I am mulling around the idea of going to my first Cum union party, and am wondering what they are like, and what I can wear? I would like to have on my favorite Jockstrap if that is ok, or is total nudity required?
  9. NegToPoz2018

    Neg Hole in Northampton, Massachussettes

    Do you have any other Bugs/STD other than being HIV Poz?
  10. NegToPoz2018

    Husband to Cumdump

    Great story, I can relate, I decided after my marriage broke up, to get in touch with my inner faggot and become a Cumdump as well. I didn't have a night like yours, I just had an awakening , after smoking some grass, that I had nothing holding me back, and although I am now 50, I still have a nice athletic Runners body, that guys would find attractive.
  11. NegToPoz2018

    Bbrts Profiles

    BBRT: PozFrndlyJock4u. Currently in San Jose California.
  12. NegToPoz2018

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I took my last load, Last night, from a guy I met on BBRTs. it was hot, first POZ no meds load.
  13. NegToPoz2018

    Making Him Piss Himself

    I always feel like peeing while getting fucked, but never have, and would love to do it, yet too modest.
  14. Great topic, I have been fucked by 2 men that said they where undetectable, and who knows at the bath houses since last summer. I recently tested neg. late last month, yet I just met another guy online, who is undetectable. I love this status, because I feel I get the emotional thrill of taking the risk, without as much risk.
  15. NegToPoz2018

    Are the baths any place for a neg guy?

    I am planning on going poz this way, just taking anon loads at bathhouses from this point forward.......love the thrill.

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