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    Northampton Massachusettes
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    I have an incredibly strong and intense fantasy about getting POZ converted. and about ready to make it reality
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I had sex with another man in my early 20's. I started out with the idea that it was just going to be experimenting, yet I ended up really liking it. I continued to meet other men for sex, as well as frequent Bathhouses. over the past couple of years, and a bad marriage, I am becoming consciously aware, and accepting that I might be gay
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    Just the Photos I take for my Profiles on Gay websites
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    Information about barebacking, and places to meet other men, and possibility meeting someone here.

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  1. Your Sexual Identity?

    For a long time, after I felt it was more than just experimenting, I became comfortable identifying as Bisexual. After a bad marriage (to a women) and discovering how much I have enjoyed bareback sex, I have decided to exclusively live a gay lifestyle; I have begun to identify as gay.
  2. Starting next year, I will be going to the Megaplex on a regular bases. I am a 50 y/o man in exceptionally good shape, 5'9 140'ish 30" waist. I would love to meet you down there. review my profile, and lets get to know each other, very Poz friendly
  3. I am oringally from the San franisisco Bay area, and go back there to visit twice a year to visit family. About me Trim/Athletic 50 y/o Bisexual man, 5'9 140lbs, Blu/Blond bottm/verse. HIV neg. Poz friendly. if interested, check out my profile here and on BBRT.
  4. Neg Hole in Northampton, Massachussettes

    In Due time. busy right now, both professionally and personally. I just started a new Job, and I am currently in the process of ending a marriage. Early next year I plan to jump into my new lifestyle of barebacking & chasing John
  5. Just looking to see who is out there, and would be interested in hooking up for real. I am 50 Years old, trim & Athletic blue/blond 5'9 140ish 30" waist. .

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