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  1. Wow, I can now answer my own post. Its strange that I am not freaking-out like I thought I would be, if this happened to me 30 years ago. The best description that comes to mind, is when my new car got stolen, right out of my driveway, Aside from the anger, there was this weird feeling of disbelief, like this didn't really happen, yet it did, and it takes awhile for your mind, to catch up to the new reality
  2. Three years for me, had my second BB experience in 2017, and it took off from there. post Divorce, and barebacking really loosened up my inhibitions. What I refer to as my first time on the Down-Low, I was very uptight, condom Nazi. Yet, what I refer to as my second DL, it was much different; I was more relaxed and comfortable with my bisexuality. I also became more adventurous, really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. I don't regret it, just experiencing some shock and numbness right now,
  3. I agree about what you said about loving sex, yet there are certain fantasies, Fetishes, and enhancements that improve the sexual experience too.
  4. I met a guy yesterday, that I started corresponding with, off of KIK. He claimed that he saw my profile, here on Breeding Zone. A bit outside of my age range, sixty-two, Yet I made an exception, because: he could Host, he had a nice uncut cock, he did not give his Status, ( and I did not ask), and we where into the same kinks, and lifestyle habits. His place was on the Castro, in SF, which made it even more enticing (Old School) we talked over a bottle of wine, then when he put his hand on my leg, I knew it was time to go fuck. We went into his bedroom, dimmed the lights, and got undre
  5. Just started following you. 

  6. I just recently started doing this over the last couple of weeks, I also cage my cock at the same time. Hitting the poppers also enhances this experience before falling off to sleep; I have had some pretty interesting dreams. Its no substitute for the real thing, yet its getting me through the covid 19 lockdown.
  7. Its the girth that gets me. I would not have a problem with up to 10" , yet anything thicker than 5" of girth gets hard to take; I have recently been riding a dildo just to get up to 5" of girth.
  8. I don't know what it totals, yet over the last 2 years, I seem to average, getting a load every 4 to 6 weeks.
  9. I met a guy online, while on an extended vacation. I told him I was going to be headed back home shortly, and that we should meet up at a motel, on my way back. He thought that was cool, so we exchanged phone numbers, and I told him I would text, once I got to the motel. I got into my usual gear ( Jockstrap, socks, running cap & blindfold) texted the guy I met online, that I was at the Motel. I proceeded to get poppered up, drank some wine, and waited, prone on the bed. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I heard the door open and he entered, then he started stroking my ass and l
  10. Maybe Watergarden will open again under new management, when this whole covid 19 fiasco ends. lets just hope that Steam works does not go under.
  11. you, and I are alike, I could not have said it better myself-and I also consider myself Bisexual.
  12. I agree. I feel it is more an issue of how you market yourself on certain sites, than ethics, some online dating sites are more prep friendly than others.
  13. I think you touch on part of it, Most of us will not be having children, at least not from a physical-biological standpoint. I feel that from a psychological point-of-view chasing as will has possibly gifting, fells that void. The two aspects that are shared, are that, they are both defiantly life-changing events, and you are permanently accepting, or passing on someone else's DNA. marker
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