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    Western Massachussettes
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    I like vistiting this site to read post, and finding out there are other men out there like myself.
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    I had sex with another man in my early 20's. I started out with the idea that it was just going to be experimenting, a walk on the wild side, yet I ended up really liking it. I continued to meet other men for sex, as well as frequent Bathhouses. Over the past couple of years, and a bad marriage, I have accepted and become comfortable with my Homosexuality
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    Just the Photos I have taken for Profiles on Gay websites
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    I would like to meet a sex buddy/Friend in my local area ( 1 hour drive radius) with the same interest and qualities as myself. POZ friendly here.

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  1. PozTemptation

    Why do you like bareback?

    When I am in the heat of passion, its very nice and natural not to have to stop in the middle of everything and grope around for the condoms.
  2. PozTemptation

    Do You Get Into Nudism?

    Naked at home, I am finding that I like to end up totally nude when I am in front of the computer, on sites like BZ and hook up apps.
  3. PozTemptation

    whats your fetish?

    Jockstraps, Socks, skimpy underwear/thongs
  4. PozTemptation

    What Do Your Tops Say That Turns You On?

    Are you Ready to take my load?
  5. PozTemptation


    I hear a lot of different names for the relationships between two men.ie Dad/Son, Master/Sub, Gifter/Chaser etc. Does anyone find the labels Predator/Prey; the concept of being the hunted or the hunter, to be a turn on for you? even if you keep this to yourself, thinking it might seem creepy? This is sometimes a way that I see myself Prey (Sub/Bottom) being hunted by a predator (top/dom/master). I must admit it gets me very turned on, even if I just keep it to myself. Just sharing my thoughts, and wanting to know if anyone feels the same way?
  6. PozTemptation

    First sniff of fresh Poppers

    The first time I had sex with another man, I was introduced to poppers, so they always remind of that first experience, and I associate them with gay sex. Not to mention how much they melt away my inhibitions.
  7. PozTemptation

    Storage Unit for Hookups?

    from my own perspective, there is a creepiness factor to it, It would be a deal-breaker for me. Maybe it was something I saw watching CSI I don't know, but it would give me a bad vibe.
  8. PozTemptation

    Can't stop thinking of taking poz loads

    I am wondering the same thing. I was even in High School when the AIDS epidemic started, and I saw all the horrors of the disease on the news everyday. Yet lately with my acceptance of barebacking, and, where I am at, in my life, the topic gets me incredibly turned on; I feel like a horny teenager, with regards to this fetish/topic. I am trying to apply what I have learned in psychology, maybe it is symbolic of something else, just below the subconscious. I am not self-destructive or Suicidal, as far as I know. Its mysterious that the thing that might end up killing me, makes me feel so full of life right now. Just thinking out loud here.
  9. PozTemptation

    What is your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?

    For me, its the ultimate, life changing, and something I can really call the Apex of my sexual experience. What turns me on so much, is that I am actually ready to go through with it, just waiting for the opportunity. I have built my courage up, thought it through, and decided this is the right time in my life to go through with it. Review my profile, if you find out what that is, and you can help me fulfill it, get in touch. ♥️
  10. PozTemptation

    Older Bottoms. How do you get what you want?

    I am going to the Bath houses and sex clubs a lot more, almost exclusively, as a matter of fact. There is no ageism there. I have no facial hair, I am physically fit, and that seems to work.
  11. PozTemptation

    How Long Have You Gone w/o Sex?

    My experience is that when I first started having sex with other men, I would have periods of up to 6 months before I would pursue it again, and hook up with a man. It was more to do with some mental barriers I had with accepting my homosexuality. lately now that I have started barebacking, I have desired gay sex a lot more, and want to take that leap into a gay lifestyle, yet right now, I am Married, that is something I am currently dealing with.
  12. I have an interesting twist to this question, I am living my fantasy, and that is barebacking without worrying about the consequences. I feel like a door has been opened that has been shut for awhile. I have reached a place in my life, mentally and emotionally, where I have gotten past all the fear I used to associate with bare back sex,
  13. PozTemptation

    Any Poz Gifters in San Fransisco?

    HOT 😀 What is your current VL? and how long have you been POZ without symptoms?
  14. I used to use the original Gay.com, they had great chat rooms, I met a lot of guys in the chats as well. that chat room action would be great in Breeding zone.
  15. I want to experience the intense rush of at least taking one POZ-unmedicated load. what happens after that, is anyone's guess.

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