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    Being inpregnated/ Infected with a Poz Load
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    Bi-WM 50 Y/O 5'9 145lbs, greyish blond hair blue eyes, 30" waist, 7" cut, in good shape ( runner ) go to the gym regularly; although I am trim, I still have a good build. 70% bottom 30% top, Marijuana and poppers ok. ALL PHOTOS ARE UP-TO-DATE and represent how I look today.
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    Just the Photos I have taken for Profiles on Gay Dating Apps.
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    No Loads refused-Risky Sex: I love that adrenalized rush, that comes with being very turned on, accompanied with anxiety; it makes my heart pound, and gets my body shaking

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  1. We can work out logistics, I would love to take your seed.

  2. I have not used one yet, but I am thinking about it, I would like to get a metal one.
  3. Wow, I just canceled my profile with BBRT, I was there since 2015, it was like giving something up, like coffee, or hard liquor. Once I become comfortable with bath houses, sex parties, and my No Loads Refused Mindset, I felt there was just no need for Apps anymore. 😉
  4. That sounds like the beginning of my journey. I started out with "I am just experimenting" I become more comfortable and accepting of it, over time. Now, I find myself hooking up with men for sex, almost exclusively.
  5. revisiting this forum again, I feel that I have become more comfortable, and accepting of my Bisexuality over the last 31 years, I would not say its a conversion. 😉
  6. When I meet another man, and we connect. the sex last so much longer, and its much more intense, especially now that I bareback.
  7. That was sort of my situation, The last 4 years of the marriage there was no sex. I started off meeting a guy on BBRT, then started going to a bath house, on days off from work.
  8. One of the reasons I appreciate, Breeding Zone, is I can hash out these feelings and get to the bottom of their meaning, through the forums and chatroom. I don't really know how far back it was, that I started Fantasizing about Sero-conversion, and the whole Gifter/Chaser fetish. I do know it came on very strong, once I made the decision to start barebacking. Its a fantasy/fetish that has a lot of emotional contradictions. You want to pursue the ultimate, or join a group of men, you can feel a belonging with, there is also adding that Russian Roulette thrill to sex. On the other hand, you find that its crazy to want to contract such a virus, and being reminded of it, through reading forums, and hearing testimonials, makes you glad your healthy. ps. Note to the Moderator; I am discussing the psychological aspects of a fetish, not encouraging it or pursuing it.
  9. The Midnight Sun in San Francisco, and the Vault in Provincetown MA.
  10. After giving this more thought and speculation, I feel it will be when that intense/anxious-thrill feeling is, no longer there. Ever since I first had sex with another man, I feel a big part, of the gay side of my identity, has been about pushing the envelope, and seeking that adrenalized rush that has come along with each Homosexual experience From my first time with another man, going to a bathhouse for the first time, barebacking, and possibility getting Sero-converted, have all given me that adrenalized-turned on rush. When that is no longer there, then for me, it will be time to hang up the cum towel.
  11. I am Married, yet separated. It was due to the usual culprits, lack of communication, finances, and the relationship become still. However, below the surface, I started yearning to have sex with other men again. It started with my occasional visits to Adult Friend finder. I then found out about BBRT, then Breeding zone. Well, My legal wife, claims I am just going through a phase, and that will run its course, there are days I think she is right. However, I am having too much fun at the moment. 😈
  12. When/if I get charged up, I would like to be off meds as long as I can, even to where I experience Mild Pre-AIDS symptoms (night sweats, thrush, fatigue, swollen glands)
  13. where do you lIve?

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