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    .i am white male. Age 57. Bottom guy. Looking for top bareback. Guys. In Cumbria. UK or visiting. Cumbria. Uk
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    Top bareback. Guys. In. Cumbria. UK. To fuck. My. Negative. Ass. There's a gay sauna. In Carlisle Cumbria if someone. Wants to. Come. With me

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  1. Any top guys. Visiting. Lake District. Looking for. Bottom guy negative. Please. Text me 

    1. mkg0820


      Happy to travel mate for totally genuine guys , give me your number or bbrt profile pls.

    2. Steve57uk


      Text me. 07732004710. Anytime 

  2. Looking for. Any top. Bareback guys. Coming. To the. Lake District. I'm a bottom guy negative. Looking for top. Load. 

  3. Steve57uk

    What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Hardcore. Top. Guys. Looking for. Negative bottom. Guys. To breed
  4. Steve57uk

    How about a listing for top Cum Givers?

    Good. Idea I'm a bottom guy negative. In Cumbria. Trying. To. Find poz tops. No luck. So far
  5. I'm a bottom guy negative. Looking for. Top. Poz guys. To give. Me. The seed. I am in Cumbria. If you. Can. Come. Here. Please. Message me. So we can. Arrange a meet. 

  6. Any top. Poz guys. In Cumbria. Looking for. A negative. Bottom. If. So. Please. Message. Me. To arrange a. Meet
  7. Steve57uk

    Carlisle. Cumbria

    Any top poz guys. In. Cumbria. Want to. Load negative sub bottom guy. Text me I'm steve57uk I'm a negative. Bottom guy. Want top. Poz guys. To give. Me there. Load..

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