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    Frirnds chat fun
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    Im 28
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    Friends Chat meet fun im poz friendly love go down on you eat ur ass my ass alway up. To be filled feel free hit me up if wana too other that bb for me. Cam shy

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  1. chubbyman89

    A Visit with Grandpa

    Hot!!! Especially part with Frank
  2. chubbyman89

    Welcome to the Brotherhood

    Awesome story dude can't wait to read the next part
  3. chubbyman89

    Is my hole too sloppy?

    Looks fine to me its sexy
  4. chubbyman89

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Love the story and the twist cant wait read more of it
  5. chubbyman89

    Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    I love drinking piss im alway up drink guy piss anywhere but have yet take it up my ass ... Only done it twice but loved it
  6. chubbyman89

    should i

    im in the same boat kinda i love bb but scared to become poz but yet its such turn on the risk
  7. chubbyman89

    Bottom should accept poz loads?

    im in same boat i want take poz loads but at sametime i dont want too not sure really on what to do with it
  8. chubbyman89

    First Cocksucking Location

    took me first cock back in rockland i was 12/13 never swallowed my friends load sadly ;( but god i love sucking him every chance i got
  9. chubbyman89

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    i started sucking cock when a friend of mine talk me in to sucking his cock oh man did i enjoy it wasnt in to it at first took about 2/3 weeks of him talking me in to it but i was about 12/13 he was 14
  10. chubbyman89

    Craigslist meets?

    i met few guys on cl but most of the time they would cum so quick it would ruin all the fun for me... then i did meet this one daddy on cl it became reg thing where i would suck him off once week and then it became 2 to 3 times a week this went from a half hour to me staying there for few hours having fun with him kept this going well over year till he had to move swallow everytime i miss seeing him
  11. chubbyman89


    Alwaya had thing for truckers specially dirty ones

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