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  1. Rick95

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    Check our profile, wife and I would like to exchange videos.
  2. Rick95

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Ive'd sucked a few after school (grade 7). hooked!
  3. Rick95

    His Black Cum

    Never went with a black guy yet, are they as big as they say?
  4. Rick95

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I was in 8th grade , we would go in a field, tall grass nobody could see during lunch break If I remember the boy wasn't big was able to take it all. GOOD OLD DAYS!
  5. Rick95

    Getting blown with an audience

  6. Rick95

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    My older brother I was 9 years old.
  7. Holy smokes, do my wife?


    1. btmwsfun


      I would do her, nice

    2. Rick95


      Receive oral?

  8. Rick95

    Need to get fucked so bad

    Age of boy?
  9. Rick95


    Getting ready to open the cottage soon looking to have guys over on weekends and 'play' outdoors. No worries the cottage is in a very secluded area, if weather doesn't permit plenty of room inside.
  10. Wow I would have fun with playing ass with you, are you endowed?
  11. I have been video taped going solo and with a guy, I don't mind it. If you want to get into porn you have to be well endowded, not sure what the young guys (twinks) do to be so big nowadays!!!

    1. MuscledHorse


      Thick cocked power bottom here. 

  12. Rick95

    Perv pastor

  13. How did you start? Did it hurt?

  14. Was this in school?

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