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  1. ffbareff

    Colombus, Ohio

    The NY Times travel section this morning lists Columbus as one of the top 52 places in the world to visit in 2019. I’ve never been. Can anyone recommend it as a fun place to visit? How is it for barebacking?
  2. ffbareff

    Paris tips

    @muscmtl have a great time. And if you’re ever in DC, would love to take your load!
  3. ffbareff

    Paris tips

    Others will have views but I recommend: L'Impact, rue Greneta Bar Keller, rue Keller (near Bastille) both small, friendly places. BBRT is not so widely used. In addition to Leatherman's recommendation, I'd try Recon and/or PlanetRomeo, both widely used in Europe.
  4. Vauxhaller85 CREAMPIED BY FFVERSLONDON https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/creampied-by-ffverslondon-37403971
  5. ffbareff

    Visiting Brussels

    If you already have Amsterdam scheduled into the trip, I’d stick with it. LOVE Amsterdam. I only suggested Antwerp as a convenient day trip from Brussels.
  6. ffbareff

    Visiting Brussels

    We lived in Brussels until 2015. At that time there was only one sauna (that I knew of). Macho Sauna, near the Grand Place about 3 blocks south of the Bourse. It was ok, small with a mixed crowd. But, have you considered going to Antwerp? Beautiful city and only 30 mins by train from Brussels Gare Central. Several trains an hour. If you check out Antwerp, I strongly recommend Boots. Pretty sure you will get loads there. It’s also an older brawny crowd in general. For meets online, I recommend setting up either a Plant Romeo or a Recon account (or both!). BBRT is not widely used there. Defer to any Belgian BZ friends for more recent info. Enjoy! We really liked living in Belgium.
  7. ffbareff


    As usual, ErosWired is absolutely right. Taking your time is key as is trust between fister and fistee. I would only add that it’s not necessary to be overly focused on depth. Taking just the hand -without trying to go further up the wrist/arm - can be just as much fun. You will also want to decide whether or not you want to orgasm while the 🤜 is still inside. (I like to, but not all bottoms do). If you do, it will tighten your hole so make sure your top is careful pulling out.
  8. ffbareff

    Need advice for bottoming

    @BiGuyinWI. Check out the ‘Clean as a Whistle’ thread in this same section for some useful advice
  9. ffbareff

    Chicago Visit Update

    @fucknfeedme we arrive in town midday so may stop by Steamworks in the evening. If we do may see you there.
  10. ffbareff

    First timer in Chicago. 11/11 -11/14

    Arrive tomorrow
  11. ffbareff

    Chicago Visit Update

    Congrats. I’m heading to Chicago tomorrow and hope I get as lucky!
  12. ffbareff

    Clean As A Whistle

    I’ll cast another vote for Pure for Men. I was a skeptic at first but my husband encouraged me to try- as a test. Works brilliantly. One advice I’ve seen is to NOT maneuver your ass and try to “use gravity” to get the water deeper into your rectum. Seems counterintuitive but I’m told if the water gets too high inside it can encourage more to come down and make the whole process longer. I stopped doing that and and I must say, combined with Pure, it’s now much easier to get cleaner quicker.
  13. @Nastyguyxy I used to live in Wmsbg! Let us know the next time you’re in DC.
  14. ffbareff

    First timer in Chicago. 11/11 -11/14

    Updating. Interested in meeting friendly tops when I’m there. Also planning to go to Cumunion on Monday. Welcome any tips or advice that anyone is willing to share. Thanks!
  15. From barefuckeramsterdam https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/invited-to-drop-by-and-dump-my-load-37338951

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