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  1. From barefuckeramsterdam https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/invited-to-drop-by-and-dump-my-load-37338951
  2. I was cut at birth ( very common in US in those days) and frankly, I've never missed it.
  3. ffbareff

    How old when your pubic hair appeared?

    Unfortunately, it was too long ago to remember! 🤣
  4. ffbareff

    Tops: Online Profiles - What Seals The Deal?

    Thank you ErosWired for starting an important thread! A lot of us have been asking this question of ourselves for sometime. You put it in writing. Look forward to many answers.
  5. Love to meet friendly local tops. HMU
  6. In Singapore and KL English is widely spoken. But Singapore guys tend to prefer "gym fit" as they would say. At least they did when I lived in the region a few years back. Same with Hong Kong. Thailand, obviously, is not an English speaking country but you can get pretty far without much Thai. Same with Chinese in Taipei. Japan is more challenging. I had some Japanese when I lived there and it's helpful, if only to find your way around NI-chome. Some guys speak English but many don't - or very little. But the receptionists at 24 Kaikan were pretty understanding of non-Japanese speakers. Tickets are purchased from a machine.
  7. By far, Tokyo. Try one of the branches of the bathhouse 24 Kaikan: Shinjuku or Ueno. Latter has a slightly older crowd but still good raw action. I've heard Taipei is good, too but haven't been there in many years.
  8. Got out of work early today and arranged to meet up with my Asian FB, a skilled and experienced FF top. Started out with a sexy trim of my pubes, including back around my hole. That glided right into a hot 10 minute rimming. Once my hole was sufficiently loose, he slipped his cock inside and after about 5 minutes delivered a creamy two- day load. But, that was just act 1. Keeping the load inside, he popped my butt plug inside, both to be sure the load coated my entire insides but also to loosen me up for the fisting to follow. This guy is a real expert. He began with a straight on clamped fist, once inside, rotating softly to make sure I got the range of sensations. My prostate was receiving maximum attention. After pulling out and just a minute to rest and recuperate, he entered my hole again, this time with hand full length and open palm. The whole FF session lasted about 20 minutes, and was one of the best I've ever had. Sitting now and typing this with the buttplug snugly settled in my ass. Can't wait till next time!
  9. Just finished a breeding and fisting session with my husband. ( we just began fisting again after a long break.). My hole is twitching for more cock and cum.
  10. ffbareff

    Length or Girth

    Girth. Love the stretch
  11. Thanks for the follow.  Would love to meet up.some time message me.

  12. ffbareff

    What is your favorite bath house?

    That's the best part. Japanese guys can be reserved on the outside but wild in bed. True that 24 attracts more bottoms than tops. There's a branch in Ueno, too where I often got loaded.
  13. ffbareff

    American Bottom Visiting Pretoria

    Will be in Pretoria June 14-17. Love to try some South African cock and cum

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