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  1. Justa420guy https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/fun-with-buddy-14551941 Playing in the creampie and filling it more
  2. Too much verbal can be distracting, like a porn flick, but there is something incredibly sexy about a man who tells me, “I’m going to cum inside you now.”
  3. Sorry. That wasn't my intention. I will be more careful. I don't think I called anyone names or wished anyone harm. I will stop posting for awhile.
  4. It's my dream to flip fuck with a guy as tall as you ?!
  5. I'm 6'4" 205 lbs. bottom. My husband is 5'9", 150 lbs. We've never had trouble making it work. ?
  6. WOOF !   I almost stretched enough for fisting - love to hear from others have already done Fisting !   :)

    1. ffbareff


      All you need is patience and a lot of lube...

  7. Anyone going to FistFest Augusta end of April? This will be our first time and want to hear others’ experiences and, hopefully, meet some nice guys.
  8. Is anyone going to FistFest in Augusta next month? This will be our first time and I’m interested in hearing guys’ experiences and, hopefully, making a few new friends.
  9. Three loads this afternoon, before, during and after a great fisting session. Spring really is in the air! ?
  10. I was on truvada and later Atripla for 15 years before starting to get minor bone density issues. Doctor switched me to another med and put me on Vitamin d 2000iu a day. No longer an issue as others have said the benefits of prep greatly outweigh a side effect that may take 15 years to show up
  11. Hi! Thanks for the follow. 

  12. Youre pretty hot yourself.  Native New Yorker here, too.  Now in DC.

  13. You said it TommyDean4! BBBoyfromTN is the hottest guy on this site. Would take his load any day if I were closer, too.
  14. So long as it’s everyday varying by a few hours either way should have no impact on effectiveness. Same for poz guys on meds. The active ingredients of the meds stay in your system 36 hours or so.
  15. Thanks all for the comments. I’ve decided to participate. Went on for a physical exam last week to see if I qualify. Waiting to hear back.

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