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  1. ffbareff

    American Bottom Visiting Pretoria

    Will be in Pretoria June 14-17. Love to try some South African cock and cum
  2. Anyone know about Odefsey? Said to be like Atripla with fewer long term side effects
  3. Raw. But of course it was 1978 and everyone fucked raw in those days.
  4. ffbareff

    What is your favorite bath house?

    By far...24 Kaikan Shinjuku in Tokyo Japan five floors of play space both public and private. Sauna, steam rooms, Japanese senator (bath). Rarely a condom in use
  5. ffbareff

    Cut or uncut?

    @BBBoyfromTN. Thanks for the great comments! That's why your one of my favorite posters. Agree 100pct with your comments on the ethnic differnces. Not sure about regional. I'm was born in NY. Don't know if that means much. But do know in the 40 years between my birth and yours there was a big change in views regarding circumcision across the country.
  6. ffbareff

    Cut or uncut?

    Thanks to all who answered. Welcome more comments and voters.
  7. ffbareff

    Cut or uncut?

    When I was born, american baby boys were routinely circumcised at birth. I was a young teen before I even saw an uncut dick. My impression is that is not the case today. I'm interested in others' experiences. I realize this is not as relevant to our friends outside the US where circumcision is largely limited to specific ethnic or religious communities.
  8. My bf likes seeing me get fucked. Wish it happened more.
  9. ffbareff

    NEVER thank the bottom

    I'm a bottom. But it's nice to be appreciated. 👏👍😉
  10. Mostly bottom. But top if circumstances permit. Much prefer anal, not much for oral.
  11. Truly impressive. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/4-nigerian-tops-1-white-bottom-breeding-party-34201211 4 NIGERIAN TOPS 1 WHITE BOTTOM - BREEDING PARTY Part 2 of my Nigerian breeding gangbang. Opened my hole for these 4 Nigerians to use. Loved their balls deep style and secret seedings. I don't know how many loads I took that night. But here is a snippet of the evening. Hit me up if you are into this scene or want me to bottom for you and your mates. Totally anonymous and XXL friendly. Like or subscribe. I want to hear from more fans.
  12. ffbareff


    Will be in Pittsburgh. 3/3 to 3/5. Looking for friendly top to breed me.
  13. ffbareff

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    Mine was strange but also highly romantic. Fucked and bred in the garden of a former Indonesian coffee plantation.

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