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    Groups, Kissing, Flogging, Cocksucking,Hoods and Gasmasks, Fisting, Rope play, Fucking, Estim, Bears, Daddies, Leather, CD's, Chubs,Fems, Cum
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    Introvert outside Philadelphia looking for friends and hot times
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    Looking for bottoms that loves to get fucked hard and deep.

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  1. I love topping daddies. It's something special when I breed a man over 50
  2. It's alright, glad I don't have to worry about getting it anymore.
  3. 3 out of 5 bottoms get attached or want to date. I'm in a relationship so that's out of the picture. Guys that get attached tend to want to be my boyfriend on the side or try to ruin my relationship. I find it sad. Makes just want to masturbate.
  4. Nope! Same shit different name, I post I'm looking to fuck but the guys that hit me up are married, only want to give head, or just overall not my type.
  5. Wine and poppers are the extent to my "partying" don't need meth to have a good time, and I don't want anything to do with someone that does. No judgement, don't find anything attractive about it.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I hate that shit
  7. Rather have sex with a lot of people. I'm in a open relationship and I still have sex with a lot of people, and send my partner pics or videos of me breeding guys sometimes we play together, but mostly I fly solo. I don't anyone who wants to be in a monogamous relationship. Think they're clingy, jealous, and territorial.
  8. Looking for a bottom to breed on the regular.
  9. Looking for a bottom to breed on the regular. I'm a 29 year old top living in Glenside, 5'5 115lbs 8.5 cut dick. Prefer chubs, bears and fems, but all are welcome. PM me or message me on bbrts DWFUCKSTHEWORLD.
  10. Thanks for following me

    1. aguiltyone


      Hey, sure thing sexy. Thanks for following back! 

  11. The best bottoms I've ever fucked were over 50. The passion, the experience, and you are great guys overall. Bbrts-DWFuckstheworld

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