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  1. It's definitely hardcore, but the very first step on that ladder. The least hardcore of all the hardcore stuff out there. Where it sits for someone personally is pretty telling about how hardcore/extreme their fetishes are.
  2. The obvious solution here is to simply not eat for a day or two. Then you won't need to douche. Problem solved.
  3. Been a long time since i lived in Vancouver, but David Lam park's in the Yaletown area restrooms had a lot of homeless dudes who'd pass through.
  4. In the best of times a majority of people on apps are using it to generate material to jerk off too. In the pandemic, i'd suspect those numbers are multiplied. If you're looking for something more direct you're probably better just not engaging in long conversations and perhaps going to bbrts or squirt.
  5. I think that sometimes when you fuck around in seedier circles, you're more likely to encounter people who're on drugs and sometimes they're just really fucked up. Had more than my fair share of weird dudes who took things too far or got too attached.
  6. The real question here at the end of the day boils down to, "Do trans men, who like other men, have a right to be in gay spaces?" The only inclusive answer is yes. There's no reason to not include these men in these spaces.
  7. Just absolutely laughing out loud at this dude's feelings being hurt and claiming harassment. A violation of the sites terms of service? LOLLLLLLLLL.
  8. ... Hate... speech? Your opinion was that ... You shouldn't see political things, on a political forum, because you want a break from political things... and when people had an opinion about politics, on a poltical forum -- that differed from yours.... you were being... flamed...???????????????????? That's your opinion? And when people pointed out you came to this here place voluntarily you claimed HATE SPEECH was effecting you? YIKES dude. Just yikes. If this is what you considering flaming hate speech I recommend you stay in a very tight bubble.
  9. From an outsiders perspective it seems like the US is just willing to let... an insurrection in which several people died and hundreds were injured... just pass along by.
  10. You're right. One of their better films in recent years, Mecos I think, was just them going to Mexico and filming there with new talent. Harder to do in Middle Eastern countries but there is literally no shortage of talent. Eric Videos always finds dudes in France.
  11. I just watched of their newer movies and I cannot even begin to describe how pathetic it is. It's easily the cringe-eist thing i've seen... maybe ever. Ruin The Cunt, Scene 7, feating Jafarxxxx "Good Muslim Boy," I cannot even begin to explain how bad it is. Anyone involved in even discussing the premise of it before filming should be catapulted to the sun. They say a bunch of racist shit, talk about taking, "Infidel dick," There's really no way to explain how bad it is without viewing it - but it's sort of like The Ring... if you view it part of you is definitely going to
  12. These films are done by the Sketchysex/FraternityX crew and Tom Faulk said he was surprised no one had died filming their vids from the amount of drugs that were being done while filming for Sketch / Frat X. A SlamRush actor also came forward to say how embarassed he was about filming for them because he was at the height of his meth addiction. I think it's definitely played up for cam, but some of those dudes are absolutely 100% high.
  13. Your doctor can be the greatest doctor in the world - but if you're with holding information then he won't be of much use. Men who have sex with men, especially if you bottom, sometimes need more specific tests. You could have a case of HPV, internally, and not know it. It could become cancerous. You need rectal swabs to check for it so you don't find out when it's advanced far enough it's fucking up your blood work and you're having major surgery. This is just one of many examples of things that can happen. There's more at stake here than really just not wanting to tell your doctor
  14. When I read about them it reminded me of two total tops I knew who were in an open relationship and solved that issue by only playing together, but finding a bottom. Although in this case I wonder if Drew just might be vers. I don't think he's ever filmed scenes as a bottom though.
  15. This is utter bullshit. The Olympics first started accepting trans people - post op, on hormones, with their government accepting their transition in 2003. In 2015 they relaxed the rules quite significantly because transitioning isn't possible in some countries. And yet in the 17 years trans people could compete not a single trans person has dominated or excelled in the Olympics in any way. When you consider fairness in sports - you need to understand that sports are inherently unfair. Olympic pole jumpers from Indonesia with average heights of 5ft compete against European women
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