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  1. Unless he crosses over into overt stalking (IE: Talking about shit you're posting on FB or Insta,) or casually mentioning your family or other personal details (Which if he does these things you need to take a stronger stance) or is going around shit talking you around town..... Then i'd suggest just being friendly, but not too personal, and also being super gross when you talk to him so he stays the hell away from you. (IE: Discuss binge eating. messy break ups, a never ending carousel of STIs, your never ending love of Trump, Be overtly religious) Whatever you know about him that would be so offensive so that he just fucks off and if hes as gross as you say no one will really give a shit if he goes around saying you suck.
  2. hungandmean

    piss in ass

    Easiest way ive found is to breed a faggot and then as you slowly get softer keep your dick in their cunt and then youll eventually piss in them and fill them up. Usually by then I get hard again and go for another round and it feels amazing.
  3. Used to enjoy finding anonymous cumdumps on craigslist - but thats over and done with now. Theres always Grindr and other apps but they're pretty tame and you have to play by their rules. Any idea where dudes are moving to for some kinky raw fun?
  4. hungandmean

    Need help On meds upon moving to canada

    Send me a private message with the province, and general (or specific) area you're considering moving to and I can help you out. There are lots of types of medications that are always provided free of charge in Canada, as it's in the best interests of the public that people get treated - and HIV is on that list. Access to a competent infectious disease doctor depends really on the province and area you're moving to. If your HIV is well managed then your ID doctor may only want to see you once or twice a year and they are able to mail your medication discreetly to any pharmacy. Hit me up if you have any questions dude.
  5. hungandmean

    Herpes Disclosure

    You can have no symptoms and still pass on the virus. This can happen before the outbreak appears, or if people begin sexual activity after the outbreak appears to have healed but hasn't. Valtrex is a very common medication for men on PReP or ARV/HAART to be on. It reduces the frequency of outbreaks, the severity of them, and the chance of transmission when you may not realize you are contagious. Herpes isn't life threatening for gay men, as the major risks of the virus involve giving birth while having an outbreak - but it is a nuisance and some people do suffer severe neurological pain in rare cases. Herpatic nerve pain can last for months after an outbreak... just ask anyone who's had shingles.
  6. One of the things I always respected about TIM was the way they had black men in their films without fetishizing them or trying to portray them as "thugs," and shit. They were years ahead of most studios - some still are trash about it - when it came to how they portrayed stuff. I also agree that it was awesome that alot of the dudes in their films werent models. It felt more real. Now I usually go to Xtube or Tumblr for porn because the stuff being put out there isnt raw enough for me.
  7. hungandmean


    Hives are a pretty common skin issue for HIV+ people, especially if you aren't on meds. It's also a very common thing if you're stressed out. Hives on their own aren't a big deal as long as they aren't obstructing your airway. Take a benedryl. If the hives are on the soles or your feet or your palms, as others stated, it might be syph so definitely get tested. Otherwise, it could just be new soap or laundry detergent you're using or an especially stressful week.
  8. hungandmean

    Herpes Disclosure

    No one ever goes on a date and says, "Oh by the way I get cold sores sometimes," over dinner. The fact is herpes, for most people in good health, happen very rarely - makes it something that I don't think needs discussion unless you know you're getting frequent outbreaks. Since you're on Valtrex that's very unlikely.. and you're obviously not hooking up while having outbreaks. The only time I could see it being an issue is if you had a long term partner and needed to explain why you were out of commission for a bit. Otherwise just be responsible with taking your meds, and act appropriately during an outbreak, and there's really nothing to feel bad about otherwise. Also - A huge fuuuuuuck off at the dudes here trying to slut shame you.... on a website full of dudes who are poz and take anonymous bareback loads and all kinds of other shit... for having a STI. I expected more from people here. Y'all judgey bitches should be ashamed of yourselves find somewhere else to hang out.
  9. Yeah! Pulling out and cumming on someones hole and pushing it back in with your cock can be hot - but no top is really going to do that 1 on 1... We just wanna bust our nut and it's going inside a bottom. No one really pulls out. In a gangbang sure because it's just lube for the next dude. In a 1-1 situation i've never pulled out and never would.
  10. hungandmean

    BBRTS and threesomes.

    I often see bottoms on BBRTS posting that they have a top over and are looking for a third. To me, it sounds like the top obviously isn't satisfying the bottom. If you're doing a great job of wrecking a dudes holes he wouldn't be out there asking for more dick? It seems different to me than a top wanting to see a bottom get used - as opposed to a bottom out there advertising for another top. The few times i've shown up it basically was more of a two bottoms situation as opposed to a lets spitroast this bitch situation.... Curious about your thoughts on threesomes when all of the dudes are random (As opposed to an obvious bareback cumdump party where its pretty clear whats going on)
  11. hungandmean

    Demon Seed

    TIM films often where I live so I know some of the dudes involved in the filming of Sick Fucks - and that movie is fucking tame in comparison to the stuff those guys are into.
  12. It's so true. The stuff on Tumblr is leaps and bounds ahead of the industry really. I hope the age of Sean Cody and stuff is over because that kind of porn puts me to sleep
  13. Obviously my interests, and i'd assume most dudes here would be the same, are on the more extreme side... But i've just found that TIM hasn't made a great movie since Sick Fucks. Their recent, "Bone Ready," was okay but didn't really capture the magic of what the studio had going. They had Kenny's Raw Fucks which was basically only hot because of Kenny's commentary and otherwise was shrug worthy. I remember when TIM used to be a boundary pusher, and the most extreme porn site. Now i'm not even sure what id recommend. And in contrast I looked up a female pornstar that got my dick hard and immediately found a bunch of tumblrs of her being closed fist punched in the face while taking it up the ass. Why is straight porn always more extreme? My personal opinion is that because gay porn has wayyyy too much emphasis on the whole gay for pay thing so most gay porn stars hate what they do for a living
  14. hungandmean

    Total Tops who got infected with HIV

    If you're uncut and there are secondary infections going on (syph, gono, herpes, etc) where there are lesions etc - then it is possible to get HIV as a top. The same risk applies for rough anal sex, where the bottom may become internally torn and bleed. The risk of transmission for cut men is very low, and that is why there is a push in many nations for circumcision. (India, West Africa, etc) It also depends on your immune system as a top, and the immune system of the bottom. Do you have a weakened immune system? Are you fucking a HIV+ bottom with a CD4 above 200 and a low viral load... (Low chance of transmission) or are you fucking a person with a CD4 of 50 and a 200,000 viral load?
  15. hungandmean

    Goals for 2018

    @Happynleather - It's best to not set unreachable goals. Practical goals you can think are possible to achieve will only help encourage you. You'll have to keep us updated on your progress. @bbbearlover1 - Similiar goal here.

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