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  1. I just breed some fat chubby ass 🐷
  2. Yes and we actually have a pretty decent size thread on here about chubby bottoms.
  3. God I wanna visit Australia so bad.
  4. I'm really starting to like you bro lol
  5. Damn, now I definitely need some chub ass.
  6. Do you dress kinda sexy? When he said he kissed a guy, did he say it in a way that was light-hearted, or were there sexual undertones? I ask bc most ppl are bi, and I've lost count of how many of my "straight" friends that wanted to have sex with me.
  7. Oooooo I didn't know that he had that tone. Yeah dudes with that attitude get ignored real quick. I like all ages, but I don't do shitty attitudes.
  8. That is a looking time to wait for Black dick lol. Did you fuck him?
  9. I definitely prefer lighter guys. The contrast turns me on and I think a pink cock and hole are super hot. But if I like a guy, I like a guy, and won't deny him just bc he's not lighter. As far as guys preferring me for my race, well my opinion on that changes depending on whether he's just stereotyping me and fetishizing me or not. If we're just fucking I don't care either way bc we're both just looking for fun and the fetishizing can actually add to the pleasure. However, if we're dating he ofc has to realize that I'm more than just a fat dicked, big assed Blk bull.
  10. Back to you. Whenever you're ready I want you to be my regular hole to dump in!
  11. I usually can only do 6 as well. I want to try to crank it up to 10. That's more of a life goal tho.
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