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  1. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    Why not tomorrow night?
  2. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    Back to you. Whenever you're ready I want you to be my regular hole to dump in!
  3. Goals for 2018

    I usually can only do 6 as well. I want to try to crank it up to 10. That's more of a life goal tho.
  4. Goals for 2018

    My goal is to be able to breed 10 different asses in a day.
  5. Inbox me, let’s breed

  6. TOPS: What should a bottom do when sucking cock?

    Wear nothing or a jock strap with some knee pads. Head should be wet, loud and sloppy! Spit on my dick! Take it down your throat and be a good bitch while I fuck it!
  7. How do ya'll feel about the Big Guys?

    I'm starting to think we are long lost brothers...
  8. Inbox me, I live in Farmington. I’d love you to flood my hole

    1. Cumhose


      When are you usually available? Shoot me a message.

  9. Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I'm Blk and pretty much only fuck white guys. Esp pale white guys! Nothing like spreading two thick white cheeks and exposing a sweet pink hole!!!
  10. 2017 Load Tally

    At the speed you're going, I definitely think you can get 39 loads in 3 days!
  11. How to identify?

    Mmmm very smart, I think I'm going to but some nasty pig shirts.
  12. Anyone know of any regular bb parties or groups going on in Southeast Michigan?
  13. Has anyone ever used Anbesol before sex?

    Maybe test drive it with some toys?
  14. I have a few questions: 1. Does he also bottom? 2. Can I be his bunk mate?! 😈
  15. Lasting longer

    Wassup cumsluts! I was wondering if there are any guys here that can give me any pointers on lasting longer. Not in the sense of how fast I can cum, but how long I can last overall. I typically can blow 6 loads in a day, but after the 2-3 load I need to "recharge". Is there any way I can be ready to fuck again quicker? Is there any way I could shoot more loads daily?

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