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    Cum in mouth or ass?

    Right in my faggot cunt, and hot to walk around public and at home with a stranger's cum leaking down my leg.

    Is “insatiable” a bad word?

    Not when you are a pussy ass faggotcunt who is insatiable for ALL cum and ALL strains!

    tell me about prison

    I'd probably get pozzed in a month in prison looking like this much of a mindless pussy ass faggot. Men in jail would easily pimp me out for food and cigarettes, i wouldnt say no, just be a mindless subhuman cunthole for inmates and maybe the Guards assrape me too.

    tell me about prison

    If thats true, then Id be turned into a tranny whore in jail and by the time my sentence is over, a wasting away multi-diseased gaping fuckhole. Would love to be whored out by all the gangs.

    What the act of bottoming represents

    Being a faggot whore and a mindless cum receptacle for any and all cocks & loads. Not knowing the word "No" when it cums to a cock going up your ass.

    Do You Like Taking Loads In Dark Rooms?

    Yes, only real pussy ass faggots will take ANY LOAD given to them. Whether its in a dark room, a bathroom, or a dark alleyway. Subhuman trash like me is nothing but two cumholes and whether im blindfolded or the lights are off it does not matter...Faggots dont deserve the dignity to see who is breeding them, most time real men just wanna drain their nuts into my pussy ass and leave me their dripping without saying a word or barely looking at me. If im lucky enough he will urinate all over me before walking out the door.
  7. Pathetic Faggots like me need to be Exposed as the pussy cumdump that i am! PLEASE EXPOSE MY FAGGOT ASS! PM ME DEGRADING MESSAGES!
  8. I like being exposed as a nasty cuntboi faggot slut for real men. Like degrading and humiliation. Please PM me and tell me how i should be a diseased filled cumrag

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Content deleted at poster request.

    Is stealthing morally okay?

    Why should a Superior alpha male have to tell anything to a beta faggot (In this context SIR's status)? The only thing SIR should tell a fag is to lay there and take his seed like a good boypussy. And to condoms. Real fagholes let ALL tops pound them raw & fill them up. Period. And only real Alphas fuck boypussy raw. A lot of POZ Alphas have a crazy insatiable desire to drain his nuts into a neg fag ass. A real man's needs being fulfilled is ALWAYS more important than a worthless fuck cunt's worries and health. If a SIR did a condom trick on you, and gifted you....consider it tough love and learning the hard way your place in life as a cumdump who doesn't say No. Hoping though that their are SIRS out there (as they are stealthing the fag) hold him down and whisper in fag's ear his real status as hes draining his nuts in the neg cunt.

    Favorite position to breed in (or get bred in)

    I have two that i mostly get breeded in. #1-Doggy, because i want to assert to the man that hes the dominant one & what better way then to position yourself like a Dog? And probably i just like to sit their and take it like a bitch in heat about to get impregnated. Also because the top can hold my hips, smack my ass and pull my hair as hes gaping my hole. And #2- laying down on my stomach. Cuz i like when tops hold me down as they pound my ass. When i am held down its like the Top is saying "You're not going anywhere faggot, til my balls are drained in that cunt." So hot, even if it hurts at first, the top will still hold me down because his pleasure is more important than my pain. But both positions are especially good because the Alpha top can't see my lowly faggot face as hes breeding me. Nor does a beta cunt like me deserve to look up at a real man when being fucked.

    HUGE BBC! Said I Felt Just Like PUSSY!

    No problem Hope he cums back to abuse my tight twink fag ass more, so i can share more stories I love all cock, but am a total faggot cockwhore for big black cock. You're welcome I love big black cock too. To a faggot like me, it is a true honor in my life to serve BBC when a black guy hits me up. Here i am, a beta twink faggot, and a hung black alpha finds a skinny pathetic faghole like me worthy of being abused. Such a true honor indeed. He made me feel very good about being a fag when he told me i felt like pussy. I'd probably guess maybe 8.5 or 9? I wouldn't consider 6 inches bbc though lol But below is a pic of his cock that he sent me in the first email

    I want to THANK all REAL MEN who use Faggot's Throats

    Well as long as they only care about breeding my holes and nothing else about me i am a happy servile faggot

    I want to THANK all REAL MEN who use Faggot's Throats

    Yup though i know my main two priorities. Pussy and mouth for real men to use, everything else in life comes second

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