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  1. Does anyone else feel the need to be a cumdump all the time?

    It should be every faggot slut's dream to be a 24/7 ON CALL cumdump (I wish *sighs*)
  2. Yes please If anyone here has a Tumblr, twitter, facebook or any kind of page, please download the pics from my BZ gallery (links below) and post them all to your page and expose me for the faggot i am https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6862-faggot-pussy-boy/ https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6863-twink-faggot-ass/ After you do it, message me on here...or on wickr:twinkfagass Then Message with the links and tell me what a slutty faggot cumdump i am.
  3. Craigslist and bareback

    Guys on Craigslist are silly lol About 90% of the guys that say they want to use condoms wind up creaming in my faggot ass anyhow once they see it and feel how tight it is. I've also had times where guys corresponded to me via email, and no discussion whatsoever about condom use and then they come over and say "Do you have condoms?" Like its my job to SUPPLY them to you lmao last guy that asked me that i said "If the top wants to use them ON ME, why would i have them here if i am not the top?" and he got silent and barebacked me anyhow LOL
  4. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Definitely in my adult years i started because where i grew up at everyone was super closeted, but fantasized about having a cock in my mouth (and even my ass) when i was about 10
  5. perv/taboo chat

    Wickr is twinkfagass Love to open my wickr messages to a superior master who will verbally humilate me and abuse me too like the PATHETIC FAGGOT I AM, I REALLY WANT someone to download my gallery pics here and spread them around social media like reddit, twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc and craigslist posts (followed by humiliating captions/words) without my permission: https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6862-faggot-pussy-boy/ https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6863-twink-faggot-ass/ Also like to here how u wanna rape me, whore me out, and use me as a human toilet.
  6. Why do you want to get pozzed?

    Well since whore faggots like me cant get pregnant when a man cums in me, the next best thing is taking his poz babies in my ass
  7. perv/taboo chat

    It turns me on when guys download my pics and jerk off to them or download them and spread them around on their Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages. PLEASE DOWNLOAD MY FAGGOT ASS PICS AND SPREAD THEM AROUND ON YOUR PAGES/FOLLOWERS, and PM me NASTY HUMILIATING MESSAGES about how you are spreading my pics around and how you want to RAPE me and give me AIDS, here are my pics: https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6862-faggot-pussy-boy/ https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6863-twink-faggot-ass/ VERY FEW LIMITS THOUGH Like k9 chat, AIDS (and other STD's chat), being PISSED IN, whored out and LOVE HUMILIATING MESSAGES in my inbox and pics
  8. First time with WS?

    This daddy off of Craigslist back in 2015. He breeded my ass in the woods and then filled it up with piss afterwards. He went home to his girlfriend, and i went home to my BF with cum and piss in my faggot ass LOL
  9. Why Did You Start Barebacking?

    I dunno i guess i just always knew my place as a faggot cumdump? I've never known any other way really lol
  10. Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    Would be hot to be some black gang's boipussy and I am constantly whored out to the other inmates for food, cigarettes, money, etc and I see none of it, all the profit goes to guys whoring me out. It'd be hot if the jail guards did nothing about it and perhaps some of them get their nut in my prison pussy ass too Oh and they make me get the word "FAGGOT" tattooed on my forehead and on my ass so the other inmates know who to rape.
  11. Strangest place you were fucked?

    I got fucked in the woods once in broad daylight by a daddy who bred my ass and pissed in it right after. But as I was walking my skinny faggot ass to the woods to get bred by a daddy, I had a butt plug up my ass the whole time as he commanded. While we were walking to the woods, he was smacking my ass repeatedly so the butt plug kept pounding me lol As we were doing it, we walked by an older dude leaving the woods who caught that and he smiled at us But it was so hot getting breeded in the woods like that, i wish someone walked in on us and asked to fill me up with sperm and piss too lol
  12. Do you forsee a time when BB becomes the norm again?

    Seems the norm to me (atleast where I am at). Every guy I've met online that has fucked me, 98% of the time they are breeding me. It's like once every two months I get a guy who wants to use a condom. But once they feel my faggot ass and see how tight it is they see they have no choice but to leave me full of their cum. Most guys around me don't disclose statuses either, which I think is fucking taboo AF but hot

    No thank you to all you wonderful tops who find a skinny faggot ass like mine worthy enough to breed
  14. Any of you bottoms out there whored out on a regular basis?

    I do take ALOT of raw cock in my ass, but never got whored out. My ultimate fantasy is to get whored out to a bunch of poz tops (not on meds) and they all blast their toxic loads in my faggot ass

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