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    Being a total faggot bottom bitch and masculinity

    I use to be more masculine. But now i shave my entire body and have my hair long. Like being a bitch boi or wearing panties or thongs as i am servicing a man's cock. Like being a piece of faggot pussy for a real man as i am nothing but a sub cunt.

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Faggot twink pussy looking to be a parTy slave for a full blown Master. Yes in the US and looking for an IRL SIR who wants to OWN a slut. PLEASE DEGRADE ME SIR. I will call you SIR. Make me take humiliating pics to prove myself worthy of being owned like a fucking slave and how u want to poz me. U will whore me out to other guys wickr: sluttyfagass

    Drinking from Toilet and Licking it?

    Hell yeah the nastier the better lol If anyone wants a video of me jacking off while i lick and drink from a toilet, message me
  4. Who has gotten this nasty? I tried it the other day after i pissed in my own toilet and it got me very horny, even licking the seat felt slutty. One day wanna try it in a public restroom or after a guy takes a good long piss in my toilet.

    Molested as a kid

    I should have and wanted to been raped, molested, forced to wear panties and whored out to older men at 12. I knew around that age that i wanted to be a cum whore

    What is your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?

    Mine currently is being a live-in faggot Slave to a POZ guy. One who would humiliate me hard and make me feel like the worthless slut i am. He would fuck my hole often and find other POZ guys to breed my Neg ass. He would blindfold me anytime a stranger comes over to breed me, because a beta faggot bitch like mine does not have the right to see who is breeding me. Master would also strip my rights to speak, he would remind me that a.)A faggot's mouth true purpose is not to talk but to suck cock and balls. and B.)Faggot slave only uses his mouth to talk when master orders too. When he isnt trying to POZ me, he would keep me locked up in a cage all day or tied to the bed with my ass in the air til Master or one of his friends were ready to unload in my slut ass. Master would plug my ass with a butt plug shortly after receiving a POZ load, so that it wont leak out of my ass and that itll just sit and simmer in my cunt Its a lot in my fantasy but Id want my POZ master to humiliate me in so many different ways that i could only write a few LOL

    Cocksuckers need more cum in their mouths

    I let guys throat fuck me that gets their balls to explode down my throat. And i agree cocksucking faggot whores like me ALWAYS need more cum. I feel like its an insatiable thirst and at times after having my throat used...i feel like i could suck off dozens of more guys for hours & take one load of cum down my throat after the other. A true faggot can never have enough cum
  8. Being kidnapped and raped in the woods. Or when i was a young teen, i fantasized about being molested and used by older men.
  9. Same here and id make sure the guy knows i am neg. Would want a poz guy who has gifted a few guys already or wanted to POZ a Neg slut. I also find it hot that im seen by most guys as nothing as two cumholes to fill up...and find it even hotter that a full blown poz guy would want to gift me and not even be considerate of what happens to me afterwards...and that im only seen by him as somewhere to dump his toxic seed and then forget about me afterwards. As hes leaving, i hope he would spit on me and tell me "Enjoy what you got, faggot". The guy who is giving it to me would have to make me feel like I deserved it and not make me feel bad about it too.

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    Well i said that as the reason in one post and still holds true^ :D But also, i would consider that their is probably a lot of willing poz guys wanting to breed and convert a neg faggot. I want to fulfill their desires of giving someone healthy (like me) their toxic seed. And i do acknowledge that its risky...but real men's needs always come over faggot's like mine and i honestly believe this. i also find it hot that a POZ guy only sees me as NOTHING but a faggot hole to convert, and does not worry about me after i been diagnosed with his gift. Im at the point in my life where i acknowledge that my Sole purpose in life is to be NOTHING but a vessel to be filled up with real men's cum and piss til i get gifted. Plus getting pozzed is like the ultimate branding/badge of being a Slut.
  11. So i guess its weird, i dislike the taste of piss and the smell. Though i have been urinated on and inside of my ass a few times years ago. But the next step i am thinking about is after having a guy shoot his load in my ass, grabs me by the ponytail, drags me to the floor and positions me on my knees. He spits on me and tells me to open my mouth wide, and he shoves his cock deep down my throat & lets out a huge stream. He tells me not to miss any drops, though i accidentally do. He laughs at me and mocks me saying "Dont like the taste of piss, faggot? I dont care, ur a fucking piss whore now." Then when i am done drinking it, he makes me lick the piss i missed off the dirty floor & yeah the whole thing i would want recorded. The being laughed at, mocked and recorded would be something i would want done as i am being used as a piss whore. I deserve to be mocked for being nothing but a urinal, but the Master/daddy would remind me that i am beneath a urinal. I also have a fantasy where my daddy or Master pisses in a regular toilet and makes me drink it out of the toilet bowl, makes me lick the seat if any got on there. I dont know why lately but my urges to be pissed on further wont exit my mind. I get hard of the idea of a guy forcefully pissing down my throat or making me lick his toilet bowl as he makes a complete mockery out of me. I also think sometimes, about just being bounded on the floor & just having one guy after the other come over just to piss on me and thats it. I just want my pissing fantasies to be more degrading, more humiliating and i want to start taking piss down my throat. I feel like i am not 100% a true faggot bitch if i dont utterly submit to a real man like that. I just wanted to share some of my pissing fantasies because ive come to the realization lately that not only am i a cumdump for real men, but especially also a urinal & hope to take my pissing fantasies much further. But of course, a real man has to find my faggot ass worthy of taking his piss anywhere first. (Its been awhile since i got pissed IN lol)

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Ive taken so many I probably lost count and I am not ashamed. Likely in the hundreds. Which to me, no number is high enough for a cum hungry faggot like me. If the load tally was in the thousands id still want that number to be higher, and as a true cumslut its the right attitude to have

    piss in ass

    Oh yeah, had a older daddy piss right in my tight faggot ass after he breeded me. He told me ahead of time to expect it and I gladly obliged. As he was filling me up with piss, right there and then i knew my place as a urinal. It was soooo much piss but i kept his piss and cum in my ass all day, so he knew what a faggot i am. So hot feeling some stranger's piss and cum drip down ur leg while your boyfriend is home :D

    Psychology of urine play

    To me its a submission thing. Guys have pissed on me and pissed in me. Dont like the taste or smell of piss, but its so degrading its hot. The fact that a REAL MAN is pissing on a sissy twink faggot like me is always a true honor. Last time i showed i was thankful by saying "SIR thank you for finding such a lowly faggot like me worthy enough to be ur toilet."

    Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    My ideal pissing in mouth fantasy is this: My daddy or master, after breeding me...grabs me by the ponytail and positions me on my knees. "Open ur mouth cunt right now!" I do so and he shoves his big cock DEEP down my throat. Then a strong stream of piss shoots out down my throat. My master would be able to tell i dislike the taste...and hes laughing at me the whole time as hes using me like a toilet. I try to swallow all that i can but his piss stream is strong and hard for me to swallow all at once. Master understands this so that's why when he's done using my faggot whore throat, he makes me lick any piss that got on the dirty floor. And yes im that lowly of a faggot for real men id lick the dirty floor to get any cum and piss.

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