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  1. Wearing piss

    I love when a guy pisses inside of my faggot ass after breeding me
  2. Does anyone else feel the need to be a cumdump all the time?

    Yeah my ultimate cumdump fantasy is to have a master to own me, and keep me in a cage all day and whore me out to like 10-15 guys a day all bareback. But my master would keep me blindfolded because a true faggot does not need to see who is breeding him
  3. Why do you like bareback?

    Some married men tell me their is no pussy like tight faggot pussy
  4. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Wanna be owned and be a 24/7 cumdump slave kept in a cage all day and only let out when Master's friends come to breed me.
  5. Why do you like bareback?

    Because I am a pussy faggot whoreboy whose ass was meant to be breeded by superior men.
  6. perv/taboo chat

    Oh and forgot to add for above post^ almost nothing off limits just need to be exposed and humiliated
  7. perv/taboo chat

    Was having problems with wickr but have it fixed now New wickr: [Removed at poster's request] My name says it all...i like being a pathetic worthless faggot..i want to give real men my pictures and have them spread them around on tumblr, Facebook, Craigslist, twitter, Wickr etc. Had a perv once that would get my pictures and make me say humiliating/perverted things, and send them to other pervs on Wickr. And another guy sent my pics to a relative via email (which i dont know if they saw, but it was fucking hot being exposed!) To me being exposed like this is the equivalent of mental rape and its fucking HOT. PLEASE EXPOSE THIS SLUTTY FAGGOT PERV!!
  8. perv/taboo chat

    Skinny twink faggot perv here, hit me up on Wickr: exposethefag Love giving my slutty pictures to men and having them spread them around on Facebook, email, twitter, tumblr, Wickr, etc without my permission, EXPOSE ME FOR THE NASTY SLUT I AM PLEASE!!!! Had a guy do that for me before and he would send my pics to other pervs on Wickr and makeup stories about me (nothing off limits, just love being exposed and humiliated)
  9. Does anyone else feel the need to be a cumdump all the time?

    It should be every faggot slut's dream to be a 24/7 ON CALL cumdump (I wish *sighs*)
  10. Yes please If anyone here has a Tumblr, twitter, facebook or any kind of page, please download the pics from my BZ gallery (links below) and post them all to your page and expose me for the faggot i am https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6862-faggot-pussy-boy/ https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6863-twink-faggot-ass/ After you do it, message me on here...or on wickr:twinkfagass Then Message with the links and tell me what a slutty faggot cumdump i am.
  11. Craigslist and bareback

    Guys on Craigslist are silly lol About 90% of the guys that say they want to use condoms wind up creaming in my faggot ass anyhow once they see it and feel how tight it is. I've also had times where guys corresponded to me via email, and no discussion whatsoever about condom use and then they come over and say "Do you have condoms?" Like its my job to SUPPLY them to you lmao last guy that asked me that i said "If the top wants to use them ON ME, why would i have them here if i am not the top?" and he got silent and barebacked me anyhow LOL
  12. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Definitely in my adult years i started because where i grew up at everyone was super closeted, but fantasized about having a cock in my mouth (and even my ass) when i was about 10
  13. perv/taboo chat

    Wickr is twinkfagass Love to open my wickr messages to a superior master who will verbally humilate me and abuse me too like the PATHETIC FAGGOT I AM, I REALLY WANT someone to download my gallery pics here and spread them around social media like reddit, twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc and craigslist posts (followed by humiliating captions/words) without my permission: https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6862-faggot-pussy-boy/ https://breeding.zone/gallery/album/6863-twink-faggot-ass/ Also like to here how u wanna rape me, whore me out, and use me as a human toilet.
  14. Why do you want to get pozzed?

    Well since whore faggots like me cant get pregnant when a man cums in me, the next best thing is taking his poz babies in my ass

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