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    Love to be held down and fucked hard, fucked deep, filled with cum. Big Loads, Multiple Loads, Tagteam, Gangbang, the more cum the better. Novice for BDSM, seeking training. I take all loads including HVL and POZ, Full blown, other bugs. Use me for your pleasure. Would love to be cumhole for group of 8 to 10 tops. Vid it, post it online. Can travel for toxic if can arrange 4 or more breeders.

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  1. Total bottom, love to be held down and fucked deep and hard, filled with cum. Big loads, Multiple Loads, Tagteam, the more the better. Seeking Black tops. Dont care about looks, size, etc. just be ready to breed me full of cum. Can travel within Austin and, with some planning, San Antonio. Also love to be whored out to others for use as cumdump. Contact me if interested.
  2. I love being held down and fucked deep, hard, rough, and raw. I love taking other mens Hot seed inside me. All loads taken, no refusal. 1 on 1, Tagteam, Group, invite others over to breed me, the more cum the better. Also love to drink piss, rim dirty holes. If in area or coming here and want to use me, let me know.
  3. I need to find a daddy with a gono dick to breed me. Also one with active Syph.
  4. I love this. My favorite way to take toxic cum. Brush me up good, fill me full, then brush it in for a while.
  5. Total bottom, love to be held down and fucked Hard, Deep, and Rough. Love taking other mens seed inside me. Will have room April 27 through 29 and seeking as many bareback tops as I can find to fuck and fill me. All loads taken, dont care about race, looks, size, etc. Just be Top and ready to fill me up. Multiple loads, Tagteam, Group, the more the better. Also into various kink. If interested in using my hole for your pleasure, let me know.
  6. Bottom in Austin. Seeking Tops in DFW. Can travel if I can find enough Tops to breed me. Love Hot Loads fucked in deep. Big Loads, Multiple Loads, Tagteam, Group, the more cum the better. Let me know if interested in using me as a cumdump.
  7. Will be at CCBC Friday Sept 22 through Sunday Sept 24. Will have room and seeking as many loads as I can get. All loads taken. Will be attending Cumunion.
  8. Total bottom, love to be fucked deep and take another mans seed inside me. Will take loads from anyone who wants to use my hole. Big loads, Multiple Loads, Tagteam, Group, Whore me out, the more cum the better. Will be in hotel near Love Field. Contact me if you want to use my hole.
  9. I totally agree and commend you for your statements. As a fellow cumdump for any loads, some of the nicest guys, and best fucks I have ever had were those others would deem unattractive or even ugly. Keep taking those loads and thank you.
  10. They are invitation only, and mostly they only take hot men. They should have one in the U.S. for older mares. Would love to don a red hood and be used by anyone who wanted to use me. Many of us old mares know how to use our holes and please their stallions!!!!
  11. It's on my profile, but my BBRT name is Bgchaser.
  12. You are absolutely correct. As a cumdump, sex sub, my only purpose is to be a hole for use by any and all, tops that want to use me.
  13. Total bottom sex sub. Love to be fucked, take another mans seed inside me. Don't care about looks, size, race, status, etc. Just be Top and ready to unload in me. Big Loads, Multiple Loads, Tagteam, Groups, whore me out, the more cum the better. Love HOT loads fucked in deep. Will be in Hotel near Steamworks. Let me know if you want to use me.
  14. Nice. Would love to find someone to control me like that. Have been working with someone local to set up gangbang for me of homeless, but don't know if he will or not.

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