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    A poor white beta boi..being endowed with a 'tiny' peenie brought a quick end to any social success in school..I found that if I became the kind of girl I dreamed of dating that my life got very interesting..no more disappointed partners gave me a sense of self satisfaction
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    had a few boys sneak videos of me..nothing professional
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    A fun time...no promises, no commitments...

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  1. Daddy / Son

    never did it with my dad..but he would look the other way when his friends at the VFW post he and mom dragged me too wanted to be 'friendly'
  2. Calling An Ass A Pussy...

    I hear that all the time..and run with it...wink
  3. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    I love it when an older gentleman and I talk he is telling me all his plans for the future that he wants me to be part of,,,like we're going to be couple
  4. Deep Dicking is overrated.

    i love the feel of that big msuhroom head deep inside me...there are times i can put my hand on my tummy and feel it sliding in and out..making feel like Im going to explode
  5. Car Sex

    lol..have you ever heard of a thing called high school...his car at the lake front..mmmmmm
  6. Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    there is this one guy who keeps hitting on me to go home with him when his wife is out of town for her job,,,i keep teasing him by saying i would if I can wear her honeymoon lingerie or her wedding dress...lol,,,
  7. Turning potential fucks away

    I turn creeps away all the time..now I can emphathize with what girls have to deal with...lol
  8. I was until he got busted for dwi and had a stolen gun and 14 year in his car...wont be seeing him for a few years..the thing was I was at his place watcing over his 3 year old kid when the social worker came to take her away and back to her mom...
  9. I can go deep but I cant take thick...it hurts like hell and starts tearing things up..i feel like a log on a log splitter..
  10. interesting question..we'll find out how far he's gotten into my head when he gets out in a couple of years
  11. How often do you see fuck buds?

    all the time..we all hang out at the same club...so its not unusual to go home with one for the night,,just depends on how the night goes..
  12. Do women like sex?

    from my experience I would say no...at least the few that I had...it was humiliating for both of us...when I decided to become the girl I would want to date, I vowed to be the vixen my guy was dreaming of and deserved..Never had an regrets and heard no complaints..it was a decision that made my life very interesting..what is really interesting is that the life style introduced me to guys who dont care if Im dressed enfemme or not..but most need that illusion to help them overcome any hangups of have sex with another male
  13. Arab Breeders

    Persian guys are real nice, kind, gentle, romantic and fun, until they get it in their heads that you and him are exclusive..then they just want to fuck and fuck and fuck. Not sure how the persian guy I was hanging with at the club decided he owned me, but it was the first time I was ever roofied..We danced for an hour, hung with his friends, they always have friends, he bought me a drink, and i got real dizzie..he took me back to his place and the next thing I remember is him laying on top of me in his bed, sheets were soaked, my asshole was burning..and get this incense buring in a bowl on his night stand..It took months to get this guy out of my life..
  14. First Fuck Location

    sort of been there..got caught with my legs in the air and boy plowing my ass..his brother never ratted us out though...I dont think he realized I was a guy because I was femmed up
  15. First Fuck Location

    the basement office at my dad's VFW post by one of his friends..i was very young...and at the time unwilling The first time i was willing was in high school, with a long time friend, on the living room couch when my mom wasnt home

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