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    cd tg fiction and role play...dancing, dating ,expensive gifts...love to play at imvu.com...stop by and visit.I'll make it worth your while
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    A poor white beta boi..being endowed with a 'tiny' peenie limited my social opportunities in high school..I found that if I became the kind of girl I dreamed of dating that my life got very interesting..no more disappointed partners gave me a sense of self satisfaction
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    had a few boys sneak videos of me..nothing professional
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    A fun time...no promises, no commitments...

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  1. a cold nite...hiding under a warm blanket with an old friend and new batteries....mmmm

  2. I's tired of the cold too..I need somone to keep me warm.....and moist

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MorganStar


      Amen sister..it just keeps snowing and snowing and freezing cod..Its April for heavens sakes....I may have to go over by Marcus for a warm up. Only 3 weeks to prom, maybe give him a preview..wink

    3. AmbertheCD86


      Hehe you should definetly go give him a preview. I'm sure he could warm you up....wink winkšŸ˜šŸ˜

    4. MorganStar


      hey since we're stuck with this boi clitty, might as well make something sexy out of it..

  3. too many lonely nights!!

  4. Poz top needed in Milwaukee

    Pride fest is coming in June.....plenty there
  5. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    it tends to drip out on its own..usually at the most embarrasing times like on the bus ride home
  6. would love to meet that topĀ  couldĀ  breedĀ  my holes any timeĀ 

    1. MorganStar


      dibs....he's mine....

  7. Its raining men...and this femboi lost his umbrella

  8. sweet dreams lovers...until tomorrowĀ 

  9. There was a time in our not to distant hisstory that girls were being married off at 14 or so...The American praririe was filled with teen parents..
  10. Good Morning Boyz!

    1. ijimmi69


      good morning dearĀ 

  11. Still recovering from my Friday night..wow..its raw and burning

    1. pulcish


      What happened on Friday?Ā 

  12. Clean Out Advice

    well if think if my date is going to get intimate I clean out at home with an enema bag and then limit my food intake during the day..if it starts out with a dinner date I keep my choice light, maybe soup or a salad..But I keep a female douch bottle in my purse (I date as MTF CD often) and slip away to 'powder my nose' to clean out anything that might make a stinky suprise. Just plan ahead and you;ll be ok Hugs
  13. The Making of a Prison Bitch

    the thing is once you get out of prison, your still his prison bitch, he'll pimp you out from behind bars
  14. Surprised by Daddy

    not sure how would feel about my daddy offering me to other men
  15. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I met Glenn last night at a sports bar that a bunch of us went to after watching the boys state tournament basket tournament. we were having a great time. during the course of the evening Glenn who was there by himself having a few beers after watching his grandson play was sort of adopted by our group. We seemed to hit it off great. I was cross dressed in a sweater, jeans, low heels, makeup and earrings, but Glenn made me after a few drinks. We started to drift away from the group and started to focus more on each other..a few drinks and conversation at a booth away from the bar..we flirted and teased and after a while found ourselves walking hand in hand to his hotel room just down the street...a few more drinks, some soft jazz music from a channel on the tv..we danced on his little balccony. The dancing turned to carressing, kissing, petting and finally we found ourselves on the..Down to panties I lay on my back while Glen lay on his side next to me..He is a skilled fondler was determined to make me cum and his hands worked thier magic,,,I minutes I was a hard wet mess. He slipped on a condom and rolled on top of me. lifiting my legs over his shoulders. I felt him press against my rosebbud then in a firm press I felt him slide in..In a couple of minutes he had me bucking and squealing like a teen virgin. Im surprised the flks in the next room didnt bang on the wall. It was awesome.He came and paused, laying on top of me for a few minutes. Then started again..he came again..this scene was repeated at least a half of dozen times during the night, the last time his condom broke filling me with the six loads it held...I got dressed and kissed him good night and ran out to catch the bus home. My butt was burning..worn raw...I couldnt sit straight and had to wriggle when I walked to keep from hurting..When i got home and showered I noticed a deep purple hickie on my neck, breasts and back...Considering that Glenn was probablly in his late 50's or early 60's his quiet, kind demeanor hides the virile, sexy sex machine that lay beneath...mmmmmmmm

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