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    Wisconsin USA
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    cd tg fiction and role play...dancing, dating ,expensive gifts...love to play at imvu.com...stop by and visit.I'll make it worth your while
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    emerging Closet CD...had black BF in School that was rough..now that I graduated high school Im venturing out even further..
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    had a few boys sneak videos of me..nothing professional
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    A fun time...no promises, no commitments...

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  1. MorganStar

    Craziest Public Sex Stories

    Milwaukee's lakefront fireworks in the middle of a sea of thousands of people..we were wrapped in a blanket and I sure others thought I was just sitting on his lap trying to stay warm but his cock was deep up my ass the whole time..
  2. MorganStar

    The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    probably....not sure it would make a difference...but I would like to see him again
  3. MorganStar

    The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    mmm..my friend from school was huge...could just barely get it my mouth..no way was is going to fit down my throat...we tried but had to stop
  4. im on IMVU right now...If you want it come and get it

  5. is everything ok at home??  Your mom seemed tense

  6. MorganStar

    Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    doing my bf's kid brother....he's all but dragged me into his bedroom....but he know his big brother would kick the shit out of him.....and probably me too...
  7. bummed out..one of the other websites I put my pics on removed my page...sigh...so much for storing on the cloud

    1. ijimmi69


      I use google docs

  8. And who would that be....wink...I still cant walk straight...lol

    Do I really scream?? Blush

  9. had a great weekend at Pridefest despite the rain and fog, thanks to felixUSA for providing a place to dry off and warm up..I introduced him to BZ...make sure to make him welcome

    1. ijimmi69


      glad you have a great time any good stories


    2. MorganStar


      it was fun depite the crappy weather...met Felix there, a nice gentleman, could pass for my grandpa, but if grandpa did what Felix did it would be a family scandal....lol...spent saturday night at his place..a nice brass and glass condo on the river in the third ward area. And a nice comfy king size bed..At any rate I didnt have to take the long bus ride home in the rain at 10:00 at night. and the rest, as they say, is left to the imagination


  10. OMG Amber..thats the closest I've ever been to being a top...you are awesome and the next time we meet I'll give you my virgin load...hugs

    1. AmbertheCD86


      Hehe I can't wait to get it hunny???

    2. MorganStar


      the boys here will be so jealous when they hear we've been togoether....wink...and Im going to play it for all its worth.....lol

    3. AmbertheCD86


      Hehe there just jealous cause they can't join!! Its a gurl party only!!

  11. MorganStar

    older guy

    older guys are awesome...boys my age dont know how to please me....wink
  12. MorganStar

    Molested as a kid

    pm me
  13. There is nothing sweeter than waking up naked in your arms after our first night toghether

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MorganStar


      i just noticed the pic on your profile page..that is sweet..i can imagine playing with that...

    3. PervBBbttm


      It's all yours!

    4. MorganStar


      nice I can just see my finger wrapped around  it....mmmmm,,,sweet prince

  14. PervBttm makes me scream in ecstasy..Boys my age cant please like he can


  15. Morgan is the best ever!

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