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  1. It's probably something about Bad Boys being More Fun. 😈 Nothing wrong with any kind of play when all parties concerned are consensual. I like a good fantasy and sharing them with a mate when having sex. Exploring boundaries, kicks and fetisjes is hot. Getting out of your comfort zone and not declaring too many kinky stuff [banned word]. Love it with tops and bottoms, doms and subs (in either combination..) and keeping it naughty and FUN. 😎 Cause we boys like to play.
  2. Mainly for gay and bi guys in Netherlands and Flemish-Belgium there's a Dutch languaged chat site: www.bullchat.nl There are enough guys into BB there.
  3. What I hear from heterosexual and bisexual guys, there's not a lot of condom use there either. Including MF couples that enjoy 'swinging'.
  4. Trying loggin into chat on Firefox and getting the following message: There was an error… BZ Session not found. (.5buvk8pmqep724nm0au958nkt1 /
  5. On this MacBook it doesn't show the number of members online in chat, and when trying to open it a new Window opens but not to the chat, but the BZ main-page again.
  6. Thanx for the follow mate.

  7. I don't know if these points have been raised before, at least they weren't in the last couple of pages I checked. If they were: sorry. - Chat doesn't work in Safari. It does work in FireFox (for Mac); - In the chat my nickname is outdated, it doesn't use my updated profile name. It does however link back to this profile under it's new name. It seems chat uses it's own and different database somehow (hence the difference in naming)? Might be interesting to find out if that's useful or can create more trouble. Hopefully this feedback is helpful for you getting the bugs fixed. Best of luck!
  8. Yep. Already going on. Dudes will fuck, one way or another. ;-)
  9. Always clean out and douche before you get fucked. Enjoy. And I hope you'll get everything you crave... 😜
  10. as a bottom: Dawson. Number One in my view. One of the few bottoms who can really Star in Porn. for the tops: Machofucker's Igor and of course Jerry Stearns. there's also this pornhub - and other media - fucker from Texas: PervPusher but I don't think he's making porn anymore.
  11. thanx for the follow.

  12. thanx for the follow


  13. Finally something useful to do with a condom. 😈 So fill a condom with your sperm and freeze it. presto: Devil Dick?
  14. So I guess you were never in the Boy Scouts? 🤪

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