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  1. I started growing pubic hair when I was 12 - but that is too young (only The Philippines has this as the AOC). I would say 14 (it's 16 here in Australia). Furthermore, the AOC should be GLOBAL - but access to sites should be 16 and over.
  2. Bottoms: When Do You Want To Cum?

    NEVER I am there for the Top's pleasure - and cumming is reserved for any woman who I fuck.
  3. Chasers and gifters

    Joined. kik is takingdeepanal
  4. You get a better quality of guy if your Master advertises on BBRT than on CL. Less flakes - and probably less chance of the constabulary mucking it up for you.
  5. Questions

    Where I live, prostitution is legal, as long as you don't solicit and work in a licensed premises. There are regulated brothels, and condoms are mandatory. All the girls have monthly STD checks. Rates aren't astronomical (I last punted just before Christmas 2012) - but the ladies can make a living without having to work the streets. All girls (and guys) have to get either a PCA (Prostitution Control Act) number - or they have to work at a licensed establishment.
  6. Ode To Our Now Closed Gay Treasures.

    It's almost the same as The Fortress that was the HQ for kink.com. They moved to Vegas. Hypocritical city council made it too tough for them to survive, so they upped sticks and left. Would love to be in one of their films ...
  7. Stealth Pissing

    Thank you - you, too. I find that there is a growing market for red-haired bottoms
  8. Stealth Pissing

    Happy St Patrick's Day, @FelchingPisser, by the way. Am I mistaken, or do you have a blog where you write all about your pissing experiences? Seem to remember someone with a username pretty similar to yours a couple of years ago ...
  9. Can you take a hard fuck

    I can, provided that the tip of his cock isn't pointed
  10. If my Top wants me to resist a little so that he can rape my throat, I'll do it - but otherwise I'll take it like the wannabe bitchwhore that I am.
  11. If you lie on your back on a bed and tilt your head back, your throat will form a good line for them to get in deeper.
  12. Every caught in act by partner?

    My Top and his bf used to play a game where they would feign indignation if they caught each other. Usually it was me who was the one who my Top's bf caught my Top with. The bf would then put on a strapon (permanent victim of T dick), and plough me while my Top would make me take extra hard puffs of the pipe.
  13. Stealth Pissing

    If I had the money, I'd but a ticket right now to the States, then call you to get you to come pick me up at the airport. You just mentioned my turn-on word - SLING! Note that it's in green, so you'd get the green light to do to me what you want.
  14. Questions

    @MiaSlut24 - hot pic! Wish I was in your neighbourhood right now ...
  15. Every caught in act by partner?

    They Top who introduced me to T had an arrangement with his bf that he could play with me any time he wanted, but he had to give him unconditional access to my holes when asked.

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