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  1. In DC for the week. Looking for some wild fun. Will be staying in hotel - open-minded and up for a lot. Anyone want to head to the CC on Tuesday night?
  2. Anybody still around? Here until Friday.
  3. Just got back from another trip to Berlin. This time, hit up Bull Bar thanks to the recommendations here. Can't recommend it highly enough. Saw action at any time of day or night, but especially early morning (5am) where the other horny bar staff go. In fact, I got bred there by the hot bartender from Tom's Bar after his shift ended. Saw him there and had an unexpected and intensely hot fuck.
  4. Looking for some regular fuckbuds in Brooklyn. Love 1:1 or group fun. Hit me up.
  5. Hey guys, 36 y/o American here. Visiting London (staying in Shoreditch) 11-16 November. Hung (9"c) and always down for a good time. Love long group piggy sessions. Totally vers in a group.
  6. Hung piggy guy, 35, visiting DC (staying near Crew Club). Love long piggy group sessions. Staying in hotel - hit me up if you want to hang.
  7. Try a ear irrigator. It sounds crazy, but every drug store has them (and it's not awkward to buy). They are like a little plastic bulb with a pointed end. You can get one small enough to carry in your pocket - I take mine when I go out for the night. It doesn't have a huge capacity, but just fill it up with water and squirt it up your ass 2-3 times. Works like a charm...
  8. It's one of my favorite places. Guys are really laid back and all sorts of types. Not much attitude, the focus is on sex. And I've been more than 10 times and never had a problem getting bred. I'll be there Monday the 24th.
  9. I'll be there too! Wouldn't mind fucking a load into you...
  10. Washington Plaza is perfect. Also Mason and Rook if you want something a bit more high-end.
  11. The second he pulled out his wet cock from my ass, I knew I needed more seed. After he left, I logged on to Grindr -- still naked on the bed, covered in sweat with a trail of cum leading out of my ass. This Latino guy was nearby, said he was ready to breed. The thought of his fat uncut cock fucking the Spanish guy's cum deeper in me and churning his load drove me wild. I gave him my room number and within 15 min I heard the door open. I tried to make this one a bit more anonymous - I never looked up. I heard his pants hit the floor and he walked over and put a huge uncut dick in my face. I slid it down my throat and pressed my nose against his bush, inhaling his musky sweaty scent. He'd clearly been out most of the hot morning and his crotch smell worked better than poppers. My hole was craving another dump of sperm inside. After only a few minutes, he turned me around. I knew he was eager -- he didn't even take off his shirt. I could feel his head seek my hole, and he just plunged in, releasing a huge sigh as he entered me. "Fuck! It's so wet - do you have a load in there already?" he said. "Just one so far." This drove him wild. The thought of the other guy's cum as lube drove him over the edge. I braced while he nailed me harder and harder, using the headboard to hold myself while my face was buried in the mattress. All that mattered was his load in me. I felt him shake and slam into my ass one final time while he knocked me up -- the gush of cum inside my already full hole mixing with the previous dude's seed. I was in heaven - this is what bareback is all about. He pulled out and looked down. He chuckled, "Damn. dude I really flooded you." The whole encounter lasted less than 10 minutes. As he walked out and thanked me for the release, I asked him to keep the door open a crack...
  12. I was traveling for work and was in a hotel on my own. As soon as I checked in, I noticed the elevator didn't need a keycard and I was in the middle of the gay district. My cock immediately started to grow. My meetings weren't until 3:00 PM, so I pretended my flight was delayed so I could have the morning/mid afternoon to myself. Logging on to Grindr, I located a guy in my hotel - 32 feet away. He looked good from his pics, mid-30s, top, fit, Spanish tall (like me), and hung thick uncut. So I thought 'Okay, let's do this'. I asked him if he was into raw. His reply was "Only," so it was on, giving him my room number. Pulling on my red 'Nasty Pig' jock, I left the door ajar, positioned myself ass-up and awaited his arrival. When I heard the door open, I turned and immediately noticed his height. Now, I'm 6"4' so usually everyone is shorter than me, so I don't really notice height unless the guy is exceptionally tall. In this case, however, he was so tall I immediately thought 'Damn, he's tall as fuck'. I also noticed he was even better than his photographs had suggested. My nine inch cock got rock hard and was now sticking straight of the jock strap. I heard the hot sound of his belt unbuckling, and his jeans hitting the floor. He immediately started eating my ass, the scruff from his beard burying into my cheeks while his tongue borrowed into my hot pink hole. Although my hole is always quite tight, he readily opened me up. While I was nervous about taking his thick piece, he had left my ass wet and slick, so when he him pull off and start to tease my ass with his big purple head, I begged him to slide in. The only thing on my mind was that big mushroom squirting its load in my guts. He entered me slowly - I told him I wanted to feel every inch. I could even feel his head slip out of its hood straight into my hole. His precum and spit was all the lube we needed. He fucked me so hard and deep I could have cum without touching myself. He made me pull apart my cheeks so he could get even deeper. Every thrust hit my g-spot and I was in ecstasy. I was doing all I could not to cum, and he was milking my prostate so much that I was leaking precum like I never had before. At one point the bed was so wet from my precum he actually thought I had cum. Several times he made me lick my own precum and share it with him in a kiss. We fucked for probably 30 minutes in all different positions. My raw ass was his and he could have it any way he wanted. He would now and then pull out and feed me his cock so I could taste all the ass juices and his precum, and then tell him to kiss him with it. After a while, his beard was glistening with all the saliva, ass juice, and precum from both him and me. Finally, I could feel him getting close. He started in that ryhthm which tells the bottom he would soon feel ropes of cum blow into his guts. This guy, however, was definitely in charge, and demanded I beg for his load, demanding I tell him how much I wanted to be knocked up, have his babies in my ass. Finally I pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could breed me deep, he shook slightly, at which point I felt a river of sperm spurt into my insides. His load was feverishly hot, and I could feel every spurt. I was going wild, thrusting and pushing back to suck up every drop. As he came down from his orgasm he lay on top of me, shaking, as my ass continued milking his cock to the last drop. He pulled out and I could feel a solid trail of sperm dribble down my leg. He slapped my ass, commenting it had been an amazing fuck, and moved to dress. Getting up, I thanked him, and learning we would both be at the hotel another day, I gave him my extra key card, telling him I wanted every drop of cum his balls could produce. Smiling, he accepted the key card and stepped into the hallway, shutting the door behind himself - but not all the way.... 😈
  13. I'll be there the week before (27 - 30 Sept), looking for all kinds of raw fun.
  14. Oh and there's also the nude beach - a bit of a hike south of the city but worth it. Not a lot of action on the beach, but lots of guys cruising in the woods on the other side of the train tracks.

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