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  1. Making me miss the orderly queues at club 80 nud nights again
  2. I wish Sydney had somewhere but as a city it sucks for anything sex related. I always get a lot more whenever I'm in Melbourne
  3. Might have to book in a stay at the gatehouse then. Thought it would be gone with 80s demise.
  4. I've always found it does make a difference. Guys stop hesitating when they know loads are in there and slide right in.
  5. I feel like I have phases. Sometimes I become full sub and am like that for weeks but then I'll switch and become dominant and a top.
  6. So I was living a fairly straight life when my gf cheated on me. He fucked her raw and bred her. I couldn't take it so started playing with guys more and then it lewd to taking loads and by that time I was a bit more on the gay side of life and completely hooked into raw sex.
  7. The best and easiest place for this type of action
  8. I used to absolutely love being gangbanged in a park late at night with people watching as I took every cock there. Had a close call with cops and that was the end of that. As much as I love getting fucked liked that it's not worth charges. I moved my fucking pretty much strictly to saunas and sex clubs after that.
  9. Give me a loose cum sloppy hole any time
  10. Biggest was about 10 inches and as thick as my arm. Smallest was about 2 inches and thin. Both were good fucks.
  11. I was slightly underage at the time and got fucked within 5 minutes of arriving lol
  12. My only regret is not starting going exclusively raw when I first got fucked. I waited a few years for that but I made up for lost time letting thousands of men up my hole raw
  13. The best sex club I've ever been to. Those nud nights were amazing. I drove down for the boxing day one and I took 20 plus loads and who knows how many cocks in my hole. Melbourne isn't the same now.
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