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  1. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Confirmed for the 20th of July. I will be there.
  2. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Yep get there when it starts. Look for the benches in the dark area. Get prepared to take a lot of cock.
  3. SBB1984

    Looking For Hot Young Sluts

    It was very suspicious how he disappeared. Like he stealthed someone and wanted to hide himself when the cops came looking.
  4. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Friday you mean? I'm hoping so
  5. 2 stories spring to mind 1st time was at a sauna in Sydney with a dark room. Was grabbed by a guy as I was walking in who said don't go in there it's a HIV pit. Of course I did. Within moments I had a load in me from an Anon top then followed up by the guy who tried to warn me who as he was breeding me said I tried to warn you. 2nd time was my load record at club 80 in Melbourne. The day after Christmas they have a naked night which is very full on. I took twenty plus loads and at least 50 different cocks and I never saw any of their faces.
  6. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Anyone know the date for the July party yet? Site still hasn't updated
  7. I would say anywhere from 30 to 50 different guys in one night
  8. SBB1984

    Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    At least 20 loads could have been as much as 30 taken over a 4 hour period
  9. SBB1984

    Sydney Poz Kik group

    Hi all. Seen how many have joined the Melbourne group so I have started a Sydney one. Sydpoz in Kik
  10. SBB1984

    Chasers and gifters

    Joined the kik group
  11. SBB1984

    Bbrts Profiles

    my.BarebackRT.com/SBB1984 twitter is sbb1984syd
  12. SBB1984

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Having pictures showing my face
  13. SBB1984

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    People I didn't want finding out the lifestyle I've lived tracked me to this site so I'm making this account very anonymous
  14. SBB1984

    Double Penetration

    I have had it happen twice. Both amazing. Stretched my hole right out.
  15. I would call myself a bottom who occasionally tops a cum filled hole

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