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  1. SBB1984

    Pre lubes asses in dark rooms

    I prefer to be well lubed up whenever I walk into a dark room. I'm there for my hole to get extra cum sloppy.
  2. SBB1984

    Club 80

    It means go when it's busy. Nud night. Saturday nights.
  3. SBB1984

    Number of days without cuming

    Same. My orgasm isnt important. My tops orgasm is.
  4. SBB1984

    Club 80

    The best I've been to in Australia when it's rocking
  5. Pushy guys who just think I can hook up at the drop of a hat
  6. 10 inches and as thick as my wrist. Took it easily. I have a well trained hole.
  7. Doggy so I never see the top using my fuckhole
  8. Last weekend went back into my cum dump ways for the first time in a long time. Took 3 loads off bbrt Friday night. One with a daddy top with a pa who used me for an hour. Saturday took 20 loads and at least 40 cocks. A few anon tops off bbrt then the rest at club 80 in Melbourne. It was a well known leather night nearby so I headed to 80 lubed up with a few loads. Got used till 4am in the dark room downstairs. At least 15 loads could have been 20 just there alone.
  9. SBB1984

    Length or Girth

    Girth every day of the week. Stretch my fucking hole.
  10. I don't need a connection I need your cock inside me breeding me. I'm not here to meet mr right. I'm a hole for your use.
  11. SBB1984

    Loose or tight hole

    I have a loose hole from all the fucking I've taken. I also prefer fucking a loose hole. Just feels better especially if it's full of cum.
  12. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Can't wait
  13. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Confirmed for the 20th of July. I will be there.
  14. SBB1984

    NÜD Party at Club 80

    Yep get there when it starts. Look for the benches in the dark area. Get prepared to take a lot of cock.
  15. SBB1984

    Looking For Hot Young Sluts

    It was very suspicious how he disappeared. Like he stealthed someone and wanted to hide himself when the cops came looking.

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