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  1. Part one The HIV Pit Here I was, young, 19 years old and a total prude. I was always quiet about my sexuality. I knew I was a bottom young and let a couple of men have sex with me safely when I was 18. I fell into all the safe sex propaganda shouted at us all through school. I had managed to find a job in the city straight after school. I was focused on my career pretty firmly and knew what I had to achieve my goals. Mr Right was always on the back burner. My desires though filtered through one Friday night. My team at work went out once a month for drinks when we finished up on Friday. I decided to head out. The tequila shots were soon flying and I was feeling pretty buzzed. I didn’t mention that a few drinks makes me super horny. I couldn’ttry and cruise any of my work mates. That would just end in a trip to HR. I quickly googled gay saunas and found this one about ten minutes walk from where we were at. I quickly said bye to everyone and got on my way. The cool higher hit me and I was suddenly feeling a lot more drunk. I was just hoping to make it inside and not get rejected at the door. I found the sauna and went through the door, paid my entry fee. The doorman staring at me the whole time. I told him I have never been there before. He replied “fresh meat. Look I got five minutes. Go have a shower and get into a towel and come and see me” I quickly went and had a shower making sure I was as clean as I could. I still had a very tight small body that I was a little proud of. As I walked back I felt every single man in there watching me. I was still under the illusion I would be having some safe fun and was enjoying the attention. The doorman saw me and put up a sign saying back in 5 minutes. He said “im John, let me show you around, on this level we have the wet area, showers, spa, sauna. Perfect for relaxing. Now up these stairs is the play area. We got private rooms, a video room like a cinema but for porn, glory holes where men get their cocks sucked and the best part. The dark room or as I like to call it The HIV Pit. You won’t see who is in there but I’m sure you will love it”. I thanked him and he quickly handed me a little brown bottle. “On the house, I think you will need it.”
  2. By taking any load I could for years without asking for status or safety
  3. I am this type of bottom. Only time I'll breed a hole is when it's sloppy with cum.
  4. It does. That's why I try to not become that regular at the same ones these days.
  5. The fresh meat thing works so well when you travel. You're suddenly a bottom nobody has fucked. I've had tops say to me that they forget who they fuck as soon as they walk out of the door.
  6. I make a lot of noise with a raw cock inside me. I get filthy too begging them for their load
  7. Completely different once I get in that zone as a bottom. I go from mild mannered to vocal power bottom cum dump very quickly.
  8. Some of the best fucks I've had have been with what someone would call small. As long as they can get it hard and keep it hard it's still a cock that needs me servicing it.
  9. Heading down to Melbourne for a dirty weekend away looking to take as many loads and possible and get filmed in the process. Can hide your face if you are willing to do it. Staying around Collingwood area. Hit me up.
  10. There was one that stands out. Top had a big cock. 9 inches and thick. Wanted me in the sling. No problem there. Sticks it in me and just doesn't move. He got off on having his cock inside. No movement anything. Last about ten minutes and he could tell I was bored. Left there very quickly.
  11. Easiest place outside of club 80 to get multiple loads
  12. I love cleaning off a cock that just bred my hole.
  13. City east motel is a good alternative if you can get in

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