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  1. SBB1984

    The Replacement

    As I laid back in the after glow of an amazing orgasm it dawned on me. I just took a Poz load. A nervous feeling went through me. I deserved this for fucking up a relationship I thought. Strangely I was getting hard as Alex's load leaked from me. I got up and went and had a shower still feeling conflicted whether to head to Alex's for some more fun. I also wondered if Ryan knew or if Ryan was Poz. I couldn't help it I started fingering my hole in the shower. I loved being used like that. I was fairly inexperienced but I knew at that moment I needed more. I got dressed quickly putting on a jock strap and a little lube on my hole. I quickly drove over to Alex's place making sure to park down the street like how I did every time I sucked Ryan's cock. I knocked on the door... "I knew you would come back for more you faggot" Alex said as he stared at me. "Get inside and get your clothes off. We got a big night ahead of us" I walked inside to those familiar walls and stripped. Alex saw my jock and said "I knew you were definitely a bottom faggot" "Was that your first Poz load?" "Yes sir" "Are you on prep?" "No sir" "Good boy. Now get your ass to the bedroom. You know where it is when you went and sucked a cock that wasn't yours. Get your ass in the air and wait for me. I'll be up soon" As I walked into the bedroom I suddenly felt scared. What was I doing? Taking Poz loads. This is crazy, yet I got on the bed on all fours and got ready for everything Alex was going to give me and more.
  2. SBB1984

    Travelling January

    They are close to each other so you can definitely do both. If it matches up with a Friday night that club 80 has nud on make sure you go there.
  3. SBB1984

    The Replacement

    I'm working on a part two which will be our hopefully later today
  4. I don't know how this happened. I don't know why I decided to meet this guy in a public place; yes, I was sucking his boyfriend's dick for the past three weeks, but I didn't know he was in a relationship. Now I'm sat at the Tim Hortons in my own goddamn school, and this guy could totally out me. Fuck me. He's got this distant look in his eyes, like he feels beyond betrayed. I understand, but at the same time, come on. Assume your boy is gonna cheat on you, but hopefully he has the good sense to wear a condom. His guy did, though I don't think that's too helpful at the moment. "Look Alex, I'm really sorry. I had no idea Ryan was taken." "Whatever slut." Harsh? Maybe. But I am a slut. And I see an opening. "Hey man, if you can't be cool here, maybe you should come over, we'll talk this out alone. Away from all these people?" "Oh, you worried people might find out you're a cock- sucking faggot?" I winced. I hate that word... "Please don't say that." His voice dropped down to a whisper. "So you can suck dicks that don't belong to you, but you don't like it when you get called faggot?" My voice was terse. "I'll explain everything, I promise. Just not here?" Alex relented. "Fine," he spat. "Where are we going?" "Just across the parking lot, I live on campus." "Whatever." We crossed the asphalt quickly; there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. I was already turned on, my heart was racing. I just hoped my roommate wasn't home. I stole a glance at Alex and wondered if he was as turned on as I was. We made our way up to the third floor of my building. I pushed into my apartment, and spoke "Hey dude, you home?" Nothing. There was a note on the dishes; Hey mate, gone to Calgary for the weekend. Figures the dick wouldn't clean up first... I turned to Alex. "So listen, I..." He grabbed me by the throat and shoved me against the wall. "Shut the fuck up, faggot!" "I told you!" I tried to pry his arm loose. "Don't call me that!" "Awe, does it hurt your feelings?" "No!" I gasped. "It's just not very sexy!" Alex loosened his grip a little bit. "What?" I exhaled. "You can call me lots of things, Alex. 'Your bitch', 'whore', my personal favorite 'slut'... Just not faggot. It's not a sexy word. We good?" I had my hand on his cock through his jeans. He was diamond- hard, and jesus did he feel massive. "I don't want to fuck you," he said. "Really? Because I want you to fuck me." "You stole my boyfriend." "Please, I sucked his dick without knowing you existed. Don't blame me because your man can't update a Facebook status. Besides," I paused as I began to undo his belt, "I've been sucking him every day for the last three weeks. Don't you want to know why he kept coming back?" My face was very close to his now. His will to be angry was dissipating fast. "Because you're a whore..." he breathed. My lips brushed across his; there was the tiniest of flinches before he kissed back (though ever so slightly). "Yes," I smiled and licked my lips, and dropping to my knees. "But I'm a good whore." When his cock spring out of his boxers, it nearly gave me a concussion. The thing was eight inches long, and thicker than anything I'd ever had up my back door. "Oh baby," I said, "I'm gonna have fun with you." "Daddy," Alex corrected me. I paused. "What?" "This dick isn't your baby. You're my bitch now, slut, and I'm your daddy. Act accordingly." I was in love. "Oh god yes, daddy, anything you want!" I swallowed as much of his meat as I could, allowing it to fill my mouth and my throat. I began bobbing my head like a good slut, tickling his balls with my free hand. Alex moaned as I took him deep again, and then placed both his hands on the back of my head. I pulled off his cock for just a moment for some air; trails of spit went from my lips to the tip of his dick, and I gasped "Fuck yes daddy, fuck my face!" before I got another mouthful of his dong. He was skull-fucking me like a man possessed, and I was loving every second that I spent gagging on his manhood. After a few minutes of fucking my mouth, he withdrew and shoved me to the ground. "Pants off, bitch!" Gawd it was so fucking hot how demanding he was. "Yes daddy," I replied, in my sluttiest, faggiest, voice possible. "Are you going to shove your big cock up my ass now?" "Abso-fucking-lutely, bitch. Is that what you like?" I paused. "I don't know..." He was on me like a fucking jaguar. His fingers pressed tight around my throat and he pinned me to the ground. I wasn't this hard the first time I got fucked... I needed this stud inside me. "What don't you know? Are you even for a second considering denying me what's mine?" I licked his hand. "All I was going to say is, I don't know if my poor little ass can take all of you if you're wearing a condom, so you should probably just fuck me bareback." Alex's eyes widened, and I could see the hunger in them. I smiled sexily at him, and winked. "Stick that big bare dick in my ass, daddy. Fuck me like the whore I am." I rolled over and presented myself to him. I quickly licked one finger and began diddling my ass, desperate to be filled by that eight-inch monster. Alex knocked my finger away, and I felt his cock head pushing at the entrance to my ass. "Ooohhhhh gaaaawwwwd!" I moaned as he slid into me. He kept pressing forward for what seemed like forever until finally I felt his balls slap against my ass, and he stopped. He stayed still for a moment, letting my body adapt to his invasion. I looked over my shoulder and locked eyes with him. "Breed me," I whispered. Such a fucking whore thing to say. Guys have made love to me before; that didn't happen this day. Alex fucked me like I was his prison bitch, which is exactly what I wanted. I felt shitty for ruining his relationship, the least I could do is let him use me as a cum dumpster until he felt better. It hurt, I can't deny that. He was lubed up with nothing but the spit from my blowjob, but I wanted it to hurt. I deserved it to hurt. Finally, I could feel him tense up. "Cum in me!" I screamed. "FUHHHHHHHHHCK paint my insides white!" He kept slamming into me with his massive tool before he grabbed my hair and pulled my neck back so that his mouth was right next to my ear. "Take it all, faggot. Ryan didn't tell you but we are both Poz. Now take my Poz load !" he whispered, and let me go. I was stunned. I moaned like the bitch I was and the next thing I felt was his cock spasm; he was filling my ass with his sticky white Poz cum. He pulled out quickly and a mess of white fell onto the living room carpet. But before I could comment, he stuck his dick in my face. "Clean me." It wasn't a request. I embraced the taste of my ass as I cleaned this stud's cock. When I was done, he put his pants back on. I still hadn't cum yet. "Feel any better daddy?" "Much." He still wasn't smiling. He turned to leave, but stopped with his hand on the door knob. "Hey look... Ryan moved out yesterday. You should come over tonight." Again. Not a request. He exited my apartment, and it only took three or four jerks before I exploded all over myself.
  5. SBB1984

    May 2019

    Heading to Brisbane in May. Struggled for loads last trip so looking to get my share this time.
  6. SBB1984

    Are there crazy sex pigs in here that DON’T pnp?

    I have never done anything stronger than poppers which I love. People always assume I'm on something cause I can just be a cum dump for hours. I'm just naturally that big a slut for cock. I have had bad experiences with guys who have PNP so I'm also in the no thanks category.
  7. SBB1984

    Most stupid...

    Oral only guys on bbrt frustrate me the most. There's plenty of sites available if you just want to suck cock.
  8. SBB1984

    What do you guys consider "HUNG"?

    Anything over 8 inches is hung to me
  9. SBB1984

    Adverse reaction to poppers?

    That would be a blood pressure issue I would imagine. Get yourself checked out.
  10. Started taking loads around 2006 tested Poz around 9 years later. No idea who did the deed. Could have been one of 1000s of loads in that time.
  11. SBB1984

    How do you guys get laid?

    Bbrt sometimes but sauna is still the most reliable spot
  12. SBB1984

    BBRT local Parties invites

    Send your phone number and have them text you. That way you can plan it out like it's a one on one hookup so it's not obvious. I have done this and it's usually worked pretty well. Only had 1 real bad one where 1 guy turned up.
  13. SBB1984

    Trip to Sydney

    357 or trade are your best bets
  14. Same. It really isn't hard if you just take every load you can get

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