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  1. Yep a lot of tops I've had in dark rooms don't wanna make a sound. Im usually quite vocal about the cock in my hole.
  2. They have fallen off a cliff. There's way better content now made by amateur guys.
  3. Guess there isn't any. That's cool I'll go dump my poz loads wherever I can.
  4. Anyone got a suggestion for an easily accessible hotel to take loads?
  5. I've let thousands of guys have my hole so you can definitely say I'm not fussy
  6. My personal favourite is being bent over in an alleyway fucked bred and then passed to the homeless man walking there to add his load in
  7. The absolute worst. I've never been to a really successful one. Melbourne though. Absolutely amazing. City east motel at Collingwood has seen me take many a load.
  8. There was a sex club in Melbourne called club 80 which was just straight raw fucking always. They had naked nights which were just incredible. I drove down for this one in particular which was a 12 hour trip. Greatest sexual experience of my life. I estimated I took 50 cocks and I ended up with at least 20 loads in me over a few hours. Nothing has come close to those numbers since.
  9. I'll do whatever it takes to get rid of this. I've lost my income and I'm sick of not working because of it.
  10. The first time I properly got fed amyl and took it raw. I knew then I could never go back. He used me for an hour so expertly. I came hands-free when he shot inside me.
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