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  1. Hi There

    I am In Sydney & would be happy to come to Melbourne for some filthy nasty scatty fisty fun with You. PM me if you get this message

  2. Pls also delete my account, i didnt know it would take that long
  3. You have messages turned off, so this is my only way to contact you. We do not delete posts especially when other people have contributed to a conversation. The procedure for deleting your account can be found here


  4. Hi, i just want wanted to know if there is any option for blocking users on this website? so they cant see your profile
  5. if u come to Melbourne (Australia) of course u can meet me, just check my profile and u will see i have meet more than one person from this website (people from Australia)
  6. Im a girl and i let poz guys to fuck me anal bareback and i let the to cum inside my anus, for me its a really big turn on to get fucked by HIV+ men specially if they are not on meds, it makes me feel really excited to know there is chance to get pozzed on my encounters with them.

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