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    I'm visiting Berlin from Canada for the first time in the Easter weekend. This will be my first time here and I intend to get into Snax party in lab.ortary as well as the basements and backrooms of the Berlin clubs. I'm in my late 30s, very well-built, mild-mannered with a raunchy side. And I was told by many that I look very good in fetish wear (leather or rubber). The catch is: I'm Asian and I don't even go visit leather bars in my hometown (although I'm interested) as I think my profile doesn't fit the crowd (and I'm not into drinking in the first place). Neither do I fit any Asian stereotype (if there is any). I hope Berlin could be a good start to explore and develop the raunchy side of myself and I like what I read here: that Berliners, unlike people in many places, don't spend all the time looking online and at their phones: there are more actions in the real world. What can I expect in Berlin? Shall I at least make a try?

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