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  1. You are a very gifted writer.... your words, tone and emotion evoke a natural response from your readers. In every way you invite them in. Stunningly Superb!
  2. Just an observation - no loyalty intended.
  3. My experience with Leftists has not been very positive. I have been an out professional my entire career. Those on the liberal left consistently used me for political purposes. Always very generous to my face but behind my back they called me a Rump Rider and many others. By and large the conservative ones could of cared less who I had sex with.
  4. Looks like Folliculitis - a skin condition that results when hair follicles become infected with bacteria. Try an anti fungal. I am not a doctor so get it looked at. When I was young I spent lots of time in a bathing suit and similar 'crotch rot' was common.
  5. Imagine.... self confident business type guys at a tiki bar dressed for the beach, drinking beer and watching college football.
  6. You guys met at a bareback sex party.... he must be somewhat interested in the lifestyle you are seeking. Talk to him, be honest, you might be surprised.
  7. You are an incredibly gifted writer. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Clear and right to the point. You are absolutely right... your honesty makes you even more attractive.
  9. Thanks for your courage and sharing your story. It is very helpful for others to hear that you can overcome horrible trauma.
  10. Was in South West Florida over Christmas and this was the new thing.... totally did not get it but you would not believe the number of hot, hunky real men that were offering themselves up. Still gets me hard thinking about it.
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