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  1. Me too Girl it's the best feeling ever!
  2. AmbertheCD86

    When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    If he slides in bare it's implied I want his load in me. If I didn't want his load I would have asked for a condom. I love it when a guy just says oh fuck I'm cumming in you and blows a load in my hole.
  3. AmbertheCD86

    Smoking fetish

    I would sure love to be
  4. AmbertheCD86

    Smoking fetish

    I definetly will!! I wish you were cumming in me
  5. AmbertheCD86

    Smoking fetish

    Hehe I know that all to well. I love Virginia slim menthols.
  6. 32 year old fem sissy cd in the chicago burbs looking for a top to come breed my sissy asspussy. I'm a cigarette smoker and I keep my little cock locked in chastity.
  7. AmbertheCD86

    Smoking fetish

    I love dangling and taking deep drags on my Newport 100s while I get my asspussy pounded and seeded deep by a few hot top guys. Anyone want to co d fuck me??
  8. AmbertheCD86

    Smoking fetish

    I'd love to get to 3ppd. I love smoking up a room chain smoking
  9. AmbertheCD86

    Smoking fetish

    I have a huge smoking fetish. I'm a chain smoker, I smoke 1.5 to 2 ppd of Newport menthol 100s box.
  10. AmbertheCD86

    Why do I crave it?

    That's exactly what happend I think. Have to admit though I got horny as fuck when I seen those 2 lines hehe
  11. AmbertheCD86

    Why do I crave it?

    Yeah I know they're usually very accurate. The second line was kinda faint but it was there. But ever since the beginning of the year I've been taking all bareback I know it's just a matter of time before I get my faggot ass knocked up.
  12. AmbertheCD86

    Why do I crave it?

    The first time i ever let a guy fuck me was on my 21st birthday. He was 49 and had an 8.5 cut cock. He fucked me bare and I was hooked. I went back and forth with condoms but I always loved that feeling of hot cum blown in my hole. I can admit I've been chasing since late last year I have fucked exclusively bareback. If a guy wants to use a rubber I won't let him fuck me. Hooked up with a hot poz top earlier in the summer and he fucked my brains out and left my asspussy leaking cum. I took an ora quick home test that said I was poz but then got a test at my clinic and it said I was neg. I'm still letting poz guys use me.
  13. AmbertheCD86

    Anal Orgasms

    I barely get hard anymore which I'm completely fine with. If a guy hits my prostate Just right I have mind blowing Anal orgasms. My whole body shakes and bucks and I cum
  14. AmbertheCD86

    Regular buddy

    God I wish we lived closer. You know how bad I'm dying to have you inside of me.
  15. Dear Amber ,

    feel free to comment my pics and you can be nasty ....xxxxx

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