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  1. Omg yes and it turns me on so much. Especially because I’m lucky if it gets 4 inches when I’m rock hard. Most guys call it my little sissy clitty.
  2. Just wanted to say Hi and Thanks for The Follow! :) 

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    2. AmbertheTG86


      Hehe very horny😍😉

    3. Saturn1
    4. AmbertheTG86


      I wish I was closer so I could take your poz load😍😘

  3. I’m a total bottom and keep my clitty locked up in chastity. That way even if the top wants to suck it or play with it he can’t lol
  4. Omg yes!!! I love it when a guy has me on my back with my legs up in the air telling me he’s going to get my pussy pregnant as I’m smoking a cigarette gets me so turned on I can cum without touching my little clitty
  5. That’s a good question I was wondering the same thing.
  6. If he slides in bare it's implied I want his load in me. If I didn't want his load I would have asked for a condom. I love it when a guy just says oh fuck I'm cumming in you and blows a load in my hole.
  7. I definetly will!! I wish you were cumming in me
  8. Hehe I know that all to well. I love Virginia slim menthols.
  9. 32 year old fem sissy cd in the chicago burbs looking for a top to come breed my sissy asspussy. I'm a cigarette smoker and I keep my little cock locked in chastity.

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