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    Always on the hunt for toxix laods. The higher your Viral Load the hornier I get!
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Poz for 20 years. Started chasing the bug and got bred at a bb-party while laying in a sling. Got a boner when I heard I was poz and bred a a guy right away! Started meds but stopped taking them, wanted to be real toxic again! Can’t get enough of pumping my virus in a hot ass and give em my gift. Need as much recharges in my ass, the more toxic the better!
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    horny pigs who want my toxic dna to breed and convert them! Need new toxic loads all the time, to keep me potent and toxic! Need all strains, incl de med-resistant onces.

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  1. You are such a HOT fuck! I totally get you, I am the same: a big horny nasty AIDS whore that spreads the bug. Love it!

  2. Hey pig, no limits / taboos here. Filthy pig here. Add me if you’re in for exchanging experiences or fantasies. Wickr = pozaddict
  3. Posaddict on Wickr...into nasty and depraved adventures! No taboos! Add me
  4. Very hot mister! ?

  5. Just keep collecting poz and aids loads mate and soon you dump your own toxic load in unexpecting neg sluts.
  6. It definitely makes you hornier and more kinky. Pozzing others becomes a big turn on, a need and the bb and poz world is so different from the save sex world in my opinion. So much more taking chances, go for more extreme sex and parties with hundreds of other inhibited poz or aids fuckers. I chased being poz and I got it with my first pozfuck. Totally happy.....and a sleazy perverted pozpig! ?
  7. It sure as hell is addictive! At My first stealth pozzing I was a bit conflicted. Could I made such a decision for an not knowing neg guy? I backed out a few times, but one time I was so horny and the guy I was fucking was so hot, blonde hair and blue eyes, I just couldn’t stop fucking! So I thought I gonna give him my HVL pozload and make him mine. It made me even hornier. Later I heard he got pozzed that night by me and I couldn’t be prouder! We still fuck each other and he thanked me for my gift. Fucking great!
  8. Love your big toxic Dick!

    1. aussiepoz


      Love to share it with ya ?

    2. POZaddict


      Plz yeah, as much HVL in my toxic ass

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