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    Sex Addict
  • Birthday 01/23/1966

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    Bergedorf, Germany (close to Hamburg)
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    evil, perverted bugchaser/disease-catching sub/slave.
    Nothing’s like infectious mansex.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Only into no meds porn sex.
    I crave for wasting through aids and stds.
    Have stopped taking meds 2 times - shortly before dying I cure.
    Unmedicated & hep c 3 +since November 2017.
    Ready to be of use and craving for newly wasting.
    Favorites: 666, waste, scat, filth, warts, full EXCHANGE of tops ALL Body fluids
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    not yet
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    Sick-minded and fucked-up master who enjoys using an object of ownership for his perverted sake.
    You are evil and depraved. You take me over, use and abuse me , fuck my my, body, whatever is left of this corrupted soul you will destroy it through the work of the devil.
    Not into Skype and Zoom. Solemly real.
    Am living near Hamburg/Germany. Not able for travelling. Am visiting Berlin often.

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  1. You re so hot ! I love your mind 

  2. Lets SHARE ouer PIG AIDS and nasty STDs.. infect YOUNG NEG PIGS!!!

    im also pervert bareback biohazard. sSatan PIG fucker very few limits. carry full-blown aids and med resistant syph, plus horny hep c strains💀


    1. dickluva


      Hail☣️🐛Love gasskinpig blog. couldn't findyourBBRT profile. wish we are closer or i am richer. love to swap cumholez.

    2. gasskinPOZ


      Oink  dickluva SSatan nasty Aids PIG🐽👿

      Thx for loving my Pig Pervert Blog

      im not on BBRT any more.. now Im just on tumblr see my Profile there


      HAIL AIDS💀💉☣️👿🐽

  3. Danke fürs Folgen, sexy Mann!

  4. Help ruin young lad with the dirtiest and most toxic blood and cum-im genuine and want to be diagnosed aids 7DCA86CC-24D7-43C1-ACE4-6EF8E7B9A45A.thumb.jpeg.ecef63c4e52af746c824b7c72029be89.jpeg

  5. stdjunkie

    Do You Like Taking Loads In Dark Rooms?

    Nothing like getting fucked by older ugly poz breeders. Anonymous is best . Hooded is even better .
  6. goiles krankes soichenviech biste … lass uns auf gleichstand bringen!

  7. I am no meds POZ and toxic.  You and I need to meet.  I'm in Amsterdam.

  8. Love all you do and stand for. I am going down the same path and craving it all. Have not had an std in a while, just poz... so looking now and never ask. Very hot man

  9.  I love everything that you stand for… Would love to fuck that aids pussy 


    1. stdjunkie


      Hell and hail to you! I appreciate receiving your message deeply.
      Undoubtedly an honour I fit your intos! Truely fucked-up and perverted tops like you are quite rare - the more proud I am you replied to my profile.
      Hail Aids - Hail Tops who are UNMEDICATED!

    2. rawanalbaby


      Nice cock, would love to ride it

  10. WOOF !   Love  and  Adore  your  back ground  profile  picture  !     :)  :)

  11. stdjunkie


    Offering myself for being fully owned hardcore slave and victim of sadistic Masters Priests. I love getting used, raped, wrecked and infected. Would love to be the bottom of this brutal poz gangbang. What about the distance? Any chance to get truly together?
  12. stdjunkie

    Ever gone full blown AIDS?

    I'd got 2 times almost full-blown with lots of serious health concerns - those days I decided to start taking meds to recreated. Actually, this 3rd round I go final: bugged-up for the rest of my days to get fully wasted, weak and destroyed by AIDS and STDs for Satans evil pleasure.
  13.  Beautiful 

  14. Makes me hard 

  15. stdjunkie

    Now I am be-CUM death


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