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It would help if you could make note of how fast pages seem to load now, and compare it to how pages load after the upgrade. I'm especially interested in this feedback from users in Europe, Australia, South America & South Africa.


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    Ottawa, Canada
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    Collecting semen from as many men as possible, reading, knitting...did I mention the semen thing?
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Wife, mom of two teenagers and if you saw me on the street or at work, you would probably describe me as "cute suburban". I joined the Lifestyle almost 5 years ago when I met my Dom (who is also on here and has encouraged me to join). Started with threesome, orgies and then finally my first gangbang. Was always bareback as I hated condoms, but it took a few years to realize that I am actually addicted to cum. I cannot get too much. I love the point when a young man grunts his sperm into me and I beg him to give me every drop. My Dom arranges a GB for me almost every two weeks... so far in 2018, I have taken 71 anonymous loads

    My Dom straps me to a breeding bench, puts a blindfold on me and the men come down to the playroom one by one. Most don't last long!
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    Guys who have been edging at least 24 hours and can give me the load I deserve. I am a slut, a whore and a complete cum dump

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  1. I can host, Monday to Friday at noon. Looking for loads.

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