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    bareback, blood, stds, pozzing, disease, bdsm, scat, puke, castration, watersports, yiff, raunch, pig, feet, and everything dirty.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I'm a fag slave that loves to be abused and humiliated. I want to become a cumdump slave 24/7 and only exist to serve men. I would love to be pozzed, but I'm looking for a poz master that I can commit to first so he can dump his toxic load inside me first. When that happens, I'll take poz loads with any stds from anyone proudly.
    wickr: pervhomoslave
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    Any man with a penis who's up to fucking me raw.

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  1. perverthomoslave

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    Maybe if there's a slave contract involved 😜
  2. All prove my point! People grow up at different paces, a fixed age of consent it's simply not efficient.
  3. perverthomoslave

    Drug addicts & sex

    My first boyfriend was a drug addict. We had a lot of sex while he was high. He actually introduced me to weed. His inhibitions were inexistent, which turned me on so much. He passed away a year and a half after we started dating because of overdose, but I'm sure that if he was still here, we'd still have a lot of fun with him being high. Me too! That kind of people, " undesirable" as you call them, are 100% my type.
  4. perverthomoslave

    What Age Did You Realise You Were A Sub Slut?

    I knew at 12. I started dating this 16 y/o vers guy who introduced me to being a cumdump, and have loved being one ever since.
  5. perverthomoslave

    Do you clean cock?

    If as a bottom you ain't cleaning your top's cock, what the fuck are you doing, honestly?
  6. perverthomoslave

    Why do you like bareback?

    Because I'm too slutty for condoms I swear to god if I had a uterus I would already have like 10 children 😂
  7. perverthomoslave

    Psychology of urine play

    To me, it's all about the taboo and the dirtiness. Most people would frown upon it, so it drives me to do it. Sure, there's also the aspect of dominance and stuff like that, but the fact that most people are against it motivates me.
  8. It's complicated because as you said everybody starts being sexually active at different ages. The perfect but unrealistic idea would be for each single person to be somehow evaluated for sexual maturity and give them their individual consent permit, but as I said, it is unrealistic. The whole ordeal also depends on cultural and even educational variables. In places where sexuality is most taboo I'd agree the age of consent should be higher since there's less education about sex, thus feeding the taboo, thus making sex ed less common, thus feeding the taboo even more, etc. In places where sexuality is more normalized it could make sense to make it lower since younger people are more educated about the precautions they need to take. Which brings me to the idea that maybe instead of focusing too much on age of consent, sexual education and normalization should be society's focus? Lol I diverted from the topic too much but it's related 😛
  9. perverthomoslave

    Being a total faggot bottom bitch and masculinity

    I agree that bottoming doesn't mean you're not masculine, but I am so tired of the people that shame feminine bottoms (or tops for that matter) for being feminine. Like, just let people be themselves god dammit. not talking about you guys, just in general
  10. perverthomoslave

    Perv Talk

    wickr: pervhomoslave skype: live:fox.kyy.yy telegram: fox_kyy NO LIMITS
  11. perverthomoslave

    Would you suck a really smelly cock?

    I agree, if the time is right, every cock is good
  12. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your cumholez. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. XOX

  13. perverthomoslave

    Possibility of being immune...

    HIV immunity is very very very rare, but I guess if you were immune that could be still believable. The best or the worst news of your life depending how you see it. I think there are places where you can get tested for immunity but I don't know of any.
  14. perverthomoslave

    Swallow Your Own Cum

    That must be so hot

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