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  1. I wouldn't really call it feeling like a different person in my case, but more like I start noticing more the desires that I always have. I mean, I'd say I'm always horny, but whenever I'm in that heat-like state everything becomes much more pronounced. Interestingly enough, I don't go "in heat" the more time I spend without having sex, but weirdly enough I'm in heat at a specific time of the month, like if I actually was an animal in heat. It's very interesting, but I'm not complaining; It's always nice to have a couple of days where the only thing I think about is being bred 🤷‍♀️
  2. So I know this topic has rules but I am still no limits so might as well post them here too 😛 wickr: pervhomoslave kik: onefoxkin
  3. Hola puto ¿Cuándo nos organisamos para una sesión perversa?Folie5.JPG.c4555b9226682392071b05d91b8979e0.JPGPozzedbyChakaCarlos_Compil_smallsize.gif.def254e439251a62025a899f51bdabe6.giflarge.IMG_4674.JPG.b946da9f098b8d2051b0dc041c32948a.JPGlarge.Diapositiva1.JPG.76a1fd419a0cd65126dc113710f244fb.JPGlarge.Diapositiva2.JPG.34cdb4cc343ef09a51d4abd67c5469f8.JPGlarge.Diapositiva4.JPG.167290e93efe5fe6a96394032be1d1e2.JPGlarge.readytofuckass.jpg.e3d2499a931b2776e2e47e75b12616ca.jpglarge.Folie3.JPG.78e1d8b451832a686de4103884be4188.JPG

    1. ronnie4u


      WOOF !  Le's Party , getting Nasty and Dirty !   :)

  4. Same! I love everything about it (except the actual baby, I hate children 😛 )
  5. I guess my weirdest fetishes are nullification (cutting away the balls and dick) and scat. But I've seen weirder around there. I met a guy that likes to stab himself in his navel.
  6. Maybe if there's a slave contract involved 😜
  7. All prove my point! People grow up at different paces, a fixed age of consent it's simply not efficient.
  8. My first boyfriend was a drug addict. We had a lot of sex while he was high. He actually introduced me to weed. His inhibitions were inexistent, which turned me on so much. He passed away a year and a half after we started dating because of overdose, but I'm sure that if he was still here, we'd still have a lot of fun with him being high. Me too! That kind of people, " undesirable" as you call them, are 100% my type.
  9. I knew at 12. I started dating this 16 y/o vers guy who introduced me to being a cumdump, and have loved being one ever since.

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