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    Sub slut with an addiction to spit, cum and piss. Love adidas and sportsgear and having my throat fucked hard by ringed cocks. Love older men and have been known to use my fat cock on pretty twink holes. Want to get more into fisting and group play.
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  1. Yeah as a bottom I don’t want someone who is too corny with the verbal, or says stuff I can’t believe, but fuck if the tops are completely silent throughout it’s just not as good. It makes me think I’ve not fulfilled my purpose and given them pleasure. It also feels like it would actually take more effort to be silent rather than let out the groans and grunts that a top should when using hole?
  2. I guess it was telling dominant men that I was 18 when I was 16, especially one top daddy who had a sling and a selection of incredible toys. I knew what I wanted and went for it.
  3. It turns me on knowing that men are watching my sleazy eyes as I have my hole used, that they can see the full effect cock has on me. And if someone shares them and they make their way back to me, I can do the innocent act and make out like they were taken without my knowledge.
  4. I’ve a hole, but when it’s been used and bred and stretched out it’s a cunt
  5. Have videos and more pics on twitter twitter.com/georg20099
  6. Don’t be afraid to be kind, it leads to kindness coming back
  7. I always show off my face, I don’t care. Men tell me my eyes are sexy and sleazy when my hole is getting used.
  8. Once I realised I was made to take cock, it followed that those cocks should dump their loads into me. It made perfect sense in my mind that otherwise I was not being properly used to my full potential. Once I started getting group fucked and used by gangs of men, any idea of using condoms for them to go from ass to mouth and back again because frivolous and a waste of latex.
  9. Usually men call it my ass, before they get me undressed. It’s my hole when they eat it and it becomes my pussy when they start to fuck it. So many men call it and me a cunt after they’ve seeded and used it. A gaped hole is a cunt and that’s what I always work toward having
  10. It’s been months since I’ve had any dick, willing at this stage to freeze my balls off in the heath if it means I get some loads
  11. Follow me guys, need to find some London tops to load my hole [think before following links] http://www.twitter.com/georg20099
  12. Thank you for all the recent likes on this, lockdown has given me lots of new ideas... if you want to keep up to date / see me taking dick my Twitter is @georg20099
  13. Follow me on Twitter, @georg20099 Bare bottom sub based in London, love to show my hole and sucking cock I show face on my account
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