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    Palm Springs
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    Fucking, sucking, rimming, fisting, water sports, leather, bondage, cigar sex
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Cigar smoking, leather biker who loves bears of all sizes. 00 gauge PA, 6” cut cock
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    Xtube page is biker4fun, this vid page is biker.cub
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    Hairy bearded men who know how to fuck and get fucked.

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  1. BBiker4Fun

    Smoke Out 2019-Who's Going

    I’d be happy to host. I’ll post day, time and room number here. I’ll also post to bbrt.
  2. BBiker4Fun

    Smoke Out 2019-Who's Going

    And I hope to get another load from you up my ass again! It'll be my 2nd SmokeOut
  3. BBiker4Fun

    Smoke Out 2019-Who's Going

    It is cigar and pipe focused though there are cigarette smokers. Personally, cigarettes are a turn off, dislike the way they smell .
  4. I'll be at Smoke Out 2019 at the host hotel Alexis Park from April 4-8 with a sling set up in my room. Had a fucking great time last year, everyone was barebacking.
  5. BBiker4Fun

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    A regular bud had an ad on bbrts saying he had a bottom bear boy in his sling looking for loads. I headed over on my motorcycle and found a sexy furry assed cub waiting for me in the sling with a load already in his ass. I plunged my tongue in his ass savoring that first load and getting rock hard myself. No lube needed for the cubs hole as I planted my 00 gauge PA deep in his ass. My bud and I started tag teaming his ass, with the cub cleaning our cocks off with his mouth each time we pulled out. During this time, two other top bears showed up and we kept the cubs ass filed with raw cock. The cub took four more loads from us over the next hour. There’s nothing better than fucking a cum filled furry ass!
  6. My newest bareback fuck with NWDickPig is up on xtube



    1. pozboy


      great depraved shit - that piercing must means the ass gets well rippied up for all the lovely bugs. who can imagine why guys ever used rubbers?

  7. BBiker4Fun

    Cumdump taking all loads....

    Just let me know when and where!
  8. BBiker4Fun

    Cumdump taking all loads....

    I’ll be around, and would enjoy breeding your ass
  9. Love your PA!   Great profile, we share many interests

    1. BBiker4Fun


      we should share those interests in person! OINK

  10. BBiker4Fun

    Do you like man smell?

    I really love the natural smell of a man, love to sniff and lick hairy pits, almost as good as poppers! I also love the smell and taste of a ripe cheesy cock, will send me into pig heaven!
  11. BBiker4Fun

    Palm Springs, Oct 17-22...load seeker

    I'm always up for breeding a hot ass in my hometown of Palm Springs
  12. When I go to a sex party, I'm good for pumping out 3 cum loads, and I spread it around between 3 different asses. I will fuck more asses than I cum in but if I sense a bottom has a few loads in his ass already, he's more likely to get mine as well.
  13. BBiker4Fun

    Jockpussy FTM

    I love the cum load spurting out of that man pussy!
  14. BBiker4Fun

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    Palm Springs, CA is another place to find plenty of bare fuckers.
  15. There’s a group which gets together in Palm Springs monthly for Piss and fucking. I’ve been on both ends of a group piss scene. I always get hard with Piss running over my cock and balls

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