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    Palm Springs
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    Fucking, sucking, rimming, fisting, water sports, leather, bondage, cigar sex
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Cigar smoking, leather biker who loves bears of all sizes. 00 gauge PA, 6” cut cock
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    Xtube page is cl1982
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    Hairy bearded men who know how to fuck and get fucked.

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  1. Love your PA!   Great profile, we share many interests

    1. BBiker4Fun


      we should share those interests in person! OINK

  2. BBiker4Fun

    Do you like man smell?

    I really love the natural smell of a man, love to sniff and lick hairy pits, almost as good as poppers! I also love the smell and taste of a ripe cheesy cock, will send me into pig heaven!
  3. BBiker4Fun

    Palm Springs, Oct 17-22...load seeker

    I'm always up for breeding a hot ass in my hometown of Palm Springs
  4. When I go to a sex party, I'm good for pumping out 3 cum loads, and I spread it around between 3 different asses. I will fuck more asses than I cum in but if I sense a bottom has a few loads in his ass already, he's more likely to get mine as well.
  5. BBiker4Fun

    Jockpussy FTM

    I love the cum load spurting out of that man pussy!
  6. BBiker4Fun

    What cities do you recommend to get some raw fun?

    Palm Springs, CA is another place to find plenty of bare fuckers.
  7. There’s a group which gets together in Palm Springs monthly for Piss and fucking. I’ve been on both ends of a group piss scene. I always get hard with Piss running over my cock and balls
  8. Thanks for the follow! 🐽

    1. BBiker4Fun


      Would love to connect bud!

    2. HornyInDP


      I need to get out to PS sometime soon! DM and let’s chat and see what happens.

  9. BBiker4Fun

    Large bear for loading

    If I was in the UK, I’d poz your ass!
  10. BBiker4Fun

    Aussie in Palm Springs

    You definitely picked good dates, especially if you love fucking in gear!
  11. BBiker4Fun

    Aussie in Palm Springs

    I’ll be in town, happy to swap loads with you!
  12. BBiker4Fun

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I made plans today for a lunch fuck with a cigar chomping redneck from BBRTS. I knew he wanted to spend most of the time in the sling but I wanted some cock and cum in my ass as well. So I hopped on Scruff and found a Hispanic Daddy who needed to load up an ass. I stopped at his place first and he was already hard when I walked in, so I dropped to my knees and swallowed his uncut cock down my throat, slobbering all over it and wiping the spit off my beard and on my ass. He turned me around, bent me over and plunged his cock in my raw ass, showing no mercy. After 15 minutes, he bred me deep and continued to fuck me for 10 minutes to make sure his load wasn’t going anywhere but deeper in my ass. When he pulled out, I cleaned off his uncut cock with my mouth and held his meat deep in my throat. I was now sufficiently motivated to work over my redneck bud with my cock with a daddy load in my ass.
  13. BBiker4Fun

    Bear piss

    I'll take your piss anytime!
  14. BBiker4Fun

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    The last loads I gave were at Wet n Hot last weekend in Palm Springs, CA. The first one I gave was to a hot bear I met along the walk of shame who wanted to climb into a sling for me. I chewed on his furry ass first then lubed up my cock and plunged it in. He had never been fucked by a cock with a PA in it, so my 0 gauge PA initiated him into the club. I kept varying my strokes, long and hard, short and sensual. His ass was just the right tightness to keep me hard yet not clamp down so as to kill my erection. I barebacked him for a good 20 minutes before I finally let him have my cum load. He kept me hard after I came, so I gave him my piss load deep in his ass as well. He had real good control of his ass because when I did pull out, not a single drop of cum or piss fell out of his ass. The next guy thanked me for leaving his ass sloppy and used!
  15. BBiker4Fun

    How Rank Can clothes get.

    Are you bringing those jeans to Wet and Hot? WOOF!

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