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  1. I’ll be at an Orlando Airport hotel looking for raw loads from guys with positive attitudes. Hit me up!
  2. As of today...532 loads since 1/1/19.
  3. I’m In town for work and would love to take some viral seed. Look me up on bbrt as Subpowerbottom.
  4. He’s probably reinfected. Happened to me once. Got my number down....jumped back up later, doc said I had contracted it again. Retreated me.
  5. Every time I try to add one...it tells me my pic is too big. I’ve tried to reduce the size but I’m really not accomplishing anything. Help?
  6. I’m checked into the hotel. Easy access to the room. Cum breed.
  7. I'll be at the Times Square Marriott Marquis from the night of June 5th to the afternoon of June 7th. I'll be ass up, ready for loads. Toxic breeders preferred but all loads welcome. I'll place an ad on BBRT once I arrive and go ass up.
  8. Thanks. The reviews that I'm seeing about the hotel scare me a bit anyway.
  9. I’m looking to go ass up at the Penn Hotel by Penn Station Tuesday night. Does anyone know if this hotel is easy to access?

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