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    Dundee, Scotland
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    Being used, abused & degraded like the cumdump fag i am.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    W i c k r - negcumdumpfag
    Kik - cumdumpfag88
    Tele gram - Jormungandr1988
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    Looking for dominant guys to fuck me brutally & rough, have a big turn on for guys who would take my ass without asking & continue to take it no matter how much i asked to stop (yes I get turned on by the thought of being raped, especially gangraped). If you want to do this I'll give you my face pic & name (don't need yours in return)


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  1. Being gangraped raw over the course of a weekend, then kicked to the curb.
  2. Looking for a dominant top/tops to use me while in Glasgow, preferably one that will whore me to others/take me to Pipeworks. Bareback also preferred.
  3. I have a girlfriend but love being a nasty cumdump & taking cocks raw. What do you guys think I should do?
  4. Thinking of going to my first sauna this year but was wondering, what's the best sauna for taking raw loads? Preferably Scotland/North of England. Would also love someone to take me & whore me out.
  5. Dundonian cumdump here for you to use!
  6. Bring your cock to Dundee & you can fuck me raw till your baws are empty!
  7. My ass hole starts twitching when guys want to fuck the shit out of me raw!
  8. A top has the right to fuck me for as long as they like before they cum, if they keep going after that then that's their if they want to dump multiple loads.
  9. Cumdump fag offering my ass to any guy that wants it no load refused. Be as rough as you want with my ass & treat me like shit, if your cock don't fit.......make it! Can accom anytime really.
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