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    Big supporter and fan of those who choose the CD/TG lifestyle. Turned off by CIS women that seem to be more interested in one-upping the male gender. CD/TG ironically seem more genuine and sincere.

    Not into any of the POZ stuff. Im a big fan of safe sex
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    As a former member of the CD lifestyle I am Sensitive to issues, fears and feelings to those exploring and emerging into the life style that need male support, encouragement, motivation, and acknowledgement. Ive experienced the full spectrum of dating CS/TG from timid, experimental homemade dinners behind locked doors and pulled shades to honeymoon like cruise and resort stays. I've been the father/grandfather figure for coming out events to romantic lover with playful partners.
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    I write CD themed fiction...mostly based on memoirs of past experiences. But always looking for new stories and characters especially these days
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    Chat, fun, somebody to spend quiet evenings with, sexting and roleplaying online and ....

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  1. nice pics jay

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. jaybird


      balcony fun?


    3. FelixUSA


      a couple of glasses of wine and then the party will really begin...lol...she's confused and clueless but a great fuck....she actually hangs out here...

    4. jaybird


      **raises a glass to great fucks ?


  2. first time I was a bottom in 10 years...wow...just like starting over...

  3. FelixUSA

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Knew a guy whose wife was in management at the company I worked for..she travelled a lot and he was quite the perv...when he found out I was into the cd lifestyle...I spent the a lot of nights in his wife's spot in their bed....ah...those were the days...
  4. thanks for a great night...hope you find my bra...its got to be in the bedroom somewhere

  5. hey sissy...keep in touch

  6. is everything ok at home??  Your mom seemed tense

  7. FelixUSA

    Exploring crossdressing and cocks

    even if you just come close to passable, there are guys, myself included who love gurls that still have a hint of manliness showing through...dont try to pass yourself off as a gurl but find those who accept what your are trying to be...you'll be surprised at how many guys will want to help your live your dream...wink
  8. And who would that be....wink...I still cant walk straight...lol

    Do I really scream?? Blush

  9. A nice night with my CD sweetie again last night,,,totally timid in public but a tiger in bed,,a real scream!

  10. FelixUSA

    How long does his load stay inside you?

    it usually runs down my leg on the bus or can ride home...
  11. hmmm..the last load I got was years ago when I was in my crossdressing phase...it was with a guy I met at a VFW dance..well actually I was just at the bar the dance was going on in a hall downstairs...we chatted it up, had a few drinks.his hands were all over me..we went downstairs and danced, he was a strong leader..Got pretty hammered and went back to his place when the bar closed..well off came the close, up went the legs, the fact that I had a boy clitty didnt phase him a bit..he had me squirming and squealing for an hour until the booze took all our strength.. I woke up laying next to him in bed..I was soaked, cum dripping from my ass..cum in mt hair purple hickeys all ovrer my neck and breasts. He was still asleep when I showered up, got dressed and called a cab...thats my memory of the last time I was a bottom...I was 55 at the time, he was about the same age..
  12. FelixUSA

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    Hey everybody...You can call me felix.. I enjoy the company of CDs and TG MTF females...what can I say...They are just so much more fun to be with on a date, vacation, or adventure. I enjoy helping them live out their fantasy and seeing he smile on their faces at the end of an evening. Sure most nights dont end in screaming, load dumping sex but thats ok,,but some do....wink Having lived as CD MTF for many years after high school and having some really bad experiences with a few creeps I thought I would make myself available as a 'Safe' place for those emerging from the closet and into the world. Besides it was getting very hard for me to pass as I aged out of the lifestyle.. But can't deal with being a top unless my bottom is projecting a convincing female image so just boinking another guy for sexual releif isnt in the cards for me I have notebooks full of memoirs of those younger days..thankfully my mom never found them hiding under my bed back then..I still like to write Tg/CD fiction (some based on RL experiences) and share them online. I guess i stopped by this site because of the open banter I see from its members...but the POZ talk really scares the hell out of me,, So friend me...chat me up....I often see references here on how you want to breed and pregnant with POZ seed..well lets get together here and give birth to some CD/TG fiction...and if i need to..I still have some cute dresses of my own in the closet
  13. FelixUSA

    My first public outing

    Sweet story...nice writing style...
  14. Just woke up next to the gorgeous CD I met at Pridefest yesterday..we're so hung over...lol

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