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    I'm closing this account. The reason is simple. I wrote a very short 'premise' for a story, asking people to contribute to a piece of creative literature. I explicitly stated it was fiction. And I posted it in the fiction section. It got no 'dislikes'. But it was 'liked'.

    Within just a few hours of posting it, a moderator deemed the post to have been placed in the wrong section. It wasn't fiction, he claimed. I was issued a "warning". I was rather shocked, as I couldn't see any 'rule' that I'd violated. I discussed the matter in a different post. The moderator deemed this as being "impolite" and as "griping". I was issued another "warning". And banned for several days.

    In my view, the moderator was too harsh. A simple conversation could have sorted it out. So, as I've been unable to identify any actual rule violations made by myself, I consider the "warnings" made against me to be inappropriate. I "acknowledge" they've been issued, but I don't recognise them as valid.

    I've requested my account be deleted.

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  1. pussyfucker


    Thanks for the clarification. So this means that members - such as myself - who are EU citizens, who request our accounts be deleted, can expect - in accordance with GDPR law - this to happen within 90 days of making such a request. As someone who is an EU citizen, and has requested deletion, I'm grateful for the clarity you provide. [I recommend that any members who are EU citizens, and thus covered by the GDPR law, who request to have their account be deleted make their citizenship clear on their profile].
  2. pussyfucker

    Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    For the first few years of my adult life, I was a low-risk '1'. I skipped '2' (as I've never had a lasting relationship), and moved straight to '3' and '4' (anonymous barebacking … although I've never actually asked them if they're neg or poz). For many years - that is, during my 20's and 30's - I presumed (or guessed) that my fuck-partners were neg. For the last few years, I haven't given a shit (and adopt a "don't ask/don't tell" approach). I've bb fucked bb complete strangers at parties and parlours. But I don't fuck anyone (I have to be attracted to them, otherwise I just don't get hard). So perhaps this puts me somewhere between '5' and '6'.
  3. pussyfucker

    Deleting Images

    Hi - I've reported my albums, as I wanted to free up space, and they've been deleted. Thanks for that. However, the 10 images associated with my albums still appear in my attachment list - so no space has been freed up. Can you please remove the top ten images that are in my attachments (that were associated with my albums: "a nice tight pussy" and "a tight pussy & soft tiny tits"). These ten have not been posted elsewhere on the site. (Note, I'd like the final three images in my attachment list to remain). I suspect it's a similar issue - of wanting to delete images, not simply albums - as the poster above. If rawTOP has the time, I'd appreciate the assistance. Many thanks.
  4. pussyfucker

    Is stealthing morally okay?

    You ask the question “Is stealthing morally okay?” and you add to this, offering a few specifics. As you’ve invited the thoughts of others, here are my views. Morality is concerned with the distinction between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ (e.g. notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behaviour). If one doesn’t recognise the existence of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ (and considers such principles to be in and of themselves illegitimate) then your question – about whether stealthing is morally okay – becomes redundant. That’s not to say that, from such a position, one still can’t engage with whether stealthing is “okay” – but, if one adopts that position, the issue of ethics no longer plays a part. As such, your question only has relevancy within the context of ‘morality’. And the difficulty arises that there are a range of moral perspectives – each capable of offering a different response. For instance, if one takes as a point of departure an egotistic and hedonist moral approach, then it’s possible to arrive at the conclusion that whatever one chooses to do out of self-interest in the pursuit of pleasure is “morally okay”. If stealthing achieves the satisfaction of desires, it is – from this standpoint – acceptable. However, most approaches to ethics tend to recognise and prioritise a sense of ‘the social’ (identifying and responding to the needs and interests of others). For instance, a utilitarianism morality might seek out to maximise the well-being of the majority of persons. In which case, if stealthing is contrary to the majority interest then such activity is not moral. The point is, there’s no single – or ‘right’ – answer to your question. Rather, there are a multitude of possible perspectives and opinions. As you’ve framed the question in a moral way, my own response is: stealthing is not ethically acceptable (as my view of morality is socially delimited). Considered in terms of my ethical framework, if someone wants protected sex so it’s morally wrong to stealth them – as doing so is directly contrary to their expressed wishes. One can, of course, address your question in ways other than ‘morality’ – e.g. in terms of law. And, as I’ve noted above, one might debate whether stealthing is okay without invoking morality … such an issue becomes highly complex, as the idea of whether something is “okay” is often framed in a moral sense (and, if we’re to assess the question amorally, this framework would have to be transcended). I’ll leave that for others …
  5. Nice! I do exactly that, when finishing in missionary position. I spunk as deep as possible, and then lay down flat on top of their body, holding them tight, feeling their breath on my neck, and their legs wrapped around me, and slowly wait until my dick is no longer hard - only then do I roll off their body.

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