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    Upstate New York
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    Leather, making porn, nudism, etc.
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    Versatile bareback otter that loves to perform on camera with other men and make porn with them to show off; as long as the other men agree to it. Also enjoy a good parTy session with a hot man or group, and can get quite wild and uninhibited after blowing a couple of clouds. Slamming is an all-time favorite though, and is a fun way to spend an evening with at least one other man. I’m a good admin too, so if anyone needs one then I’m more than willing to help out.

    Italian by heritage and place of birth, and the 8” long by 6.5” circumference cock topped off with a 6ga PA piercing - which I’m working on gauging up to at least a 2ga - seems to be what everyone considers to be my proof of that. Usually I’m a little hairy along my chest, abdomen, but just barely enough so that I can be considered an otter. On rare occasions I might shave it off, but I usually leave my arms and legs fuzzy. My crotch and balls, however, are either shaved bare to try and emphasize my cock’s size or kept neat and trimmed so that I don’t snag the hairs on a cock ring or something.

    Been single for a while now, and my most recent ex taught me something immensely important: some people are beyond help and saving. I tried my best to be as supportive as I could, but it was too much and now I’m single again. I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon either, so if any of you are planning a visit to my area of Upstate New York then be sure to give me a holler. I’m more than happy to make myself available to fuck around sometime, and am definitely interested in the possibility of making some more videos with other men who aren’t camera shy!
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    Homemade only (for now).
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    Other parTy piGs that want to spend time just fucking, breeding, blowing clouds, swirling, doing the occasional poinT, and just having a good fucking time while being naked with each other. Definitely want to find guys to make porn with, and would love to get into the industry as well. I am pretty good at getting great angles and shots when there’s fucking going on, hence the username.

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  1. Excellent profile !! Always luv doing intense pig vids ... Def not camera shy they just don't exist when I'm into it !!                Perhaps we'll get a chance to find out



  2. How's life in your corner of the world?.. have missed chatting with you.☣️☣️

  3. Hot story, Bobby! I hope it continues a little bit longer. I think I’ve blown a load to each part of this story at least once, and would love to pump out several more if possible!
  4. Still a bit horned up from parTyinG with some buddies yesterday before work. Read some posts about nipples and am now fixated on mine some. Gonna try and pump these fuckers up!

  5. Mine never really did much of anything for me until after I got them pierced. After that it took a while for them to regain much in the way of feeling, but they’re slowly starting to feel quite pleasurable. I’m hoping that when I upgrade from the studs to the rings that they’ll be even easier to play with.
  6. Does anyone have any idea what happened to this sexyass fucker? I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find any articles about why he might have been imprisoned or for how long. Even his blog is gone now. 😢

  7. Mine never really did anything for me until after I got them pierced. They’re slowly becoming more and more sensitive, but they can’t be treated as rough anymore because of the piercings. I also got some nipple suction toys from Fort Troff that I’m using to make mine get bigger.
  8. Honestly? Saying “thank you” is the only thing that comes immediately to mind after a bottom gets loaded by a top; also cleaning off the top’s cock (with your mouth), while being somewhat of a cliché, is still the polite thing to do. Another suggestion is for the bottom to ask the top after the above-mentioned actions have been performed if there is anything else that you/the bottom can do to help out, or even if there’s anything that the top might want the bottom to do and/or help out with.
  9. I’ll usually try and do a fair amount of breeding and taking loads whenever I’m out at the baths of an event ever a large group of men are all having sex with one another. After all, what’s the point in being versatile if you both actually both fuck and get fucked? As far as the number of loads I give goes, I usually like to try and pump out at least two loads into different bottoms. I’ll also try and make sure that whomever I’m loading up hasn’t been done so by me in a while either, as I like to try and keep things fair by breeding everyone at least once first before letting others get seconds, if that makes any sense.
  10. I’ve got a buddy who has this really nice and completely fenced-in back yard that he likes taking guest out to fuck in when the weather permits it sometimes. I’ve been out there with him at just about all hours of the day, just boning and breeding until either the sun goes down or it rises. Of course, we quickly learned that both my buddy and his roommate should not be allowed to cum whilst outside, as they are both loud as all fuck with seemingly whole-body orgasms each time they cum that cause them both to cry out so loud that they’d most certainly either wake the neighbors, have the cops sent after us, or both. Fun times for certain though~
  11. Probably the easiest place to find loads at would be at any bathhouse that hosts a CumUnion Party. That being said, those aren’t as readily/easily available (or even accessible) to everyone that might want to attend one. Otherwise there are plenty of electronic-based options on how one might be able to look around for bareback sex partners in your immediate area. I’ll list out some my personal recommendations for which places and services are the best to utilize instead if you don’t have access to a CumUnion Party (minus obvious options, like this website for example). 1.) A bathhouse - preferably one of the larger ones, or even one that actually hosts a CumUnion Party sometimes on the weekends as those typically are cruising grounds for men who prefer raw sex. They’re usually busiest on the weekends, but it can also depend on the area you live in for how much traffic those places will get. 2.) Bareback Real Time (BBRT) - despite the fact that there are a lot of flakes and fakes on this site sometimes, they are literally a site to assist men in finding other men who have a similar interest in condomless sex. The only thing you need to remember is that you only have a limited number of messages you can send per day if you’re not a paying member, and that there are an unfortunate number of men on this site that might stand you up on your fuck date for any number if reasons. It’s still reliable for consistently finding men who only want bareback sex though. 3.) Grindr/Scruff - in putting these two in the same spot because in all actuality their usefulness depends heavily on where you live; sometimes Grindr has the better choice of men to pick from, and other times it's Scruff that’ll have the match you’re looking for. Either way, you sometimes have to play the picture swapping game where you’ll get asked to trade pictures with someone, be chatting with the intent to hook up, and then all of a sudden they vanish. These are usually most reliable when used together, the both of these apps. 4.) Adam4Adam (A4A) - this site has been around a bit longer than BBRT, but they cater to both safe sex fuckers as well as the bareback community. Often times you might have trouble convincing a safe sex only guy you think is hot to go raw, and others you might find that a barebacker might decide on using a condom if you’re either A.) poz and trying to hook up with a neg guy who is still scared of hooking up with a poz man at all, or B.) a neg guy who is trying to hook up with a poz guy that still have hang ups about fucking and/or breeding guys who aren’t poz. Either way, however, you still might have to endure that kind of thing somewhat often, as this site is typically one of the most active and have a rather large number of men meeting up each day because of it. 5.) Adult Book Stores (ABS) - assuming that there is one in the town that you live in, you can sometime occasionally find some action at one of these stores; your chances of scoring go up significantly if there is a video arcade/theater that’s sectioned off from the rest of the store. 6.) Nasty Kink Pigs (NKP) - whole not as widely used as BBRT, the members of this site almost always do not ask for or even like using condoms during sex; the tradeoff, however, is that this is a bit more of an extreme fetish/kink site, so you’re more likely to run into individuals who are into some pretty raunchy, intense, and/or twisted sexual acts. This site also merged with one of its other sister sites a few years back called “Chem Pigs,” so there are rather large number of members that are into using “enhancements” of some kind or another either before, during, or after sex, so please keep that in mind if using this site. 7.) Local Cruising Grounds/Squirt - a lot of times if you end up going. To one of the cruising grounds in your local town you might get lucky enough to catch a guy that’s looking to fuck around but doesn’t have a condom with him. This isn't always the case, however, as some of them bring a condom or two along just in case. If you’re unsure of where your local cruising grounds are then you might consider checking out the “Squirt” website, the ending being “.org” rather than the usual. They also provide a membership service of sorts for hooking up, but probably the most important feature of the site is that they have listed the exact locations of several cruising spots that are nearby wherever your current location is, most times providing an exact address along with plenty of comments from past cruising patrons of the area you’re checking out to help you figure out when the best time to go might be (or even announce when your own arrival would be). 8.) The (Local) Gay Bar(s) - this one is kinda obvious in my opinion; basically you just go to one of the local gay bar, check out the guys that are there, and if you like any of them try and start up a conversation with them. Granted, not all of them will be willing to hook up with you right away (and I did say “not all of them” for a reason), but occasionally you can get lucky right away and hook up with one of the patrons visiting. There are a number of scenarios that I’m sure everyone can imagine in their own, but as a personal recommendation I would avoid going back to their place as they might have condoms back there that would ruin any plans of going in raw that you might have. 9.) Alternative - this last section is pretty much only here because I couldn’t think of where else to mention the other apps and hookup site that are available to us; ManHunt, Growlr, Dudes Nude, and Hornet are just a few of the other sites and apps that are out there now that we can check out other men on. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something, but I think I covered most of it. If anyone has anything they’d like to add or correct me on then please do so. I’m sure we’d all like to increase our chances at hooking up more. Lol 😜
  12. This is still a fantasy that I have yet to live out, and desperately still want to~
  13. I love getting my ass bred by truckers. Those fuckers don't care about anything but getting off, and they always fuck so hard that their cabs shake from it all. Fuck, I need to get my ass out to the truck stop again~
  14. Up late trying to jerk out one more load before I call it a night. Already got my ass pumped full of cum from a hot new fuck buddy I met on BBRT. Been over two hours now and I can still feel his load inside of me.

  15. Got a sister in the south that I don’t speak to anymore that’s a lesbian. The youngest child amongst the three of us is the only heterosexual one, in fact. She’s my parents’ last chance for grandkids, because lord knows I won’t give them any and I doubt that the middle sibling will be able to either.

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