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    Leather, making porn, nudism, etc.
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    Versatile bareback otter that loves to perform on camera with other men and make porn with them to show off; as long as the other men agree to it. Also enjoy a good parTy session with a hot man or group, and can get quite wild and uninhibited after blowing a couple of clouds. Slamming is an all-time favorite though, and is a fun way to spend an evening with at least one other man. I’m a good admin too, so if anyone needs one then I’m more than willing to help out.

    Italian by heritage and place of birth, and the 8” long by 6.5” circumference cock topped off with a 6ga PA piercing - which I’m working on gauging up to at least a 2ga - seems to be what everyone considers to be my proof of that. Usually I’m a little hairy along my chest, abdomen, but just barely enough so that I can be considered an otter. On rare occasions I might shave it off, but I usually leave my arms and legs fuzzy. My crotch and balls, however, are either shaved bare to try and emphasize my cock’s size or kept neat and trimmed so that I don’t snag the hairs on a cock ring or something.

    Been single for a while now, and my most recent ex taught me something immensely important: some people are beyond help and saving. I tried my best to be as supportive as I could, but it was too much and now I’m single again. I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon either, so if any of you are planning a visit to my area of Upstate New York then be sure to give me a holler. I’m more than happy to make myself available to fuck around sometime, and am definitely interested in the possibility of making some more videos with other men who aren’t camera shy!
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    Homemade only (for now).
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    Other parTy piGs that want to spend time just fucking, breeding, blowing clouds, swirling, doing the occasional poinT, and just having a good fucking time while being naked with each other. Definitely want to find guys to make porn with, and would love to get into the industry as well. I am pretty good at getting great angles and shots when there’s fucking going on, hence the username.

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  1. Amateur videos where you can see the top’s face as he’s breeding the bottom -AND- include hot verbal action, huh? Not really sure that there are too many of those around that are actually decent, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find some either. PornHub seems to have an ever-expanding selection of videos, though I’m sure that it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince some of the members of this site to start making videos like that as well. I’m definitely up for shooting a scene that now; just need to find a willing partner or three to help out~
  2. Wow. I don’t believe I’ve ever noticed that one before. That’s laughable on their part, and I’m surprised that a mistake like that was even made in the first place.
  3. First time fucking was with my (now ex) first boyfriend. He fucked me raw for a good while, but wasn’t able to cum that first time. Before that whole weekend was over, however, we’d both exchanged loads with each other, including my getting to breed him on my birthday. I’ve loved bareback sex ever since~
  4. My rule going into a bareback fuck of any kind is that when the top cums he doesn’t pull out. If the guy(s) I’m with can’t it won’t agree to that then they won’t even get the chance to trade pictures with me, let alone come over and fuck/get fucked by me.
  5. Got a couple buddies that like to pour a couple different brands of poppers into old aspirin/pill bottles that they’ve stuffed cotton balls inside of. The end result is a bottle of poppers that will knock you on your ass with just a few huffs that you don’t have to worry about spilling everywhere and that has an easy-to-cap lid on it.
  6. Got a score of 313 after rallying everything I’ve done (so far) up. I wasn’t expecting it to be that high, but I’m pleased with myself nonetheless.
  7. It’s been a little over two years now since this man passed. I still get sad thinking about it, and I miss all the chats we used to have on Zoom together. He was a great friend, and I’m happy that I at least got to speak with him one last time before he died.

    Rest in Peace, my friend.

  8. Hi,

    You asked the question about becoming a porn cameraman in a part of the site that I don't think allow replies. Anyway, try putting together a portfolio, update your resume and send them to porn companies. Look for contact information on their sites.  Fab Scout is a porn talent agency, maybe contact them and see if they have any tips? At the very least, they'll know your name.

  9. Just got out of the hospital after being in there since Monday. The only good thing that came from all of that is that I got some powerful pain meds, so at least I have something to do while I’m not playing with my balls. Started a topic about it if anyone is interested in reading about what’s going on with me.

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    2. kevy1109


      What does that mean?  Venereum sounds like a Latin word; for venerial??  Like venerial disease?  Lympho sounds like lymph nodes?? Granuloma????  Germs??  Germs or infection of the lymph nodes???  And Venereum; caused or transmitted by sexual contact??

    3. SmoothATLBttm


      Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) is an uncommon sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. LGV is endemic in certain areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, India, the Caribbean, and South America

    4. Read1


      Apparently it's in Toronto because I caught it in Toronto while barebacking. It's becoming more common than you think. Be informed!

  10. I had never heard of a hydrocele before this past weekend, and I doubt that I’ll ever forget it now that I’ve had to experience one. It is easily the most painful thing I have ever had to endure to date in my life - in any of its stages - and I wouldn’t wish this pain upon anyone. Seriously, I have a fluid-filled sack in my testicles that can be as small as three times the size of my testicle and at its largest (so far) - and hopefully biggest, but knowing my luck won’t be the case - nearly five and a half times my normal size -INSIDE- of my sack -WITH- my right ball that is seems to be playing Goldilocks right now in deciding what size is just right for it to be at while it causes me debilitating pain. I think that the worst part about all of this is that the doctors won’t do the surgery to fix it until I have whatever infection it was they said they found in my balls taken care of. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the pain meds I don’t think I would even be able to write this topic up right about now. Is there anyone else who has gone through something like this? And if so, how did you deal with it?
  11. Damn, if I get to your neck of the woods I will definitely hit you up. You sound like a pig I'd like to have some fun with. 


  12. Saw your post about wanting to be a porn camerman .. odd, doesn't allow responses there .. i would check-out some of the producer websites .. specifically TIM (Treasure Island Media).  On their site they have "Become a Model" - "Become a Reviewer" - "Become a Marked Man" - and of course Contact Us.   I would check'm out!


    Good luck!   

  13. Never mind. It’s all back to normal now. Just need to blow a load or two before I go to work and then figure out where I’m gonna post the cloud-blowing videos I made last night. Any suggestions, fellas? 😜

    1. Willing


      Blow one on an in me, I'd submit to you and let you fill my faggot asshole up with your babies,  oh🥵, be your personal cum dump 💧🍆🥵

  14. Either I was parTyinG too hard again last night, or I woke up to the site being quite messed up. And if the latter is the case then does anyone have any idea as to what’s up with it? I usually love starting my day off with a good orgasm from one of the many wonderful stories in the various fiction sections on here.

    1. alwaysready



      would love to exchange strains with you. HVL.

    2. takingdeepanal


      @alwaysready - I'd love to read your novel, preferably while parTied up and you giving me an HVL load.


  15. I’m not sure what it is as of late, but it seems like the inclusion of “chemical enhancements” has been much more prevalent since the author’s first posting of this topic. While I’m not exactly against it, myself having a fetish and enjoyment for such things, it is somewhat alarming to note how widespread the whole chemsex scene has become. And while films like “Slammed,” “Pounded,” and “Slammin’ Perverts” are all well and hot to watch, it does draw a lot of unnecessary attention to that side of the gay hookup scene and can even lead many to believe that all of us do that kind of thing behind closed doors. That works for me, but I can think of plenty of friends of mine that don’t use anything like that and are actually not interested in (or even approve of) the parTy scene as a whole.

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