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    Leather, making porn, nudism, etc.
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    Versatile bareback otter that loves to perform on camera with other men and make porn with them to show off; as long as the other men agree to it. Also enjoy a good parTy session with a hot man or group, and can get quite wild and uninhibited after blowing a couple of clouds. Slamming is an all-time favorite though, and is a fun way to spend an evening with at least one other man. I’m a good admin too, so if anyone needs one then I’m more than willing to help out.

    Italian by heritage and place of birth, and the 8” long by 6.5” circumference cock topped off with a 6ga PA piercing - which I’m working on gauging up to at least a 2ga - seems to be what everyone considers to be my proof of that. Usually I’m a little hairy along my chest, abdomen, but just barely enough so that I can be considered an otter. On rare occasions I might shave it off, but I usually leave my arms and legs fuzzy. My crotch and balls, however, are either shaved bare to try and emphasize my cock’s size or kept neat and trimmed so that I don’t snag the hairs on a cock ring or something.

    Been single for a while now, and my most recent ex taught me something immensely important: some people are beyond help and saving. I tried my best to be as supportive as I could, but it was too much and now I’m single again. I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon either, so if any of you are planning a visit to my area of Upstate New York then be sure to give me a holler. I’m more than happy to make myself available to fuck around sometime, and am definitely interested in the possibility of making some more videos with other men who aren’t camera shy!

    Been finding myself enjoying being the one filming encounters with other men lately. Still working on getting an actual video recorder (other than my phone) to make videos with, but I can still make some pretty impressive videos with that even. If anyone needs a cameraman to help make their own videos - and are in or near NY State - then feel free to hit me up sometime. I want more practice with people other than my friends.

    I’ve got hookup profile information available for those who are curious, but only by request. Trying to stay at least somewhat private here.
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    Homemade only (for now).
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    Other parTy piGs that want to spend time just fucking, breeding, blowing clouds, swirling, doing the occasional poinT, and just having a good fucking time while being naked with each other. Definitely want to find guys to make porn with, and would love to get into the industry as well. I am pretty good at getting great angles and shots when there’s fucking going on, hence the username.

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  1. sexy man

    1. BreedingCameraman


      Thanks, stud. I’m able to say the same thing about you. Pretty hot how you’re displaying your hole in your profile picture as well. 😜🐷😈

    2. azn4raw


      Glad you'd like it

  2. I found my roommate’s profile on PornHub a while back. I didn’t realize that he was into half the things he has videos of favorited. I’m still not sure exactly how I would be able to approach him about my finding that either. 😅
  3. I not only remember the guy - my first ex - but I even remember the exact date that it happened. Spent almost the whole five-day weekend we had doing either that or attending the event we were attending.
  4. Forgive me if I missed the memo on this, but what happened to the Raunchy Fuckers website? I’m trying to locate some older videos I know were posted there, but the site just keeps redirecting me back to the BBBH site now.
  5. Fucking OINK, piG sTud! Those are some hot photos that you uploaded! Wouldn’t mind playing with you sometime~ 😜🐷💨🍆🍆💦💦💦

    1. Cloudycigarbear


      Fucking thanks man I appreciate that. If you get to Phoenix sometime let me know. Hubby and I can have a greaT time! 

  6. Hasn’t really taken a hit. Woke up this morning in a bed that wasn’t mine and surrounded with a ton of sex toy, lube, and my ass feeling all kinds of sore, so... yeah. My sex life hasn’t been affected by this corona virus too much. Edit: I should clarify that my ass was sore from the amount of sex I had last night with the owner of the house and bed that I woke up in that isn’t my own.
  7. This is a pretty hot stealthing story. I only just read it all, but I’m already looking forward to the next chapter. Bet the narrator of this toxic tale just -LOVES- watching his boyfriend unknowingly take the top’s poz loads in his ass. Bet he loves sliding his own (almost-guaranteed-to-no-longer-be-neg) cock up inside his boyfriend’s hole that’s been loaded up with poz cum even more though. Sloppy seconds always get my dick hard and dripping~ 😈🍆🍆💦💦💦
  8. I haven’t had any official training for it, I love to wrestle with other men wherever I am able to. Naturally, I prefer the matches I participate in to be with men who are willing to both, have an erotic/nude Greco-Roman styled oil wrestling match, and are willing to put their asses on the line to get worked over and used hard should they lose. High-stakes matches like that where the loser’s dignity, pride, and possibly virginity are all on the line and ripe for the strongest to claim are what keep me constantly searching for gay or bi wrestlers that aren’t afraid of me breeding them deep afte
  9. I used to shave mine, but I’ve been holding off on doing that more and more lately. I do, however, still trim mine a bit. While I like having and showing off some hair down there, I don’t like for it to get unruly. I especially hate it when the longer hairs get snagged on whatever cockring I end up trying to put on, but I also got tired of hearing guys complain about hair getting stuck in their throat on the rare occasion that I let someone go down on me for oral.
  10. I haven’t come across anything quite that haughty in terms of how they’re trying to express that they’re only wanting a specific type of individual to approach them, but I do run across narcissistic assholes all the time on various platforms. I don’t know why anyone thinks they have the right to behave like that, nor how they think they can be so belligerent and still expect to find someone that they would be able to be happy with. It just makes me sad that they’re so shallow that they are willing to miss out on what could end up being the greatest thing to ever happen to them, and all because
  11. Damn, it is about that time of the year again for CLAW, huh? I still remember the first time I went back in 2015. I don’t feel like I should go into the details of it here, but let’s just say that I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Hell, I even bought my first pieces of leather gear before I attended. I’d love to go again, if only because of how much fun I had on Saturday night at the bathhouse during that time. I’m pretty sure that a lot of that, however, had to do with my posting events across a lot of the hookup websites back then, as well as the guy I had met just before what would t
  12. I don’t mind if the bottom moves around some when I’m fucking them, and especially not if their movements are helping to get me off quicker. If anything, I appreciate that quite a bit and respect bottoms that know how coordinate with the top to achieve the greatest pleasure for both parties possible. That being said, I do recall one time in particular where there was a bottom that wouldn’t quit moving around when I was fucking him, and it was a bit more disruptive and a little bit painful for my dick because of that. This was on my first ever visit to a bathhouse years ago, and I was star
  13. Short answer: no. Long answer: I don’t feel like typing up a massive wall of text when I’ve already answered the question. A summarized version, however, would be that I’ve had others tell me, more often than not, that my cock is the perfect size and thickness for them to comfortably take.
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